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Monthly Archives: October 2009


Yes, it’s a nail =)

>I have a problem in my knees. Especially my right one. I have been complaining about joint pain, especially when the weather was humid (before rain), and when I saw a doctor he said that the bones in my knee rubbed against each other and that was where the pain came from. But it has always been managable. But the pain became more noticable this year and when I woke up an hour ago, I had severe pain in my right knee and I can’t walk properly right now. I feel like an old woman. My father has a joint problem too, but it’s different than mine. His joint fluid (synovial fluid) has reduced with age. I’m going to try out his joint salve right now… Of course I’m grateful that this is not a matter of life and death, but it causes unnecessary discomfort.
Anyway, here is a funny franken I made a while ago. I actually don’t like this one. It’s gloopy and chunky and far from perfect, but it looks nice on nails from a distance. In summer I had this crazy(!) idea to pour some glitter in clear polish, but the cosmetic glitter I found was too expensive. So me and my boyfriend went to the craftstore and got a jar of glitter. I poured some in a bottle of clear polish on the street, and accidentaly poured some on my guy’s jeans too, which made him glitter like a bug for a day. (Yes, we’re still together.) Then I put the bottle in my bag and went home. It was only 5 minutes, and the glitter had already tinted the clear polish heavily, and turned silver itself. The result was not bad in the bottle, but the pieces are not uniform and the glitter is too big, I’ll probably never wear that again.


Excuse my cuticles, they have healed after this. (I’m still wearing the Jade Franken, this is an older picture.) Next time I’m going to get some duochrome cosmetic glitter and try again.

>This is yet another franken I wasn’t actually going for. But it happened. LOL.
Actually I started with a bottle of very runny lime green polish, and tried to turn it to a turquoise by adding some very cheap sky blue jelly polish. Then I hated it in the bottle and put it away. Some time ago I found the bottle again, and realized it was this gorgeous dusty jade shade, close to Chanel Jade and OPI Damone Roberts 1968. It’s very sheer because it consists of all jellies, and this is 5 (five) coats.

And yes, those are my pyjamas.
And my nails get along really well with my jade earrings mom & dad got me recently from China:

The lighting is not reflecting the true color, the blue hint is almost non-existent, it’s a true jade. I wish I could give you a formula, but since I never intended to do this one… My frankens are trial-error most of the time. And finally, here is a comparison pic: (Photo: mariannaoust@flickr)

Index: OPI Hey! Get in Lime, middle & pinky: Chanel Jade, ring: OPI Damone Roberts 1968.

>I have a big headache right now… Ow.
Today I have one of my Konadicures for you, It’s China Glaze Devotion and design from m64 stamped over China Glaze Gussied Up Green, from the Rodeo Diva Collection. I own 3 polishes from that collection, including Rodeo Fanatic and Midnight Ride, and both are fantastic, especially Rodeo Fanatic.


This flower pattern is one of my favorite Konad patterns. This stamp came out very crisp and almost without any mistake, and it’s rare. I’m very anal about manicure mistakes, and one of the things that I hate most is hair-like dust particles getting stuck in my manicure/topcoat. I don’t know if you experience such a problem, but it’s one of my biggest problems while polishing my nails.

>OK, stupid name, I know. Just didn’t know what to call this. It’s my pastel pink franken, stamped with images from m51 in special yellow and special red polishes. I quite like the result. Yellow on pastel pink is very subtle, and looks peach from a distance.


Ow, my cuticles hurt. As. Hell.

PS: The franken was done with some coral pink polish poured in a bottle of white creme polish. It’s very creamy and opaque.

>This is one Konadicure I loved very much and supported for many days. It was actually my birthday mani in July. Base coat is China Glaze Tinsel, stamped with Konad special polish in black & design from plate m74. Thanks to Kathleen, owner of OC Nail Art, I could get my hands on this plate, which is not yet to be sold in Turkey. Kathleen is such a friendly person, she wants to help you in every way she can. With help of her, I could get any kind of Konad supply I can’t get here, plus she makes amazing discounts and offers free shipping over 20$ purchase. Just use the code sparkled to get 30% discount from your order. If you want to try out Konad or if you want to supply yourself in any kind of Konad stuff, be sure to check out her store.


It looks really lit from within IRL!

>Hey guys =) After watching Nihrida’s Water Marbling Tutorial a few days ago, I thought I’d give it a try. It didn’t come out exactly as I expected, I thought I’d post it anyway. My nails are in a bad condition right now and my cuticles hurt as well. Next time I’m going to be more patient do a neat job. Here is what I’ve come up with:

I used Claire’s polishes in aqua blue (dupe of China Glaze Shower Together) and a dark blue jelly. The base is a jelly-like mint green franken I did some time ago. I can’t wait to repeat this in better colors.

Selam herkese =) Nihrida’nın water marble videosunu izledikten sonra, ben de denemeye karar verdim. Çok da kolay olmadı yapmak ama ben yine de buraya koyuyorum. Tırnaklarım pek iyi durumda değil ve tırnak diplerim de çok acıyor. Bir daha sefere daha sabırlı olup daha temiz iş çıkaracağım.
Baz olarak nane yeşili, kendim yaptığım bir ojeyi kullandım, üzerine de turkuaz ve lacivert ile water marble yaptım. Daha farklı renkler kullanarak da deneyeceğim bunu.

>Today, my thumb nail broke painfully. It was really nice and long, and I was keeping my tips very strong with Mavala Scientifique, but it had a tear on one side, and when it got stuck while opening a box, it ripped painfully. Now I have it very very short.

PhotobucketI filed all my nails down, and I hope they finally grow out without tearing on the sides this time. They always say thumbnails grow the slowest, but it doesn’t seem to be the case with me, luckily. And my fastest growing nails are my ring fingers.
Anyway, I was kinda unwilling to do a manicure, but I did it anyway, because bare nails are the weakest. The base is Rimmel Your Majesty, and I stamped it with Konad special polish in red, and zebra pattern of m57. The result: Funky Robo-Zebra!


The stamping was complete in 20 seconds. Can you believe that? It’s a personal record!

Here is a bottle picture:

>This one comes from the vault. I had been lemming for a mint green polish the whole summer, and finally I had decided to franken my own. I started with a green polish and added sky blue drop by drop. I poured the excess green polish in an unused bottle of white polish, and forgot about it. When I found the bottle a month later, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. It was a gorgeous light mint green shade, similar to the promo pictures of Essie Mint Candy Apple. I used it as base coat and stamped it with my Peppermint Patti franken, and m36.

In real life they are very minty.
The picture below doesn’t do the colors justice. They look closer to the bottle pictures.

I absolutely loved this Konadicure, and wore it for 5 days, until it started to crack. Light pastel shades always crack on me, especially when they have thick consistency. And cracked polish sucks, unless it’s intended to be worn as crackle-polish! =)

>So, I decided to do the single rose pattern again, this time in a different color combination. I’m wearing a vampy brownish-red here, which is close to OPI Give Me Moor. Then I topped it with image from m65, using China Glaze Emotion.


I filed down some of my nails. I hate the shape of my pinkies right now.

Tek gül desenini tekrar uyguladım, bu sefer farklı bir renk kombinasyonu kullandım. Koyu, vamp bir bordo üzerine China Glaze Emotion kullanarak m65’deki gül desenini yaptım.
Bu arada tırnaklarımı törpüledim. Serçe parmağımın tırnaklarının şeklini beğenmiyorum şu an.