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First of all, my friends, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope you’re having a great holiday. =)

This one started out as a festive mani, and then I blinged it out a bit =) The base is my light grey franken, I poured about 15 drops of black into a whole bottle of white polish. Then I stamped using plate m60 and China Glaze 2030. The combination somehow reminded me of royality, so I stamped the crown from m40 on my ring fingers with black, and added clear rhinestones in the middle.

Right hand:

With flash (My pinky is kinda unfocused and blurry)

I’m going to keep this mani for a few days. Today I gave in and purchased Barielle Growth Activator. It was recommended to me, and it has to be applied twice a week. I want it to work out, and I don’t want to change the mani often during this period.

Ten days after having cut them, my nails are the same length as the last time I had them short. They grew out to be this size in about 3 weeks. So unless they don’t grow out to be the same size in – let’s say – 2 weeks, I’ll consider this product to be worthless.

>I’m back =) Say hi to my nubbins =D Kidding aside, I’m grateful for every day I’m healthy, and a pair of broken nails are nothing serious. They grow back, so no problem =)
Here is today’s mani, 4 coats of warm red jelly with tiny gold glitter, same brand and texture as my Starry Winter Night mani base polish. Festive! Although we don’t have Christmas in Turkey, I still feel close to the colors around this time of the year =) Then I did the rose design from plate m40 in white. The roses sort of remind me of mistletoes, I don’t know why. By the way, I keep diluting the tiny 5ml bottle of white polish, and it still works! Yay, thanks to the guy who invented polish restorer. The best thing about the restorer is, it can even recover a konad special polish, and while thinning it considerably, it doesn’t affect the opaqueness in a bad way. I definitely recommend thinning konad special polishes drop by drop, when they’re starting to thicken. Enough babbling, on to the pictures!

I corrected the colors here, because my camera suddenly thought I must be an alien. My hands were green on all the pictures. =)

With flash. Look at my pinky. Baaaw!

And Finally, Sasha tagged me with “5 Guys I Used To Like” tag. Thank you, Sasha!

Around year 2000, I was a hardcore fan of the movie Matrix. I was seriously addicted, hence the name Trincess =) I watched The Matrix about… 44 times. I always cried in the end, lol =) Although I watched the sequels several ten times too, I didn’t love them as much. They just weren’t the same! And Neo (Keanu Reeves) was my hero for years. I still love him, he’s a gorgeous guy =)

Raphaël Vogt is a German/French actor, who used to play in German soap opera, “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” (Good Times, Bad Times). I watched it when I was in high school. It was very, I mean very cheesy =) I watched it for Raphaël, because I loved the character he played (Nico), and his good looks =)

Johnny Depp. I mean, how can anyone not love Johnny Depp? My love for him is eternal =)

Kivanc Tatlitug, Turkish model and actor. He is seriously good-looking. I liked a character he played a few years ago, and I think he’s humble in spite of his good looks. =)

Finally Hugh Laurie, the delicious doctor from House, M.D. I wonder how many English guys are out there, who could play an American doctor so well? He seriously makes my heart melt! He is one of my all-time favourite actors.

I wonder if I was kind of a rule breaker, because I can’t let people go easily =) There are not many guys who I “used to like”, because I still like them =)

But most of all:

My guy! ♥♥♥ =)))

I’m tagging: