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>Dumbledore has always been my favorite hero. I must say I grew up with Dumbledore, and he taught me so many things about being unprejudiced, non-discriminating and humble. He also taught me that “it’s our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.” I guess everybody knows about his words at the first-year banquet: “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” =) And I think they not just randomly chosen, funny words of a crackpot, old man; they have a much deeper meaning.
Nitwit: Finding it difficult to grasp something. Ravenclaw’s biggest fear.
Blubber: Being not courageous/brave enough for something, bursting into tears. Gryffindor’s biggest fear.
Oddment: Not fitting in, being not good enough for anything, being unworthy. Hufflepuff’s biggest fear.
Tweak: Being changed, tweaked, persuaded into something they don’t want to. (like being around people from Muggle families, etc.) Slytherin’s biggest fear.
Here is how I interpret these words, and I’m sure someone could come up with a different explanation. But it’s great that Albus Dumbledore shouts these words at the students, as if he can see through their deepest fears, and to make clear that each House has its own flaws and they’re by no means better than the other. He’s persuading them to let go off their fears and embrace each other, even if they’re parted into four different Houses.
Enough talking =) I did this manicure the night I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. It was a very quick manicure, I didn’t have time to do some detailed nail art, so I just portrayed the four Hogwarts Houses, and Harry’s scar on my thumb.

Thumb: Freehanded with gold over black.
Index: Slytherin. Illamasqua Rampage, stamped with Golden Rose Nail Art #107 and konad m70.
Middle: Gryffindor. OPI Chick Flick Cherry, stamped with Golden Rose Nail Art #108 and bm16.
Ring: Ravenclaw. Essie Mesmerize, stamped with bronze Revell Modellbaulack and konad s06. (I don’t recommend you ever using model paint, it’s unhealthy and creates a mess! It was my first and last time to do that.)
Pinky: Hufflepuff. China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, stamped with konad black and bm20.
I know my pictures are never consistent. I use two different cameras, many backdrops and always the same lighting, but they come out different each time. This one is the DSLR, I love the quality of this, but it’s not very color accurate and it can’t do crazy macro shots.
I really want to work hard on a nice and detailed HP manicure =)

Bu manikürü Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigarları 1. Kısmı izlediğim gece yapmıştım. Fazla vaktim yoktu, bu yüzden dört Hogwarts binasının renklerini yaptım, baş parmağımda ise Harry’nin yara izi var.
Baş parmak: Siyah üzerine altın rengiyle şimşek deseni çizdim.
İşaret: Slytherin. Illamasqua Rampage üzerine Golden Rose Nail Art #107 ve konad m70 ile desen yaptım.
Orta: Gryffindor. OPI Chick Flick Cherry üzerine Golden Rose Nail Art #108 ve bm16 ile desen yaptım.
Yüzük: Ravenclaw. Essie Mesmerize üzerine bronz Revell boyası ve konad s06 ile desen yaptım. (Siz siz olun, oje hariç bir boyayı tırnaklarınızda kullanmayın. Her taraf mahvoluyor, bir kez denedim bir daha da yapmayacağım.)
Serçe: Hufflepuff. China Glaze Happy Go Lucky üzerine konad siyah oje ve bm20 ile desen yaptım.
Biliyorum ki çektiğim bir fotoğraf diğerini tutmuyor. Normalde iki kamera, farklı arka planlar ve her zaman aynı ışığı kullanıyorum, fakat resimler birbirinden çok farklı çıkabiliyor. Bu resimler DSLR ile çekildi, kalitesi tabi ki dijital makinadan çok daha iyi, fakat renkleri Sanyo kadar iyi yakalayamıyor ve makro çekimi de iyi sayılmaz.
Vaktim olduğunda ciddi şekilde uğraşıp fanatizmime yakışacak bir HP manikürü yapacağım =)