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Category Archives: del sol

>After cutting my nails down, I’ve decided to sum up the black theme, because I needed something more cheerful and bright on my nubbinz. Here is Del Sol Island Fever, 3 coats. This polish was sent to me by Elizabeth, thank you dear lady =) Del Sol polishes are supposed to change their color outdoors, but I didn’t experience any remarkable color change with this one. Maybe it’s because of the weather today, but I placed the bottle in a ray of sunlight and it stayed green and didn’t turn aqua. Maybe it will work better on a sunny day, I’m hopeful!
Anyway, I stamped the manicure with flowers from plate m80 and Konad special polish in red. Then I used my pink Konad nail art pen to place dots in the middle of the flowers:

Nails are out of focus here:

I took these pictures with dad’s camera. So far I like them more than the ones taken with my own cam. I guess I’ll experiment a bit more with it.