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Category Archives: m62

>Things were a bit hectic and rocky in the last few days. I didn’t even want to paint my nails, imagine such a thing! =) I still keep admiring the Konad set, something that cheers me up quite a bit everytime I do. Today I tried one of the individual plates I received, m62. First I did a black base, then layered it with China Glaze Tinsel. Finally, I stamped the tinsel-like ribbon in white. It’s a simple but delicate design, and I really like it.


Right hand:

I went over the designs in speed of light, but they still bleed a little. The designs look like they have a white shadow underneath, that’s because I didn’t use Konad topcoat. But it’s only noticable with Flash, not a big deal.
I have a special thing in mind for New Year’s Eve. And I’m gonna be doing interesting konad designs soon, I mean as soon as I’m done with this stupid project. The deadline is in 24 days, wish me luck.