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>Hello guys =) I’m happy to inform that Turkish nail polish brands are finally catching up with the latest trends =) After Sevilla, Pastel has come up with four different shades for the winter, and two of them are mimicking the latest Chanel colors, Paradoxal and Khaki Brun.
Here is Pastel #25, also called Khaki, as it stands on the label. Although I don’t have it to compare, I’m about 100% positive that this is meant to be a dupe for Chanel Khaki Brun. It’s a medium brown creme with a distinct hint of green. It’s sort of a drab color, and the best description I found was Field Drab. I adore these murky, dirty, ugly colors on my nails =)

This is two coats, and dried pretty fast & glossy. Great job, Pastel! After seeing lots of taupes last year, this is feels pretty refreshing =)
Another color Pastel released is Pastel #69, a greyed-out taupe with purple shimmer. You’re probably familiar with this description from Chanel Paradoxal. I don’t have this polish swatched on my nails, but here are bottle & nail wheel comparison pictures:

As you can see, Pastel #69 has a similar base with Barry M Dusky Mauve (Known as a dead-on dupe for Paradoxal) but it’s the amount of purple shimmer that makes a difference, because the overall look is more purple. Sevilla #144 (swatched here) has a warmer base color and a warmer shimmer color, but the same amount of shimmer with Dusky Mauve. The overall look is warmer than Dusky Mauve (Paradoxal).

Bottle pics, from left to right: Pastel #69, Barry M Dusky Mauve, Sevilla #144.
Finally, I have a polish from Sevilla, which is supposed to be a dupe for Chanel Khaki Vert. Sevilla #145 is a light army green, or as Wikipedia calls it, Asparagus Green.

This one is pretty pigmented and creamy, good to go in 2 coats and it also dried very fast.
Again, I don’t have the original Khaki Vert to compare, because they were sold here for a crazy $50 here! I feel so lucky that Turkish brands are trying to make dupes for these “trendy” colors =)
I hope you enjoyed my long review!

Merhaba =) Türk oje markaları beni acayip şaşırtmaya başladı, trendleri yakalamak uğruna normalde asla beklemeyeceğim renkler sürüyorlar piyasaya =) Sevilla’dan sonra, Pastel 4 adet kış rengi çıkartmış, ve bunlardan iki tanesi meşhur Chanel renkleri olan Paradoxal ve Khaki Brun’ün benzeri.
İşte Pastel #25, diğer adıyla Khaki (etiketinde öyle yazıyor). Bende Khaki Brun olmadığı için kıyaslayamıyorum ama, bence bu renk onun çok benzeri olacak şekilde üretilmiş. Rengi tarif etmek gerekirse, orta tonda bir kahverengi, ama içinde bariz bir yeşil tonu var. Bu tarz kirli hatta çirkin görünen renklere bayılıyorum tırnaklarda =) Asker yeşilleri, zeytin yeşilleri ojede çok güzel duruyor.
İki kat sürdüm, çabuk ve parlak kurudu. Pastel’e helal olsun valla =) Geçen sene bir sürü köstebek rengi gördükten sonra bu renk ilaç gibi geldi.
Pastel’in çıkardığı diğer bir renk de Pastel #69; griye bakan bir köstebek rengi, içinde mor ışıltılar var. Büyük ihtimalle bu size birşey çağrıştırmıştır, Chanel’in meşhur Paradoxal rengi mesela =) Bu ojeyi tırnaklarıma sürmedim ama bazı karşılaştırma resimleri koyuyorum.
Görebileceğiniz gibi Pastel #69 baz olarak Barry M Dusky Mauve gibi, ama içindeki mor ışıltı daha fazla olduğu için daha mor tonlu duruyor. Sevilla #144 ise hem baz rengi olarak hem ışıltı rengi olarak daha sıcak tonlu.
Son olarak Sevilla’nın başka bir ojesi, Sevilla #145, Chanel Khaki Vert’in aynısı olarak üretilmiş. Açık asker yeşili diyebiliriz bu renk için. Pigmentli bir oje, neredeyse tek katta opak olacaktı ve hızlı kurudu. Tabi ki burada tanesi 75 TL’den satıldığı için orijinali bende yok, ama Türk oje markaları gaza gelip art arda bu trend renkleri çıkardığı için çok şanslı sayıyorum kendimi =)
Umarım bu uzuuun yazı sizi sıkmamış, fikir edinmenize yardımcı olmuştur!

>When I received the Konad nail art pen in white, I immediately thought of food icing. That’s when the idea came to me – chocolate nails! Although my freehanding skills are not much and the job I’ve done is neither neat nor delicate, I still like those nails =) They make me hungry!
I used three colors for those nails – a dark brown, a medium brown and a nude/caramel. All of them are local brand polishes, and they are all cremes. I did 10 different designs, and my favorite is the left pinky. A chocolate Ruffian mani may follow soon =)
Left hand:

Right hand:


See below for my St. Patty’s nails!

>Hello everyone =)
I’m finally wearing YDKJ, and it’s an amazing color. So edgy, stylish, feminine. I adore it. I’ve spiced it up a bit using China Glaze Metallic Muse and plate s09 on my ring fingers. And pink rhinestones from Konad.

I want to thank anyone who nominated me for Best Blog Award. <3<3<3 Unfortunately I can't nominate just a few people, because there are more than a hundred blogs I follow and I care for. I think every one of them is unique and a must-see. I'm giving this award to everyone on my blogroll =)

>Seriously, I’m having one of those times where no color, no design, no idea is satisfying enough for me. And I’m not sure if I love or hate todays manicure. I started with my own franken polish, which I made of black and white cream polishes, but the result was not grey. It was more of a really greyed out steel blue. I guess the black polish had too much blue pigmentation in it, and when I lightened it with white, it showed through.

Anyway, I decided to konad it, but wasn’t sure what to do, so I took out the red special polish and plate m60 and stamped the argyle pattern in red. It looks like a reddish brown on my franken. Then I thought it was too dull, again, and stamped the nails with pastel pink special polish, and plate m50. Finally I placed pink rhinestones in the middle of the flowers.

IRL, the argyle looks more subtle, it shows up more on the pictures. And I have three flowers on my thumb, which I forgot to take a proper picture of.
That’s the moody manicure for today. I guess I’m not taking my polish off until I have inspiration again!

>I finally emptied a desk for work and manicure reasons. I’m very proud of myself =) I was working in a tight corner until now, on my bedside end table. It was a nice change to work at a regular table, and it was important to me that I didn’t mess up this manicure, because my mind was set and I would never want to start over when if I messed up after so many coats of polish. And my top coat was tacky, too! =)))
I really like this design, because I love the color combination and I think I did a rather neat job. (It could be worse =) It’s inspired by the lovely earrings I got myself today. Of course it’s not a dead-on design, it’s only supposed to give the feeling, and I think it does. I like the end result very much.

This is one of the earrings =)
I used dark brown creme polish as the base, and then freehanded an arch using China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise and an old brush I converted to a nail art brush by trimming. China Glaze Shower Together would be more spot-on, but I thought I should give TUT more love =) Then I konaded using China Glaze 2030 and plate m51.

This is the second time you see a close up of my ear! =D
I hope you liked it! I’m proud of myself =) ^_^