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>A week ago I ordered my sample pack from They offer free sample packs for beauty/nail art blogs and channels, and shipping is also free. The order was processed incredibly fast, I got the package within 4 days.
My package consisted of stickers, water decals, crushed shells, rhinestones, glitters, pearls and dazzlings.

(Crushed shells are not pictured here)

Today I tried some of the products and did a fun manicure. I used pink star dazzlings, dark blue rhinestones and butterfly stickers.

I used Pastel #23 (Pastel is a Turkish brand) on all fingers, except ring fingers, which I painted with Rimmel Your Majesty. Then I stamped on top of the blue with Your Majesty and the halftone image from plate m60. I added some pink star dazzlings randomly, and applied butterfly stickers and dark blue rhinestones on ring fingers.

Right hand:

I really like the variety and quality of the products. The only thing that bothered me is that when applying topcoat over dazzlings, their color bleeds out. And without topcoat they get caught by everything. My solution was adding topcoat very quickly, just like over Konad.
I definitely want to order various rhinestones, pearls and stickers from their site in the future. Although I love dazzlings, I don’t think they’re easy to manage. Their round and hexagonal glitters are beautiful, too, and yet to be shown in the second part of this review.

If you are a nail/beauty blogger, you can get your free sample pack here:

Bir hafta önce,‘den deneme seti ısmarladım. Güzellik/tırnak ile ilgili bloglara ya da youtube kanallarına ücretsiz deneme setleri gönderiyorlar, ve kargo da ücretsiz. Siparişim hemen gönderildi ve 4 gün içinde teslim aldım.
Bana gönderdikleri set; çıkartmalar, suyla uygulanan süsler, deniz kabuğu kırıkları, taşlar, simler, inciler ve pırıltılı süslemelerden oluşuyordu.
Bugün bazı ürünleri denedim ve eğlenceli bir manikür yaptım. Pembe yıldızlar, taşlar ve kelebek çıkartmaları kullandım.
Baz olarak Pastel #23 sürdüm, sadece yüzük parmaklarımın tırnağında Rimmel Your Majesty kullandım. Sonra lacivertlerin üzerine m60 diski ve Your Majesty kullanarak damga yaptım. Aralara pembe yıldızlar yapıştırdım ve yüzük parmaklarımda kelebek çıkartmaları ve koyu mavi taşlar kullandım.
Ürünlerin çeşitliliğini ve kalitesini beğendim. Tek rahatsız eden şey pembe yıldızların üzerine cila sürdüğümde renklerinin cilayla beraber dağılması oldu. Cilasız ise tırnakta bir yere takılmadan durmaları imkansız. Çözümü cilayı çok hızlı ve fazla sürüklemeden sürmekte buldum.
İleride sitelerinden başka tırnak süsleri de almak istiyorum. Özellikle pembe yıldız süsleri çok sevdiğim halde, başetmesinin biraz zor olduğunu düşünüyorum. Yuvarlak ve altıgen simleri ise bir harika, onları bu tanıtımın ikinci kısmında görebileceksiniz.
Eğer bir tırnak ya da güzellik bloguna sahipseniz, deneme setinizi buradan ısmarlayabilirsiniz:

>China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le is one of my favorite polishes ever. Creamy, perfect application, perfect color. I’m kinda weird, if I like something very very much, you won’t see me wearing that often. I guess I don’t want to become weary of them, and I tend to save them for better occasions =)
Here is Secret Peri-Wink-Le, 3 coats:

After some konad m60 and some bling:

I hope this one stays for a few days =)

First of all, my friends, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope you’re having a great holiday. =)

This one started out as a festive mani, and then I blinged it out a bit =) The base is my light grey franken, I poured about 15 drops of black into a whole bottle of white polish. Then I stamped using plate m60 and China Glaze 2030. The combination somehow reminded me of royality, so I stamped the crown from m40 on my ring fingers with black, and added clear rhinestones in the middle.

Right hand:

With flash (My pinky is kinda unfocused and blurry)

I’m going to keep this mani for a few days. Today I gave in and purchased Barielle Growth Activator. It was recommended to me, and it has to be applied twice a week. I want it to work out, and I don’t want to change the mani often during this period.

Ten days after having cut them, my nails are the same length as the last time I had them short. They grew out to be this size in about 3 weeks. So unless they don’t grow out to be the same size in – let’s say – 2 weeks, I’ll consider this product to be worthless.

>This design is one of my favorites, yet I use it so rarely. This time I started off with one of my frankens, which I made of a medium warm red creme polish, some white creme polish and my own grey frankenpolish. It turned out to be this interesting dusty pink, like China Glaze Wild Mink. The franken is pretty opaque, and this is two coats. Then I stamped using plate m60 and special polish in Pastel Violet.

With flash:

I have to tweak the pictures a bit, because my camera isn’t very friendly with me after the sun goes down =) Indoors it makes the colors look dull and too orange-y.

>Seriously, I’m having one of those times where no color, no design, no idea is satisfying enough for me. And I’m not sure if I love or hate todays manicure. I started with my own franken polish, which I made of black and white cream polishes, but the result was not grey. It was more of a really greyed out steel blue. I guess the black polish had too much blue pigmentation in it, and when I lightened it with white, it showed through.

Anyway, I decided to konad it, but wasn’t sure what to do, so I took out the red special polish and plate m60 and stamped the argyle pattern in red. It looks like a reddish brown on my franken. Then I thought it was too dull, again, and stamped the nails with pastel pink special polish, and plate m50. Finally I placed pink rhinestones in the middle of the flowers.

IRL, the argyle looks more subtle, it shows up more on the pictures. And I have three flowers on my thumb, which I forgot to take a proper picture of.
That’s the moody manicure for today. I guess I’m not taking my polish off until I have inspiration again!

>Sorry for the overly tacky names lately =) It’s hard to find out cool names in another language =/ Anyway, here is today’s mani, using 2 coats of China Glaze DV8 (What? 2 Coats?) and plate m60 + Konad Special Polish in white. I’m using the last bit of my white polish. I’ve had 2 bottles of white polish and a bottle of black polish for the same amount of time, and black only started to turn bad when my 2nd bottle of white turned. That must mean black Konad polish lives much longer than the white.

Left hand:

Right hand with the poor pinky =/


It started as a bad mani day, but I managed to save it in the end. Some days, nothing seems to work. I had an entirely different thing in my mind, but it was ruined at the Konad stage, and I removed it. Maybe someday I’d try that again =)