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>Lastly, here is Rimmel London Best In Show. I thought this one would be my favorite based on what I saw in the bottle, but on the nail it falls a bit flat. Best In Show is a Jazzberry Jam jelly with fuchsia shimmer. Although it sounds mouthwatering, once on the nail the shimmer is barely visible. And how should I put it? It’s not deep at all. The color is really nice and appropriate for fall, though. Here is a close-up of the bottle:

Although my camera has superb macro capabilities, it was hard to capture the shimmer, because like I said, it looks flat once on the nail. The application was fine, it was opaque in three coats, and dried a bit slower than average.

Macro shot:

Maybe this one will look better when layered on another vampy color =)

Son olarak Rimmel London Best In Show’u göstereceğim. Şişesine bakılırsa koleksiyonun en harika ojesi bu olmalıyı, fakat sürdükten sonra biraz hayal kırıklığına uğradım. O derinlik tırnakta tamamen kayboluyor. Gerçi sonbahar için oldukça uygun bir renk.
Kameramın makro resim çekme özelliği çok iyi olsa da, bu ojenin ışıltısını yakalamakta zorlandım çünkü bir şekilde sönük kalıyor ve ışıltılar belirgin değil. Sürülüşü iyiydi, üç katta opak oldu ve biraz yavaş kurudu.
Belki başka bir renk üzerinde daha güzel durabilir. Denemek lazım.

>When mom first saw what Konad was and what I was doing to my nails, she thought I finally lost my marbles. =) But then she started to visit my room every sunday, to get her nails done! =D She says everybody’s asking her where she’s getting her nails done. She is not easily satisfied, and sometimes she claims that I do my own nails better than I do hers =) For example last week she wanted the same starry design as I did for New Year’s, in pink and blue. When I stamped her nails with repeated stars, she said I had aligned my stars better. For some reason I couldn’t be as precise as I am with my own nails… I guess practise makes it perfect. But most of the time she is happy with my work. I let her pick the design she wants, and suggest a color to stamp it with. This week she painted her nails with Rimmel Funky Diva. She picked the vine design from m73, and I stamped it using konad special polish in pastel pink. The pictures are with flash, because she is not as patient as I am =D She wiggles with her fingers like a small child! LOL

You can expect more mom nails in the future =)
Oh, and her nails break so easily, she recently started treating them after seeing my obsession with my nails, but she’s more active with her hands and didn’t really know how to protect them till recently. She is allergic to strange stuff and in summer her nails break severely. I’m still thinking about a solution.