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>Hello everyone! I want to thank you all who entered my giveaway, I had over 200 participants, worth of about 500 entries! Finally the counting is over and a winner was selected using I wanted to cut papers first, but then I thought of the poor trees and global warming, lol =D
Anyway, here is today’s manicure first. I applied 3 coats of this Milka purple polish, which I got this summer but somehow never used. This is the first time I regret not owning the cow pattern plate, because it would be awesome to stamp this with white cow spots! Instead, I used Collistar Viola Glitter and plate s09 to stamp some cherry blossoms on top. It’s not visible on the pictures, but the purple blossoms have such a pretty fuschia sparkle. Collistar Viola Glitter is a magnificent polish, I suggest you to get it if you can =)

Now, I’m going to announce the giveaway winner. Drumroll please:

The winner is….


Congratulations, my sweet friend! I’m going to send you an e-mail right away =)
Thank you for participating, I hope you had fun! See you in my next giveaway!

>Hello everyone =)
I’m finally wearing YDKJ, and it’s an amazing color. So edgy, stylish, feminine. I adore it. I’ve spiced it up a bit using China Glaze Metallic Muse and plate s09 on my ring fingers. And pink rhinestones from Konad.

I want to thank anyone who nominated me for Best Blog Award. <3<3<3 Unfortunately I can't nominate just a few people, because there are more than a hundred blogs I follow and I care for. I think every one of them is unique and a must-see. I'm giving this award to everyone on my blogroll =)

>Hi guys! I’m finally free! Yaaaay! Sleepless days and nights of hard work are finally over. Phew! Now I can attend to my konad stuff, and post regularly again =)
Jeanette from The Swatchaholic helped me to get my hands on some Essence and some P2 stuff. She is amazing! Thank you, Jeanette!

Here are all 3 polishes I ordered, and a fourth one, gift from Jeanette =)

P2 Electric (gift) and Dangerous

P2 Gorgeous and Elegant

Essence rhinestone sets! Yaay! =D

Finally, here is a recent manicure, Claire’s petroleum blue jelly with konad s09 and China Glaze DV8 for the stamping. The base color is beautiful, it’s a very dark teal, on the blue side, and it’s 4 coats for opacity. DV8 stamped subtle, but I like it =)

Oh, and this is my second attempt at cleaning the cuticles with a brush =) I got three paint brushes, one very tiny and two larger ones, and I’m amazed how they work =) Still need to practise to make it perfect, though. I’ll post pictures soon!

>My quest in search of the perfect application continues. Lol =) Today I applied OPI Black Cherry Chutney. I’m not really fond of OPI’s Pro Wide Brush. I personally like China Glaze’s brush a lot better. OPI is too wide for my clumsy hands! After 3 coats, I layered it with a local brand polish, which is a sheer pink and has blue & pink shimmer in it. It somehow enhanced BCC’s own shimmer. Then I used plate m53 to stamp and purple rhinestones to bling it out.

Finally, here is yesterday’s mani before I took it out, stamped with special polish in yellow using plate s09: