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>After the disaster I mentioned here, my nails were bare for my birthday. =/ But I had one of my bff’s over, and besides all the fun we had together, I did her nails, too! =) She wanted a turquoise base with black butterflies on, and I piled my turquoise polishes and all the image plates in front of her. When we could narrow the polishes and the butterfly images down to three each, I suggested that we should be using all the images and all the colors.
I used this franken as a base, then sponged China Glaze Flyin’ High and China Glaze Shower Together on top to make a gradient towards the tip. The butterflies are from m25, m36 and m78.

She’s going on vacation this week, I hope her mani lasts long! =)

Burada bahsettiğım felaketten sonra, tırnaklarım doğum günümde ojesiz olarak kaldı. =/ Ama çok yakın bir arkadaşım yanımdaydı, ve tüm eğlenmelerimizin yanında tırnaklarını yapma fırsatım da oldu! =) Turkuaz bir oje üzerine siyah kelebekler istedi, ben de önüne tüm turkuaz ojelerimi ve tüm kelebekli imaj disklerini yığdım. En sonunda üç turkuaz ve üç disk kalana kadar elemeyi başardığımızda, ben tüm ojeleri ve tüm diskleri aynı anda kullanmayı teklif ettim.
Kendi karıştırdığım bu ojeyi baz olarak kullandım, üstüne China Glaze Flyin’ High ve China Glaze Shower Together’ı süngerle dipten uca doğru sırayla uyguladım. Kelebekler ise m25, m36 ve m78 disklerinden.
Bu hafta tatile çıkıyor, umarım manikürü uzun dayanır! =)

>I have seen this idea somewhere, but I just can’t remember where. It could be a blog or flickr, maybe both! =D If the idea belongs to someone you know, please notify me so that I can credit her. Update: Found it!
I actually wanted to give one of my old Inglot polishes another chance. It’s this beautiful, rich blue/purple duochrome microglitter in the bottle, but sadly it doesn’t transfer on the nails. I used 4 coats, but all I got was a generic muted dark blue with barely visible blue shimmer.
I decided to amp it up a bit by sponging China Glaze Ruby Pumps on the bottom, and then green flakies by Inglot on top of Ruby Pumps.

Because my topcoat has gone bad, again, the thing just wouldn’t dry properly. So I stamped with m36 in silver to cover the dents:

Sorry for the upside-down butterflies. (Again!) I always do the konad so that it’s upright when I look at my nails. I also used the small side of the stamper, that’s why some parts of the small butterfly are missing. The image wouldn’t fit, which I realized after transferring the images to my computer.

Giveaway details will follow in the upcoming days!

>OK, I hate this mani. But for some strange reason, I like it too. And I’m too tired for removing my nail polish for the 3rd time today, so it stays.
I started off with OPI Bubble Bath. I have to say I’m not too impressed with OPI. The brush is kinda too wide, I’m not used to it. It causes me to make mistakes. The formula is nice, but not that I cry tears of joy. (I was kinda expecting that!) I can live with it, though. Anyway, after 4 coats of Bubble Bath, I nicked my mani. Then I decided to do a konadicure I saw on the Konad page:

I altered the spots a bit, to cover my mistakes. Then I nicked the mani again. And I placed black fishnet design diagonally on the tips. Like randomly. Interesting. Then I applied top coat, which tinted Bubble Bath because of the black tips. Arrrgh! But I wasn’t ready to give up, so I covered the tinted spots with China Glaze Glam. 5 coats of top coat, 4 coats of OPI, 2 coats of Glam and a coat of ridge filler have been used for this mess! Altogether it makes 12 coats. I don’t wanna go through the removal of this!

What do you think? I don’t like it very much, but from a distance it looks bearable to my eyes =)

>When I first tried China Glaze Bahamian Escape, it was thick, streaky and funny. I tried to thin it, I tried to love it, but I couldn’t. I used half of the bottle for frankening, and two days ago I poured about 7 ml of yellow creme polish with much thinner consistency in the Bahamian Escape. The result looked identical to For Audrey from the bottle, but on the nails, it’s darker, greener and more greyed out. In two coats it’s perfectly opaque, too. Now looking at it, it could be a dupe for Barry M Spring Green. The picture doesn’t do the color justice, but this is the only decent picture I could get today.

I konaded using plates m36, m51 and konad polishes in white & pink. It has a very springy feel to it =) I’m planning on ordering China Glaze Up&Away and I will be wearing that stuff for all spring! =)
Last year I paid a fortune for Emerald Sparkle, and waited for it to arrive on my doorstep for 4 weeks, and the result was that I got the bad bottle. I’m going to order this year’s ES, along with Dorothy Who and Mint Candy Apple. I’m really annoyed.
Quick question: Do your glass/crystal nailfiles last forever, or do you experience that the rough glass surface gets smooth after repeated usage and doesn’t file anymore? I’m on my third file now, is there something wrong with me, maybe?

>This one comes from the vault. I had been lemming for a mint green polish the whole summer, and finally I had decided to franken my own. I started with a green polish and added sky blue drop by drop. I poured the excess green polish in an unused bottle of white polish, and forgot about it. When I found the bottle a month later, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. It was a gorgeous light mint green shade, similar to the promo pictures of Essie Mint Candy Apple. I used it as base coat and stamped it with my Peppermint Patti franken, and m36.

In real life they are very minty.
The picture below doesn’t do the colors justice. They look closer to the bottle pictures.

I absolutely loved this Konadicure, and wore it for 5 days, until it started to crack. Light pastel shades always crack on me, especially when they have thick consistency. And cracked polish sucks, unless it’s intended to be worn as crackle-polish! =)