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>When I first saw this lace manicure at Beutopia, I was amazed how simple it was to recreate a lace look that doesn’t involve actual lace =) She used a nude polish, and two konad images layered on it, the fishnet image from plate m57 and the lace image from m71.
For this manicure I used 2 coats of a pinkish nude polish by Woo, a Turkish brand. Then I stamped the images from m71 and m57 on top of each other, in black.

I think this will look great over grey, red and taupe =)
Happy New Year to everyone, because I don’t think I can update tomorrow =) I hope 2011 will bring you joy, health and luck =)

Bu tül manikürünü ilk gördüğüm zaman, gerçek tül kullanmadan bu kadar basit ve dahice bir biçimde tül görüntüsü verebildiği için Beutopia‘ya hayran oldum =) Basitçe anlatmak gerekirse, ten rengi bir oje üzerine siyah kullanarak m57’deki file desenini ve m71’deki tülümsü deseni uygulamış.
Ben de iki kat Woo #666 üzerine m71 ve m57 desenlerini konad’ın siyah ojesiyle damgaladım.
Bence siyah, gri ve kahverengi üzerine de çok şık durabilir =)
Şimdiden herkese Mutlu Yıllar! Belki yarın güncelleyemem, eğer görüşemezsek güzel vakit geçirmenizi dilerim şimdiden =) Umarım 2011 size mutluluk, sağlık ve şans getirir =)

>After yesterdays mani, which frustrated me a bit, I did another mani and I was pleased with it. It started off as blank OPI Chick Flick Cherry, 3 coats. I could have probably gotten away with 2, though.
Taken with flash:

Then I stamped the tips with special black polish and lace design from m71. This is my first time using this plate, I always save things I love for better times =) Sigh… Anyway, it turned pretty decent, as I’m getting the hang of aligning the designs horizontally. Then I decorated my ring fingers with red heart rhinestones. I wanted to add a golden fishnet design to the bottom, also from m71, but the pattern is so tiny, that it dried in a milisecond and didn’t wanna stamp. Normally it would, but I used China Glaze 2030 for the stamping, and I had to align it so that it wouldn’t overlap the black tip design, and that took me a couple of seconds which made such a delicate design unable to transfer. So I switched to m74, and tried it with the blossoms.

Some blossoms are not whole, I know, but working in a tight space, not trying to overlap, makes stamping more difficult =) And they don’t draw too much attention on the nail.

I really like my mani this time, so it’s going to stay until it chips =)
By the way, I just realized that the color combination is just like powerlifterchick‘s Asian inspired manicure! OMG, talk about subliminal! (I loved that mani very much =)))