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I’m sorry guys, I didn’t realize that my bandwidth was exceeded, and I can’t fix it until tomorrow. I fixed this post, but the older entries are probably ruined. Please come back tomorrow, I’ll be upgrading to a pro account then =)

I’ve had this idea for some time, and I’m glad I finally found time to bring it to life =)
I really adore Harry Potter themed stuff. I’ve read the series about 12 times during all those years, and the Potterverse just makes me happy. I consider myself as a Gryffindor, but still I embrace everything about HP, and I also respect Slytherin greatly =)
I started with my Nars Zulu attempt. I had a Claire’s jelly polish very similar to Illamasqua Rampage, and when I got the real thing, I mixed the Claire’s one with black to kill that famous dark green jelly lemming. Claire’s jellies are quite streaky, and this is 4 coats:

Then I stamped the snake from plate m28 in silver, to represent colors of Slytherin.

All the Slytherins out there, I hope you like this! I’m not sure if it was done before, therefore I claimed this as my own idea, but if you know similar manicures, you can post me a link! =)