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>After the disaster I mentioned here, my nails were bare for my birthday. =/ But I had one of my bff’s over, and besides all the fun we had together, I did her nails, too! =) She wanted a turquoise base with black butterflies on, and I piled my turquoise polishes and all the image plates in front of her. When we could narrow the polishes and the butterfly images down to three each, I suggested that we should be using all the images and all the colors.
I used this franken as a base, then sponged China Glaze Flyin’ High and China Glaze Shower Together on top to make a gradient towards the tip. The butterflies are from m25, m36 and m78.

She’s going on vacation this week, I hope her mani lasts long! =)

Burada bahsettiğım felaketten sonra, tırnaklarım doğum günümde ojesiz olarak kaldı. =/ Ama çok yakın bir arkadaşım yanımdaydı, ve tüm eğlenmelerimizin yanında tırnaklarını yapma fırsatım da oldu! =) Turkuaz bir oje üzerine siyah kelebekler istedi, ben de önüne tüm turkuaz ojelerimi ve tüm kelebekli imaj disklerini yığdım. En sonunda üç turkuaz ve üç disk kalana kadar elemeyi başardığımızda, ben tüm ojeleri ve tüm diskleri aynı anda kullanmayı teklif ettim.
Kendi karıştırdığım bu ojeyi baz olarak kullandım, üstüne China Glaze Flyin’ High ve China Glaze Shower Together’ı süngerle dipten uca doğru sırayla uyguladım. Kelebekler ise m25, m36 ve m78 disklerinden.
Bu hafta tatile çıkıyor, umarım manikürü uzun dayanır! =)


  1. >Love the look. Hope the mani last for your bff.

  2. >Çok güzel olmuş! Bende de bugün açık yeşil oje vardı, üstüne kelebek yapmak istedim şimdi 🙂

  3. >This is very pretty manicure!

  4. >so cute! My favourite colours!!

  5. >Sweet of you that you did your friends nails, they looks very cute, love the gradient 🙂

  6. >i love the manieverything looks ah-mazing- the colours the butterflies perfect! :)xx

  7. >this mani is so beautiful!

  8. >You are better than a professional nailtech 🙂

  9. >I love it !! I really love your nail, long or short they are ! (heww when i remind this poor mani in the previous post .. your work is better !!)

  10. >Thank you my friends =) She really liked the result, and couldn't stop looking at her nails =D Doing nails makes me so happy!

  11. >Very pretty! Your friend is lucky with such a creative friend. You did a great job.

  12. >Aww thanks, Kirsten =)

  13. >Very pretty 😀

  14. >You did your friend a gorgeous mani! =)

  15. >Thank you Jen and Sasha =D

  16. >wow! what a great job you did! I wish I had a friend like you to do my nails. I wonder what masterpiece you could create with Superstar Nail Lacquer polish.. They are outstanding! You can get it at

  17. >Thank you, Heiress =) Gonna have a look!

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