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>Hey guys =) At Fashion Night Out two nights ago, I was in front of the Essie booth with Nemo Latte. We got our nails did and I got two polishes, Sew Psyched and Playa Del Platinum. I’ve really been into neutrals lately. Also, we got served with delicious cupcakes and white chocolate brownies. It was fun to be there.

Here are our hands together. My nails were painted with Essie In Stitches, and her nails were painted with Midnight Cami with Matte About You on top.

Cupcakes and brownies! Mmmm =)
Then I was lucky to find Essie Greenport and Essie Sag Harbor online. Here are all my new Essie polishes together:

I’m soo happy for all of them. I’ve been wanting Playa Del Platinum and Sag Harbor for a long time, and Sew Psyched is truly gorgeous. Greenport is another nice add to my aqua collection =)
Today I have Playa Del Platinum on my nails. Playa Del Platinum is a beige-grey with a hint of green.
The closest shade I could find was Pastel Grey. The formula was nice, and dried to a glossy finish. This is three coats.

I think this is a lovely color, very soft and wearable, yet edgy.
Wait for my other Essie swatches =)

İki gece önce Nemo Latte ile Bread & Butter’ın önünde, Essie ile birlikteydik. Tırnaklarımıza oje sürdürdük ve ben istediğim iki tane ojeyi aldım, Sew Psyched ve Playa Del Platinum. Son zamanlarda nötr renklere sarmış durumdayım zaten. Bu arada bol bol cupcake ve beyaz çikolatalı brownie yedik. Orada bulunmak gerçekten güzeldi.
Benim tırnaklarımda Essie In Stitches, Nemo’nun tırnaklarında ise Midnight Cami üzerine Matte About You var.
Daha sonra, çok şanslı bir şekilde gittigidiyor’da Essie Greenport ve Essie Sag Harbor ojelerini buldum. Yeni Essie ojelerimle çok mutluyum. Playa Del Platinum ve Sag Harbor’u uzun zamandır istiyordum, Greenport ve Sew Psyched de çok güzel renkler.
Bugün tırnaklarımda Essie Playa Del Platinum var. Bu, içinde çok hafif yeşil barındıran, gri-bej arası bir renk. Formülü güzel ve ıslak görünümlü bir bitişe sahip. Bu gördüğünüz üç kat. Bence çok güzel bir renk, hem günlük kullanıma uygun, hem de çok şık duruyor.
Diğer Essie yazılarımı da bekleyin =)

>After the disaster I mentioned here, my nails were bare for my birthday. =/ But I had one of my bff’s over, and besides all the fun we had together, I did her nails, too! =) She wanted a turquoise base with black butterflies on, and I piled my turquoise polishes and all the image plates in front of her. When we could narrow the polishes and the butterfly images down to three each, I suggested that we should be using all the images and all the colors.
I used this franken as a base, then sponged China Glaze Flyin’ High and China Glaze Shower Together on top to make a gradient towards the tip. The butterflies are from m25, m36 and m78.

She’s going on vacation this week, I hope her mani lasts long! =)

Burada bahsettiğım felaketten sonra, tırnaklarım doğum günümde ojesiz olarak kaldı. =/ Ama çok yakın bir arkadaşım yanımdaydı, ve tüm eğlenmelerimizin yanında tırnaklarını yapma fırsatım da oldu! =) Turkuaz bir oje üzerine siyah kelebekler istedi, ben de önüne tüm turkuaz ojelerimi ve tüm kelebekli imaj disklerini yığdım. En sonunda üç turkuaz ve üç disk kalana kadar elemeyi başardığımızda, ben tüm ojeleri ve tüm diskleri aynı anda kullanmayı teklif ettim.
Kendi karıştırdığım bu ojeyi baz olarak kullandım, üstüne China Glaze Flyin’ High ve China Glaze Shower Together’ı süngerle dipten uca doğru sırayla uyguladım. Kelebekler ise m25, m36 ve m78 disklerinden.
Bu hafta tatile çıkıyor, umarım manikürü uzun dayanır! =)

>When mom first saw what Konad was and what I was doing to my nails, she thought I finally lost my marbles. =) But then she started to visit my room every sunday, to get her nails done! =D She says everybody’s asking her where she’s getting her nails done. She is not easily satisfied, and sometimes she claims that I do my own nails better than I do hers =) For example last week she wanted the same starry design as I did for New Year’s, in pink and blue. When I stamped her nails with repeated stars, she said I had aligned my stars better. For some reason I couldn’t be as precise as I am with my own nails… I guess practise makes it perfect. But most of the time she is happy with my work. I let her pick the design she wants, and suggest a color to stamp it with. This week she painted her nails with Rimmel Funky Diva. She picked the vine design from m73, and I stamped it using konad special polish in pastel pink. The pictures are with flash, because she is not as patient as I am =D She wiggles with her fingers like a small child! LOL

You can expect more mom nails in the future =)
Oh, and her nails break so easily, she recently started treating them after seeing my obsession with my nails, but she’s more active with her hands and didn’t really know how to protect them till recently. She is allergic to strange stuff and in summer her nails break severely. I’m still thinking about a solution.