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Category Archives: m69

>Hello everyone =) First of all, thank you everyone for the tags & awards! I’ve been lazy to update my “Tags” page… *hangs head in shame* I promise that I’ll do that soon, and thank you again for all the nice awards you honor me =)
Today’s nails were very simple in the beginning, I just applied 2 coats of dark blue shimmery polish, and a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic on top. I love the velvety look of this one. ❤

But then hours had passed and I just felt the urge to do some konad on top! I tried to stamp with konad special polish in pastel violet, but it didn’t work well with matte, so I applied a glossy top coat on top, and then stamped the lacey design from plate m79 randomly. The pastel violet looks like a light grey on top of the navy, I like it very much =)

Oh, before I forget to mention: The blue polish from yesterday stained my nails really badly, so I recommend the winner to use a trusty base coat underneath! I had smurf nails for the first time in my life! =D

>Hi everyone, I hope you had a blast at Halloween.
Last night I did this manicure, with a She polish I got this summer. It’s a lilac creme with strong pink undertones, and I thought it would go along well with Konad polish in pink (pastel pink?) and design from palette m69. It’s one of my favorite palettes and it’s not yet sold in my country, luckily I contacted Kathleen from OC Nail Art and she sent it to me along with m71, m73 and m74. I just can’t get enough full pattern palettes. They are my favorite. I also love little flowers and tip designs, but full designs have a special place in my heart, and are the main reason I got into Konad stuff.

This lace design is beautiful, and I’m slowly getting hang of aligning the designs correctly. With full designs it’s much easier, because the rectangular shape is obvious. But with tip designs and/or vertical designs, I always have problems with my recessive hand. Now I use the marks on the sides of the double ended stamper, and align the stamp that way. But I still have problems with aligning with the central axis =)

Btw, all of my manicures are base coat + 3 coats + top coat, unless otherwise stated. Of course when I konad, I put an additional coat of top coat to seal the design.