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>Alright, I went a bit ahead with today’s nails =) After a few hours I was already looking for a way to spice up my monochrome mani. (I know, I know…) I layered the whole mani with a transparent red polish, which is not even opaque in 4 coats. My suggestion: if you can’t get something opaque no matter what you do, layer it over something else to make use of it! =D I don’t only mean the sheer shimmers that change the color of a darker polish, I mean tinting an existing color with a creme/jelly type polish =) Anyway, when I saw the cool effect I achieved, I immediately thought of Jeanette‘s layered konadicures, and it came to me: Of course, another image on top! So I stamped the butterflies from plate m78 in silver on thumbs and rings =)

>Hello my lovely friends =) Since mom and dad went on a trip, and that dad took his precious camera with him, I have to stick with my Nikon =) It’s a nice cam for bright sunlight & outdoor shoots, but the pictures come out too grainy and warm toned when I’m inside. I don’t like it very much for macro shots, but no other option till Saturday! =)
Today I applied a charcoal polish I got a while ago, which is a shimmer. It was pretty sheer on the first coat, but then the color built up and I was done in 3 coats. Then I stamped using plate m63 and a the silver chrome polish I use for stamping. Both polishes are by local brands, hence I don’t feel the need to give names or numbers =) (Not that they have names, anyway!)

By the way, I’m trying out this new topcoat. It’s a local find and thus far I’m impressed. It’s only $2, compared to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which is sold for about $16 in my country. I hate the stupid high price policy. A bottle of quick-dry topcoat only lasts about 3 weeks for me, and I can’t even use the half of the bottle! I thought of ordering 10 bottles of Seche from Trans Design, but the shipping prices are high and I’d rather use that money to get colors I can’t get here. But this topcoat is really great. It’s thin, but not runny, it completely dries in about a minute, doesn’t get thick or gloopy, I don’t have to be careful not to get too much product on a nail, and best of all, doesn’t squish the underlying polish when I stamp! The bristles are synthetic, but if I’m careful, it doesn’t even smear the konad! Yay! But I’m thinking about using it with a clean natural brush, because synthetic leaves some traces & has risk of smearing designs.

>A few days ago I was trying to create a sheer blush using a very pale jelly polish and some drops of red. That’s when I accidentaly poured 1/4 bottle of red into the pale polish, and I had this medium, bright jelly pink. Yesterday I put it on, it looked very cool and squishy, but I’m not very fond of medium pinks, and I topped it with Inglot 202 flakes. Today I stamped it with m63 and black polish, but my black is dying and although I diluted it a bit with polish thinner, it’s a sticky mess and though to work with. My Mavadry is on its last drops, and it smeared the konad like crazy. Finally I put on some white bows to cover the Konad failures, which got smeared, too. That’s why the far shot =)

See the flakies? This mani actually looks cool from a distance. I’d like to repeat it when I have a new black & white, and with another base color.

I can hardly tolerate konad mistakes on myself. I’m kinda OCD =)
Anyway, Nihrida tagged me a few days ago with Get To Know You Better Tag. Thanks, Sasha! I’m tagging anyone on my blogroll who would like to do this, I’d love to read all your answers =)

1. Where is your phone? Left side of my left leg =)
2. Your hair? Chestnut, with golden brown highlights
3. Your Mom? Just came home from work
4. Your Dad? Watching the news
5. Your favorite meal? Grilled Cream Cheese Sandwich w/ Ketchup!
6. Your last dream? Chaotic, I don’t really remember, they just leave this familiar feeling.
7. What do you like to drink? Orange Juice, Ayran (Traditional Turkish drink, like Buttermilk, only better! =)
8. Your dream? My most significant wish to come true.
9. In what room are you? Own
10. Your hobby? Internet, Nintendo, Polishes, Beauty stuff, Games, Books
11. What are you afraid of? Incurable diseases, roaches, burning
12. Last travel? Mudanya, where my boyfriend lives.
13. Where were you last night? Home, studying. How boring.
14. Something you are not? Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat
15. Muffins? Don’t fancy them. Give me tartlets!
16. Wishlist? Consult my sidebar =)
17. Where did you grow up? Istanbul, Turkey
18. Last thing you did? Ate Pockys =)
19. What are you wearing? Jammies
20. Your television? Vestel
21. Your pet(s)? Right now, I have none =/
22. Your friends? I love them =)
23. Your life? Has its ups and downs
24. Your temper? Unpredictable.
25. Do you miss someone? Me and my bf have been living in different cities (2 hrs apart by ship) for almost 5 1/2 years, since the beginning. Do the math =)
26. Your car? No car
27. Something you don’t bring with you? Like I don’t take my desktop computer anywhere =)
28. Your favorite shop? Pull&Bear, C&A, Stradivarius, Sephora
29. Your favorite color? Aqua
30. Last time you laughed? Yesterday I guess…
31. Last time you cried? Today. I’m not in a good mood…
32. Your best friend? I have a couple, including my bf =)
33. A place where you can go again and again? Mudanya, to see my bf
34. Facebook? Consult my sidebar =)
35. Favorite place to eat? Arby’s