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>Hello everyone =) First of all, thank you everyone for the tags & awards! I’ve been lazy to update my “Tags” page… *hangs head in shame* I promise that I’ll do that soon, and thank you again for all the nice awards you honor me =)
Today’s nails were very simple in the beginning, I just applied 2 coats of dark blue shimmery polish, and a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic on top. I love the velvety look of this one. ❤

But then hours had passed and I just felt the urge to do some konad on top! I tried to stamp with konad special polish in pastel violet, but it didn’t work well with matte, so I applied a glossy top coat on top, and then stamped the lacey design from plate m79 randomly. The pastel violet looks like a light grey on top of the navy, I like it very much =)

Oh, before I forget to mention: The blue polish from yesterday stained my nails really badly, so I recommend the winner to use a trusty base coat underneath! I had smurf nails for the first time in my life! =D


  1. >this is soooo classy and gorgeous. So elegant.

  2. >Thank you Anstah =) Haha, just mattified everything again =)

  3. >I love that color. I think that blue mattified would be a good candidate for a ruffian manicure…paired with silver or an orange if you're daring ;). I don't even like the way mattes look, but I'm thinking I have to have that mattifier. OMG I think this is my very first "I gotta have that moment."♥ SailorWifey

  4. >Hey Brittany, I've already done a ruffian, that's why I didn't bother doing it again =) Instead I went for the lace design =) But I think you should get it, sometimes the result is so amazing!

  5. >smurf nails *ggg* well, a lot of dark blue polishes make smurf nails ^^

  6. >I never got a smurf nail before, and I was shocked that such a light powdery polish could tint my nails so heavily!

  7. >WOW! This is so pretty. I'm loving the matte colour especially. I recently purchased the chinaglaze matte magic nailpolish and still havn't used it yet.

  8. >Beautiful. Before and after. :))

  9. >Thank you, friends =) Zerin, you should definitely try it on a dark or shimmery color, the effects are amazing!

  10. >Absolutely beautiful! And you're nails are growing fast :-OShame about the smurfin though!

  11. >Thank you, Michèle =) yeah, this time they grew out a bit faster. Maybe constant usage of Barielle Growth Activator is finally paying off =DI don't know why the smurfing happened, this was the first time ever! =/

  12. >It looks beautiful with the konad, and the color is amazing =)

  13. >Thank you so much, Rhea =)))

  14. >very pretty!

  15. >Thanks, Emma =)))

  16. >magnifique

  17. >merci, mon amie =D

  18. >I love the matte velvety look of the blue shimmery polish. Love the look of it with the lace design on top. I can't wait till I get my first Konad stamp set and start stamping!

  19. >Wow, I love how it came out with matte top coat. Just wonderful.

  20. >Very pretty!

  21. >Thats SO nice matte!! Makes me wanna try Essie Midnight Cami with matte ontop really really bad!!!I've tagged you for a little sumthin on my blog ;)

  22. >Thank you, greenmilktea! I can't wait to see your designs =)Thanks Laquermanic, PH and Niki =) Niki, you're so cute, thank you for the tag! By the way, you should definitely try Midnight Cami matte, I bet it will look amazing!

  23. >The matte blue is…. yummy yummy. Dark blue should always be shimmer and matte. <3Your nails are growing so fast this time, how great is that? You see, it was nothing too bad to cut them. I'm glad they grow so fast. :)I cut mine yesterday at they shortest (they're just beyond the tip of my fingers which means they're never really very short at the end). About 1 month and half ago, a door slammed on my right hand, especially on my right index and middle finger. It didn't apparently do anything to my nails when it happened but as the impact point grew and passed on the grown white part, I saw that my nails were broken on the middle and only in surface. And they finally broke after my black matte manicure. Bah, I don't care. I'm just glad the slamming door incident is in the past! Do you still take pictures with your dad's camera? If yes, I think it makes great pictures and the lighting of your light box is fabulous. Maybe should I make one too!

  24. >Hey Nat, I love the velvet effect of the darker shimmery colors =) Midnight Ride was also a shimmer, but came out very flat. This one has more depth =)I don't understand what motivates my fingernails. I guess in the middle of the winter they grow slower, and now that it's closer to the spring, they grow faster! =D Just a theory, though!Aww, I'm very afraid of getting caught in the door with my fingers, because it happened to me when I was little and I can't forget the pain! It was an horror! You should definitely be glad it's over, health is always more important than beauty! Plus, I think your nails look very chic no matter what length =)Yes, I've been using my dad's camera for a while now, since that Del Sol manicure =) It's a bit weird with the angles, since the camera needs a distance to focus, and I have to put my hand in the lightbox and stay at one arm's distance to shoot =) I hope I'll figure out better angles soon! =DD

  25. >hello 🙂 i live in İstanbul, and i am craazzzyyy about matte nail polishes! (i got my first one finally from inglot today/720-such a cute coralish pink) i love the matte finish you had, and i want to ask, where/how did you buy China Glaze Matte Magic? i have to get it before i spend 35tl on essie matte about you 😀

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