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>Hey guys =) Thursday evening, us four Turkish nail bloggers met and had so much fun. We ate, laughed and talked about so many things. I even painted some nails & drew things with acrylic paint!

Clockwise from top: Youknow (black nail polish with pink acrylic paint petals and glitter on top), Zuzu (Flor Mar #398), me (Nubar Indigo Illusion and rhinestone arrangements on top), and Nemo (Essie Going Incognito)

I did my friend Youknow‘s nails, you can see a better picture here: (courtesy of her)

Click on the picture to see her post with more pictures! (Opens in new window.)
I used acrylic paint from Born Pretty Store and drew the petals using a thin brush. Then she used glitter similar to China Glaze Techno to amp it up a bit =) This manicure was inspired of this manicure by Ophelie.

This is Zuzu‘s manicure, I drew random doodles on her nails with yellow acrylic paint:

Finally, here is my own manicure, Nubar Indigo Illusion with rhinestones on top.

By the way, one of my nails was torn so badly, (almost halfway across the nailbed) that I felt like I had to wear some artificial nails while it grows out a bit. I will post about my artificial nails very soon =)

Perşembe akşamı 4 Türk tırnak blog yazarı olarak buluştuk. Çok güzel bir akşamdı; bol bol yedik, güldük, konuştuk =) Oje sürüp desen bile yaptım üstelik!
Resimde saat yönünde yukarıdan aşağıya: Youknow, Zuzu, ben ve Nemo var. Youknow’un tırnaklarına siyah oje üzerine akrilikle pembe çiçekler çizdim. Ortalarında da taş var, birazcık da sim sürdük. Zuzu’nun tırnaklarında Flor Mar #398 var, bu resim çekildikten sonra sarı akrilik boya ile çeşitli şekiller yaptım. Öykü de fanatik Galatasaraylı olduğu için, yolu buralara düşerse ona sarı kırmızı yapacağım bundan =))) Benim tırnaklarımda Nubar Indigo Illusion üzerine çeşitli taşlar var, son olarak Nemo’da Essie Going Incognito var, desensiz. Vakit olsaydı da ona da birşeyler çizseydim keşke…
Bu arada inanılmaz kötü bir tırnak kazası yaşadım, bir tırnağım neredeyse yarısından itibaren yırtıldı yatay olarak =/ Bu yüzden o tırnak biraz kendine gelene kadar bari takma tırnak takayım dedim. Takma tırnaklarımı gösteren yazım çok yakında =)


>Hey guys! I’ve decided to create an “Official Polish Addict” badge, after admitting myself yesterday that I have a polish problem. Now I’m feeling less weird, LOL =)
This badge was created with the help of the Seal Maker over at I created this as a blank seal, and added the nail polish clip-art myself. (I’m not sure if there was a nail polish clip-art, couldn’t go through hundreds and thousands of images, just browsed the “Misc” section.) The site watermark had to be removed because I’m not that good at making transparent PNG images =) (I’m not sure if the seal maker allows you to save the image as a transparent png, because the server was too busy and I had to get the image via screen capturing.) I already did a few recolors, but you can also recolor the image yourself if you want, or you can ask for a specific color, too. Just leave a comment with your e-mail address, or contact me directly via e-mail.
Feel free to grab yourself a badge from below and use it on your blog. Linking back is nice, but not required. Share the polish addiction! =D
Click to see them at original size:

NOTE: If you want to change the width, just add width=”whatevernumberyouwant or width=”whateverpercentageyouwant% attributes after the src=”image url” part, before closing with a greater-than sign. The height of the image will be calculated automatically.

Herkese merhaba =) Dün itibariyle bir oje problemim olduğunu kabul etmiş bulunmaktayım. Bu yüzden bir “Resmi Oje Bağımlısı” rozeti yapmaya karar verdim. Bunu yapıp bloguma koyduktan sonra o kadar da garip hissetmiyorum =)
Yukarıda benim kendi yaptığım renklerde rozetler göreceksiniz, ama kendiniz bir renk isterseniz bana söyleyebilirsiniz. Eğer kullanırsanız, nereden aldığınızı belirtmeniz şart değil ama hoşuma gider =) Bunu yaptığım sitenin sunucusu çok yoğundu, bu yüzden bir de Türkçe yapmaya fırsatım olmadı, ilerleyen günlerde yapmaya çalışacağım.
Resimlerin üstüne tıklayarak büyük hallerini görebilirsiniz.
NOTE: Eğer resim genişliğini değiştirmek istiyorsanız, src=”resim urlsi” kısmından sonra width=”sayıylaistediğinizgenişlik ya da width=”sayıylaistediğinizyüzde% şeklinde küçük kod parçaları ekleyip sonra büyüktür işaretiyle kapatabilirsiniz. Resmin yüksekliği de buna göre ayarlanacaktır.

>Hey guys =) At Fashion Night Out two nights ago, I was in front of the Essie booth with Nemo Latte. We got our nails did and I got two polishes, Sew Psyched and Playa Del Platinum. I’ve really been into neutrals lately. Also, we got served with delicious cupcakes and white chocolate brownies. It was fun to be there.

Here are our hands together. My nails were painted with Essie In Stitches, and her nails were painted with Midnight Cami with Matte About You on top.

Cupcakes and brownies! Mmmm =)
Then I was lucky to find Essie Greenport and Essie Sag Harbor online. Here are all my new Essie polishes together:

I’m soo happy for all of them. I’ve been wanting Playa Del Platinum and Sag Harbor for a long time, and Sew Psyched is truly gorgeous. Greenport is another nice add to my aqua collection =)
Today I have Playa Del Platinum on my nails. Playa Del Platinum is a beige-grey with a hint of green.
The closest shade I could find was Pastel Grey. The formula was nice, and dried to a glossy finish. This is three coats.

I think this is a lovely color, very soft and wearable, yet edgy.
Wait for my other Essie swatches =)

İki gece önce Nemo Latte ile Bread & Butter’ın önünde, Essie ile birlikteydik. Tırnaklarımıza oje sürdürdük ve ben istediğim iki tane ojeyi aldım, Sew Psyched ve Playa Del Platinum. Son zamanlarda nötr renklere sarmış durumdayım zaten. Bu arada bol bol cupcake ve beyaz çikolatalı brownie yedik. Orada bulunmak gerçekten güzeldi.
Benim tırnaklarımda Essie In Stitches, Nemo’nun tırnaklarında ise Midnight Cami üzerine Matte About You var.
Daha sonra, çok şanslı bir şekilde gittigidiyor’da Essie Greenport ve Essie Sag Harbor ojelerini buldum. Yeni Essie ojelerimle çok mutluyum. Playa Del Platinum ve Sag Harbor’u uzun zamandır istiyordum, Greenport ve Sew Psyched de çok güzel renkler.
Bugün tırnaklarımda Essie Playa Del Platinum var. Bu, içinde çok hafif yeşil barındıran, gri-bej arası bir renk. Formülü güzel ve ıslak görünümlü bir bitişe sahip. Bu gördüğünüz üç kat. Bence çok güzel bir renk, hem günlük kullanıma uygun, hem de çok şık duruyor.
Diğer Essie yazılarımı da bekleyin =)

>Today is the sixth anniversary of me and my boyfriend =) We first met each other six years ago on August 6th, and in less than 24 hours we were holding hands. It was love at first sight =) To me, he’s the nicest, the funniest, the most thoughtful guy on earth.
I love him and hope that we will spend the rest of our lives with each other =)
The manicure is very basic, I used Eyeko Lilac Polish as a base, then I stamped our initials in Flor Mar Supershine #14 (plate m17), finally used the pink heart rhinestone by Essence on my middle nail.

An older picture of us =)

Edit: Thank you so much, everyone, for your lovely words and best wishes =) Every single one made me so happy! =)

Bugun erkek arkadasimla 6. yildonumumuz =) Ilk tanismamiz 6 Agustos 2004’te oldu, ve uzerinden 24 saat gecmeden el ele tutusmustuk bile. Ilk goruste askti yani =) Bence o dunyadaki en tatli, en komik, en dusunceli erkek.
Onu cok seviyorum ve hayatimin geri kalanini onunla gecirmeyi cok istiyorum =)
Bu manikur cok sade oldu, en altta Eyeko Lilac Polish kullandim, ondan sonra adimizin bas harflerini Flor Mar Supershine #14 ile damgaladim (m17 diskinde harfleri bulabilirsiniz), son olarak orta parmagimin tirnagina Essence tirnak suslerinden kalp seklinde bir tas yapistirdim.
En altta eski bir resmimizi gorebilirsiniz =)
Ekleme: Herkese guzel sozleri ve dilekleri icin cok tesekkur ederim =) Hepsi beni cok mutlu etti! =)

>Hello Everyone =) Today I wanted to share what’s in my make-up bag. I have a decent stash of make-up products, I got them all before my nail polish addiction suddenly came to life last year. But I always have my small make-up bag with me, and regarding the fact I can’t carry around too many things, I only have some select items inside. Here is how my make-up bag looks like:

I got this at Claire’s for 10$, I think. But it was about two years ago. I love it, because it can hold so many things!

This is how it looks inside, it has a small mirror and cute pink stars on black. =)

Let me start with the eye stuff.
From Top to Bottom: Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara, MAC Penulitmate Eye Liner in Rapidblack, #22 Brush by Sephora, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Lust and Zero.

T-B: MAC Eye Shadow Suite in Team Violets, Urban Decay E/S in Goddess, Too Faced E/S Duo in Skinny Dip, Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Lancome Color Focus Palette in L’amante du Matin, and Inglot lash curler. I love the packaging of the Lancome =)

Finally, lip and cheek stuff.
T-B: Guerlain brush, Golden Rose Ceramic polish in #135, (which I only got today and stuffed inside my make-up bag to avoid breakage), Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips gloss in Bambi, Stila Convertible Lip&Cheek Color in Peony, Inglot Pressed Powder.

That’s a lot of stuff for a small bag, don’t you think? =)
Finally, here is the polishing & konading I quickly did today:

Golden Rose Ceramic #135, with konad m64 in white on top. =)

I tag any of you who wants to share their make-up bags =)

By the way, NOX Twilight has sent me a sample pack to review! I’m waiting for my nails to grow out a bit, so I can shape them & swatch those six gorgeous polishes for you!

A Little Poll:

Do you like to see make-up related posts in nail polish blogs?
Don’t mind.
No way!

Herkese merhaba. Bugün sizinle makyaj çantamın içindekileri paylaşmak istedim. Oldukça fazla makyaj malzmemem var ve neredeyse hepsini geçen yıl başlayan oje çılgınlığına kapılmadan önce almıştım. Ama yanımda her zaman küçük makyaj çantamı taşıyorum ve içine çok fazla şey sığmayacağı için sadece favori ürünlerim bulunuyor içinde.
Makyaj çantamı iki yıl önce Claire’s ten 16 Liraya almıştım. Küçük gözükmesine rağmen içine bir sürü şey sığıyor. İçinde aynası da var.
Göz malzemelerim: Rimmel London Sexy Curves Maskara, MAC Penulitmate Eye Liner, Sephora #22 fırça, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Göz kalemi, mor ve siyah, MAC Eye Shadow Suite Team Violets ikili far, Urban Decay Goddess far, Too Faced Skinny Dip ikili far, Too Faced far bazı, Lancome Color Focus Palette dörtlü far, Inglot kirpik maşası.
Dudak, yanak, tırnak vs: Guerlain fırça, Golden Rose Ceramic oje #135 numara, Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips gloss (Bambi), Stila Yanak ve Dudak renklendiricisi (Peony), Inglot Pudra.
Son olarak bugün yaptığım manikür, Golden Rose Ceramic #135 numara üzerine konad m64 ve beyaz ile desen yaptım.
Bu arada yakında NOX Twilight ojeleri ile karşınızda olacağım.

>Hey everyone =)
As you already know, I did two giveaways up to date and my blog has gained many followers during those times. First of all I want to thank everyone who thinks I’m worth watching. It means so much to me! Then I wanted to go through every single follower and see if they have a blog, but things kinda got out of hand. I couldn’t find time to go through about 500 people, and the blog names started to confuse me after some point, and I was unsure if I was following them or not. So I’m asking you, my dear followers: Do you want me to check out your blog & follow you? Because I might have skipped your blog and I feel really sorry about that. I sometimes find a very nice blog, and when I find out I’m already being followed by them, I feel uneasy, because I never want to look like an arrogant person. Please, leave a comment under this post with your blog address, so I can follow your awesome blogs! (You can look at my blogger bio to see if you’re already there =)

By the way, it’s my birthday on Monday, and today I was informed that I can get a free salon manicure for my birthday =) Yay! This will be my first time getting a real salon manicure. The salon is called California Nail Bar, and carries Essie products. I think want a manicure with Essie polishes, but of course with the ones which I don’t already own. Below I listed some of the colors I like better than others, so can you help me decide on my birthday manicure color?

Which Essie color should I wear on my birthday?
Pink Parka
Splash of Grenadine
Mint Candy Apple
Red Nouveau

*I know that there are even nicer colors by Essie, but these are the ones I’m sure of that they already have at hand.
I really appreciate all of your feedback =)

Herkese merhaba =)
Bildiğiniz gibi, bu güne kadar iki kez hediye çekilişi yaptım ve blogum bu sırada bir sürü takipçi kazandı. Öncelikle, beni izlemeye değer bulan herkese teşekkür ederim. Benim için ilginiz çok şey ifade ediyor =) Daha sonra tüm takipçileri tek tek inceleyip bloglarını gezmek istedim, ama işler biraz kontrolden çıktı. 500 kişinin bloguna tek tek bakacak vaktim olmadı, baksam bile bir süre sonra isimler birbirine karışmaya başladı, ve eklemiş miydim emin olamamaya başladım. Bu yüzden sizlere soruyorum, sevgili takipçilerim: Blogunuza göz atmamı ya da sizi takip etmemi istiyor musunuz? Çünkü beni eklediğiniz halde ben sizi gözden kaçırmış olabilirim ve buna üzülürüm. Bazen çok güzel bir blog keşfediyorum, ve eğer o blog sahibi benim takipçimse çok utanıyorum, çünkü hiçbir zaman okuyucularına aldırış etmeyen biri gibi gözükmek istemem. Lütfen bu yazıya blog adresinizi yorum olarak bırakın, böylece ben de sizin harika bloglarınızı takip edebileyim! (Bu arada Blogger profilime bakarak sizi takip edip etmediğimi görebilirsiniz =)

>Hi guys =) Here are the pictures of my Do-It-Yourself lightbox, “Crappier”, and some pictures taken with it.

I played with some different camera settings and lamp positions, and I think it gets the job done. The setup was very easy, I bought a 27 watt Daylight lamp, which is 1500 lumens (The output looks like 140 watt) and used it with a adjustable table lamp. I extracted parts from the sides and from the top of the cardboard box, and covered the windows with sheets of paper. I covered the background with paper aswell and I was done. The whole setup took me about 30 minutes.

Now, here are some pictures of my storage, because some people wanted to see it =)
My plastic drawer:

In the topmost drawer are my individual konad items and some nail care stuff.

Then there are some random OPI, China Glaze, Illamasqua, Sally Hansen, P2 polishes.

Bottom drawer, entirely China Glaze.

Some polishes that didn’t fit in anywhere:

Two boxes of local brand polishes & frankens:

Finally, here is my Valentine’s Day manicure. It’s P2 Gorgeous, stamped with China Glaze Devotion and hearts from m59. Pictures were taken inside the lightbox =)))

The next manicure is going to be one of my favorites! Stay tuned! =)

>Today’s post is not directly nail related =) My mani is still perfect, without tipwear, and I’ll try to keep it until it chips. Gildedangel from Naive Nails tagged me for “I love your blog!” award. Thank you, gildedangel, I really appreciate this =)
I also know her from Specktra, and I obviously love her blog =) She has been already tagged, therefore I’m not tagging her again =)

I know it’s a hard thing to pick only 15 blogs, I want to make sure that I love reading every blog on my blogroll. Anyway, here are 15 blogs I love to read (in no particular order):

Jellynat: Nathalie is a wonderful lady from France, who is very friendly, has a great personality and also gorgeous nails. And I enjoy seeing the colors of her choice on those nails.

Polish Hoarder Disorder: I just discovered her blog and fell in love with her konad ideas =) She makes those nails look beautiful and inspires me every time she does a new konadicure.

Azatoth Nail Art: Another new discovery. Look at those nails! There is so much creativity and patience in her work. And she makes those Fauxnad plates r-o-c-k! =)

Fab Ur Nails: Thrizsha is also one of the very creative konad lovers, who layers stamping in a very efficient way. I especially love her themed manis.

Lemming Monster: I simply love how she models with her hands =) She makes me wanna buy polishes I never intended to buy!

Kronicles of a Konader: Powerlifterchick does her manicures exactly how I like them, our tastes are much alike. I feel very familiar around her blog.

The Hungry Asian: Kae has beautiful nails, takes beautiful pictures and shows me polishes I either love very much, or I’ve been wanting for a long time =) I always have appetite for new polishes when I look at her blog =)

Getcha Nails Did: Brooke is a polish monster, but in a good way! She either has some new stuff, or old goodies, or frankens, or great konad ideas. Sometimes she posts multiple times a day, and she is so friendly and encouraging around new bloggers!

Nihrida: I love Sasha’s style =) She is very talented, has great tutorials, a wonderful personality, and every nail she does – whether konad or not – is spectacular.

Never Too Much Glitter: I’ve been following Jen’s blog for such a long time, she does great frankens, and is a very sweet and nice lady. I love everything about her nails, and she kindly answers every question someone asks – and tries to fulfill many reader requests. Just make sure to visit her Etsy shop – she has great fake nail designs!

Mini Nail Blog: The blog owner is very crafty, her fake nails are so artistic! I love her stuff. She also makes stuff like earrings, accessories, etc. I always wonder how she manages to make those tiny decorations on her nails. =)

Polish Lounge: She is a nice Austrian lady with great nails, nice konad combinations (which always attract my attention) and generous giveaways. She wrote her blog bilingual, but lately changed to English-only.

The Daily Nail: A nail a day is her challenge =) She does spectacular designs, more of a highly detailed art work. I always admire her patience and accuracy.

Dr. Frankenpolish: Another franken master like Never Too Much Glitter, Amanda creates polishes which I think should be mass produced. Luckily she includes the recipes for us DIY lovers.

Scrangie: If it wasn’t for her swatches, I would have never gotten into this polish business. That’s all I’m telling about her.

Like I said, I love every blog on my Blogroll, otherwise they wouldn’t be there! Duh.
Out of topic but I’m just so excited for China Glaze’s Up&Away collection. China Glaze included more pictures, and I’m definitely getting Light As Air, Re-Fresh Mint, Happy Go Lucky, Lemon Fizz, Peachy Keen & Something Sweet! And their Poolside Collection looks so promising, too.


Yes, it’s a nail =)