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>OK, I hate this mani. But for some strange reason, I like it too. And I’m too tired for removing my nail polish for the 3rd time today, so it stays.
I started off with OPI Bubble Bath. I have to say I’m not too impressed with OPI. The brush is kinda too wide, I’m not used to it. It causes me to make mistakes. The formula is nice, but not that I cry tears of joy. (I was kinda expecting that!) I can live with it, though. Anyway, after 4 coats of Bubble Bath, I nicked my mani. Then I decided to do a konadicure I saw on the Konad page:

I altered the spots a bit, to cover my mistakes. Then I nicked the mani again. And I placed black fishnet design diagonally on the tips. Like randomly. Interesting. Then I applied top coat, which tinted Bubble Bath because of the black tips. Arrrgh! But I wasn’t ready to give up, so I covered the tinted spots with China Glaze Glam. 5 coats of top coat, 4 coats of OPI, 2 coats of Glam and a coat of ridge filler have been used for this mess! Altogether it makes 12 coats. I don’t wanna go through the removal of this!

What do you think? I don’t like it very much, but from a distance it looks bearable to my eyes =)


  1. >This is some seriously cool manicure, i really like it

  2. >I think it's great….try thinking of it as a work of art instead of a mani. lovely!

  3. >Thank you guys =) I wasn't even going to put up this one, you cheered me up =)

  4. >For admitting to messing up so many times, I'm impressed! I really like the unexpected placement of all the elements in your nail design! Also, the red spots and white flowers look much better where you put them than their location in the Konad Nail photo! Glad you posted this!

  5. >That looks so cool; I love it!

  6. >Thank you Polish Hoarder and gildedangel! PH, you really think so? I was thinking maybe I should have kept the dots at the tips only… I'm glad you liked it!

  7. >Oh yah! I hate where they are in that other picture. I couldn't tell you why though…

  8. >maybe because they remind you of blood drops or a generally bad nail accident =)

  9. >I love how you were inspired but didn't copy the original exactly – you made it your own! beautiful!

  10. >Thank you Brooke =) I first thought about placing them on the tips, but I guess it somehow bothered me, too… Maybe I thought of bloody nail tips, too! =D

  11. >It's gorgeous and makes me realize I need MORE Konads!!! TODAY. 🙂

  12. >Thank you, Elizabeth =) Everybody needs more konads!!! Personally, I'm always drooling over the plates that I don't have =)

  13. >I love that black fishnet. Very sexy. Beside, I thought that "Glam" sucked the first time I saw it (complete manicure). In fact it's cool used like that in small doses! I REALLY have to kick my ass and make more manicures! I'm so lazy!

  14. >Thank you, nathalie =) Glam is really cool, way better than Doll House, which is HUGE =) Glam is very pretty, I love the color and the shininess, it reminds me of a mermaid for some reason =)

  15. >I like it, looks pretty original, I love the pink glitter CG 🙂

  16. >you're being a little hard on yourself, I think it looks pretty good actually!I'm impressed by your perseverance, I would have removed everything after the second nick, I have no patience!In the end it looks very original and even arty 🙂

  17. >pretty

  18. >thanks everyone =)chocaddict, I usually remove everything after the first nick, but it would be just too painful to remove all the coats this time. I was kinda stubborn to make this work =)

  19. >I think the end result is amazing. Have fun taking all that polish off! Sorry I haven't been around. I miss reading and seeing all your designs.

  20. >Thank you, Lucy! Oh, it will be such a pain in the back, I don't even want to think about it =)I love to see you around again!

  21. >I think this is really cute for some reason. I know it was a total mistake and that there's a lot going on, but the finished product reminds me of a speak easy with the glitter and the red and the flower and the fishnets! Super cute! =)

  22. >Thank you kelsealaurel =) It finally started to grow on me…

  23. >I think it's beautiful. A mini work of art!

  24. >Thank you Danielle! =)

  25. >I absolutely LOVE it. I love the randomness, the glitter, the fishnet and the red. It's absolutely stunning. I love the fishnet the most.After reading your blog, I am so getting my own Konad set.

  26. >This is my kind of mani – random stamps that look great together! MORE is always better!Good job!

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