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>After seeing Michèle’s Water Marble Magic Mani, I wanted to try out NOX Twilight Crush for water marbling, too. For this manicure, I used NOX Twilight Crush and Orly Cupcake over white creme polish. I really should hone my marbling skills a bit more. Sometimes it works like a charm and sometimes so-so. And this belongs to the latter classification:

I added some white flowers to make it look cuter. ^-^
Here is an older water marble I did for last Valentine’s Day. You’ve already seen it, but I’m putting it up again just to show you how awesome it looks when it really works. Plus, it still fits in the BCA theme =)

I hope you had a great weekend! And don’t forget to enter ojedelisi’s giveaway, tonight is the deadline!

Bu ebru maniküründe fosforlu bir pembe (NOX Twilight Crush) ve açık pembe (Orly Cupcake) kullandım. En altta beyaz oje var. Bu ebru işi üzerinde daha çok çalışmam lazım. Bazen muhteşem oluyor, bazen ise eh işte. Bu seferki ikincisi gibi bence.
Altta, daha önce yaptığım, yine pembe bir ebru manikürünü görebilirsiniz. İşte güzel olduğu zaman bu şekilde oluyor. Bunu göstermek için koydum, yoksa daha önce göstermiştim geçtiğimiz Sevgililer Günü için yaptığım bu manikürü.
Umarım haftasonunuz güzel geçmiştir =) Bu arada, ojedelisi’nin hediye çekilişine katılmak için son gün, katılmayı unutmayın!

>Hey guys, I’m so happy today =) I’ve been waiting for this day for more than two months! I finally got my hands on the Up&Away collection, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, a.k.a. Lacquered Lizard. She was also very kind to get me not one but two Emerald Sparkle’s, some random polishes, and lots of candy!!!
On to the pictures then!

Tomorrow I’m going to post comparison pictures with other China Glaze’s I own, so that you have an idea =) (If you don’t have any yet! =)

Two Emerald Sparkle’s! The not so beautiful version I own is in the middle. See the difference? It’s muted, more on the teal side, and has more shimmer, which looks dull against the gorgeous glitter of the original one.
She also sent me these polishes:

Del Sol Island Fever, Sinful Colors Let’s Talk

Finger Paints Evergreen Dream & Sally Hansen Emerald City, Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate & Sally Girl Behave

Wet&Wild Craze, Ms.Manicure Mini Emery Boards, Curél Hand Lotion

Aaaand, lots of yummy stuff!!!

The M&M’s were gone within the hour =DDD I wish we had those sorts here! All we have is regular and peanut. *Sigh*
Thank you again, Elizabeth, for your patience, kindness and all the random act of kindness =))) I really appreciate everything =)
Finally this one is a marble manicure I tried today, with a sudden inspiration. I used a sheer blush as base and medium pink & white creme polishes for the marbling. Then I stamped the hearts randomly using plate m42 and special polishes in red & white. Yay, the brushes help so much with cleaning up after marbling! I recommend using a thick brush, it’s much better than using a cotton pad =)

>My lovely friend who studies in UK brought me some lovely things =) I have got my first Illamasqua polishes. Yaay!!! She brought me Rampage and Muse. I’ve been wanting Rampage forever, and I wish they had Milf, too, but it was sold out. It’s alright though. And two OPI, Black Cherry Chutney and Chick Flick Cherry.

I love Chick Flick Cherry, it’s my kind of a red. And Black Cherry Chutney is gorgeous with the red shimmer, can’t wait to try it out.
And she got me Urban Decay 24/7 stash & 24/7 liner in Yeyo.

Thank you, Asli! You’re the best. ♥♥♥

Btw, I tried another marbling on yesterday’s mani, Sally Hansen Orange You Cute? with white She polish (ordinary white creme) and blurple Clarie’s polish (which I’m yet to swatch). It’s not tidy, I know, but at least I know a bit better about marbling right now =)

I wish my cuticles would heal quicker…

>Hey guys =) After watching Nihrida’s Water Marbling Tutorial a few days ago, I thought I’d give it a try. It didn’t come out exactly as I expected, I thought I’d post it anyway. My nails are in a bad condition right now and my cuticles hurt as well. Next time I’m going to be more patient do a neat job. Here is what I’ve come up with:

I used Claire’s polishes in aqua blue (dupe of China Glaze Shower Together) and a dark blue jelly. The base is a jelly-like mint green franken I did some time ago. I can’t wait to repeat this in better colors.

Selam herkese =) Nihrida’nın water marble videosunu izledikten sonra, ben de denemeye karar verdim. Çok da kolay olmadı yapmak ama ben yine de buraya koyuyorum. Tırnaklarım pek iyi durumda değil ve tırnak diplerim de çok acıyor. Bir daha sefere daha sabırlı olup daha temiz iş çıkaracağım.
Baz olarak nane yeşili, kendim yaptığım bir ojeyi kullandım, üzerine de turkuaz ve lacivert ile water marble yaptım. Daha farklı renkler kullanarak da deneyeceğim bunu.