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>Just another busy, heavily decorated, skittle nail set I did =) I’m actually quite fond of manicures like this, on myself or on someone else. I love mixed colors and mixed material, I think altogether they work well =)

I used four polishes for this manicure; P2 Dangerous, P2 Vibrant, Avon Peppermint Leaf and OPI Show it & Glow it. (Oh by the way, I have the whole Burlesque Collection, Zoya Flame Collection, and many more stray polishes to show you guys in the following days!) I also used pink and turquoise beads, clear, green and flower shaped pink rhinestones. For the stamping I used P2 Dangerous and Avon Peppermint Leaf, with designs from plates bm20 and bm06.

Close-up of each nail:

Thumb: I used P2 Vibrant as base color, then I added a clear rhinestone and the pink beads.
Index: Over P2 Dangerous I stamped the vine image from bm20 with Avon Peppermint Leaf, and added a pink flower rhinestone with a pink bead in the center.
Middle: P2 Vibrant with a gradient of OPI Show it & Glow it towards the tip.
Ring: I used P2 Dangerous as base color, then I added a clear rhinestone and the turquoise beads.
Pinky: Over Avon Peppermint Leaf I stamped with P2 Dangerous and flower design from bm06, then put a green rhinestone in in middle of the design.
I hope you like this manicure =) The beady nails took me about 10 minutes each, but the rest was easy! =)

Yine her parmağı farklı bir manikür ile karşınızdayım. Bu tarz manikürleri çok seviyorum, her parmağı birbiriyle alakasız olsa da bir araya gelince uyumlu olan, değişik renk ve teknikler kullanılarak yapılan. Benim tarzım yavaş yavaş buraya mı kayıyor ne =)
Bu manikürde dört farklı oje kullandım; P2 Dangerous, P2 Vibrant, Avon Peppermint Leaf ve OPI Show it & Glow it. (Bu arada merak edenler varsa, bütün OPI Burlesque Koleksiyonu, Zoya Flame Koleksiyonu ve başka ojeler ilerleyen günlerde karşınızda olacak.) Ayrıca pembe ve turkuaz boncuklar, beyaz, yeşil ve pembe taşlar kullandım. Damga için kullandığım ojeler P2 Dangerous ve Avon Peppermint Leaf, diskler ise bm20 ve bm06.
Tüm tırnaklarımı nasıl yaptığıma gelirsek:
Baş parmağımda baz olarak P2 Vibrant kullandım, üstüne beyaz taşlar ve pembe boncuklarla desen yaptım.
İşaret parmağımda P2 Dangerous üzerine bm20 diskindeki deseni Avon Peppermint Leaf ile uyguladım, sonra da çiçek şeklinde pembe taş ekledim.
Orta parmağımda P2 Vibrant üzerine OPI Show it & Glow it’i uca doğru yoğunlaşacak şekilde geçişli uyguladım.
Yüzük parmağımda baz olarak P2 Dangerous kullandım, üstüne beyaz taşlar ve turkuaz boncuklarla desen yaptım.
Serçe parmağımda Avon Peppermint Leaf üzerine P2 Dangerous ile bm06 diskindeki çiçek desenini yaptım, sonra ortaya yeşil bir taş ekledim.
Umarım beğenmişsinizdir =) Boncuklu tırnakları yapmak 10’ar dakikamı aldı, geri kalanı nispeten daha kısa sürdü. =)

>Hi guys! I’m finally free! Yaaaay! Sleepless days and nights of hard work are finally over. Phew! Now I can attend to my konad stuff, and post regularly again =)
Jeanette from The Swatchaholic helped me to get my hands on some Essence and some P2 stuff. She is amazing! Thank you, Jeanette!

Here are all 3 polishes I ordered, and a fourth one, gift from Jeanette =)

P2 Electric (gift) and Dangerous

P2 Gorgeous and Elegant

Essence rhinestone sets! Yaay! =D

Finally, here is a recent manicure, Claire’s petroleum blue jelly with konad s09 and China Glaze DV8 for the stamping. The base color is beautiful, it’s a very dark teal, on the blue side, and it’s 4 coats for opacity. DV8 stamped subtle, but I like it =)

Oh, and this is my second attempt at cleaning the cuticles with a brush =) I got three paint brushes, one very tiny and two larger ones, and I’m amazed how they work =) Still need to practise to make it perfect, though. I’ll post pictures soon!