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>This manicure started as a gradient sponging experiment. I used one coat of a Claire’s polish, which is a dupe of China Glaze Shower Together, then I sponged two different blues, starting from the bottom of the nail and getting closer to the tip. Finally I sponged some white on the tips. It looked like a shoreline without the konad =) But then I stamped using plate m73 and China Glaze 2030, and now it looks like Turkish Tiles =)

I didn’t get many decent pics, and the last picture is kinda out of focus, sorry for that! =) That’s all for today!

Bu manikür bir sünger denemesi olarak başladı aslında. Bir kat Claire’s turkuaz oje sürdükten sonra (numarasını unuttum) dipten uca doğru sırayla açık mavi, sonra daha açık mavi, son olarak da beyaz uyguladım süngerle. Daha sonra m73 diskindeki çiçekli deseni China Glaze 2030 kullanarak damgaladım. Bana çini desenini hatırlattılar =)

>I got this yellow green a few days ago, and today I decided to give it a try. It’s by Claire’s and it’s very very streaky. I had to use thinner on a brand new bottle, which is always a minus for me. I had to do 4 coats, because it didn’t want to even out. This polish has a very, very subtle silver shimmer, which is very hard to see. You gotta know that it’s there to see it. Then I used konad special polish in green and vine design from plate m73. This mani has a very springy, fresh feel to it.

The brush I’m using to clean my cuticles:

It’s a flat paintbrush I got for 2$. It does a great job =)
I hate that the nails on my index fingers curl inwards after a certain length. The sides curl inwards on both sides and the tip appears more narrow compared to other nails. They look so uneven, is there a known way to prevent that? I’d be grateful =)

>When mom first saw what Konad was and what I was doing to my nails, she thought I finally lost my marbles. =) But then she started to visit my room every sunday, to get her nails done! =D She says everybody’s asking her where she’s getting her nails done. She is not easily satisfied, and sometimes she claims that I do my own nails better than I do hers =) For example last week she wanted the same starry design as I did for New Year’s, in pink and blue. When I stamped her nails with repeated stars, she said I had aligned my stars better. For some reason I couldn’t be as precise as I am with my own nails… I guess practise makes it perfect. But most of the time she is happy with my work. I let her pick the design she wants, and suggest a color to stamp it with. This week she painted her nails with Rimmel Funky Diva. She picked the vine design from m73, and I stamped it using konad special polish in pastel pink. The pictures are with flash, because she is not as patient as I am =D She wiggles with her fingers like a small child! LOL

You can expect more mom nails in the future =)
Oh, and her nails break so easily, she recently started treating them after seeing my obsession with my nails, but she’s more active with her hands and didn’t really know how to protect them till recently. She is allergic to strange stuff and in summer her nails break severely. I’m still thinking about a solution.

>Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days… I had minimal connection to the internet, plus my last mani chipped the day I had put it on, before I could even take a picture, and I had no time to change it for three days, imagine such a thing! =D Anyway, today I really sat down for the sake of this manicure, and I think it turned out nicely. I know the name I’ve invented is totally lame, but I hope the mani makes it up for it =)
I started with two coats of China Glaze Metallic Muse. Actually one coat is enough, but I use Mavala Ridge Filler and it caused Metallic Muse to pull and left large gaps on the nails, which was very strange. So I did 2. Then I did a diagonal design on the tips with black polish, and stamped the tips with Metallic Muse & konad plate m73. Then I stamped the bottoms with konad special polish in black and plate m51.

With flash:

I just adore the Khromes. They are so mirror like! I wish they were more forgiving, too, but they provide great coverage, which is such a huge plus for us konad lovers.
My right hand is the mirror version of my left. It came out pretty neat, too, I just forgot to take a picture of it.
When you do things like diagonal tips or generally freehand something, do you try to make them symmetrical, too? I know Konad is not to be applied symmetricaly, and honestly, I don’t care, but I try to provide symmetry when I freehand something. =)