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Thank you guys, today I passed the 200 followers mark thanks to L0verada! I’m so happy =) And guess what, this means GIVEAWAY for my dear followers! I’m going to give more information in the following days, stay tuned!

Seriously, what’s the obsession of nail polish brands with combining rubies and footwear? =)
Today I have this dusty crimson jelly polish with tiny crimson glitter. It’s really sheer and actually meant for layering, but I used 6 coats and succesfully achieved the bottle color.
I corrected these pictures a bit because the skin around my cuticles was very dry and after I took the pictures I realized that it was sticking out oddly in some places. Now I moisturized my cuticles and they suddenly look fine again. Cuticles are such a bitch to handle sometimes!
Anyway, then I stamped using special polish in black and image from plate m38. I smudged my left middle a bit, don’t mind that =) On to the pictures:

Oh, and I added a “Tags” section on the sidebar. I’m going to replace the tag when I’m tagged with another award, because I thought it would be kind of a waste to post a seperate entry just for the tag. I don’t want anyone to think I don’t care for the beautiful awards you nominate me. Because I care! =) The current award is the Cute Blog Award, for which I was tagged by Elizabeth. Thank you, my dear!