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Monthly Archives: March 2010

>I once mixed this polish and then forgot about it. It’s made of excess black and navy polishes, poured in white creme polish. It’s a pretty slate blue with very smooth application. Now that the slate blue polishes are big, I thought I’d post my own version:

I konaded some white feathers on it, as a tribute to Liberty of London collection, but I forgot to take pictures =)
Today’s post was ultra short, sorry about that!

>Hello everyone =) Remember MAC’s Style Warrior Collection? It was an awesome collection, unfortunately I missed out on that one. The packaging was beautiful, leopard and zebra print and accented with gold and bronze. I’ve always been wanting to do a manicure inspired by that collection, but somehow I never got around doing it. But today, I finally brought that idea to life =)

I used China Glaze 2030 as a base on pinkies, middles and indexes, then used konad’s white nail art pen with a thin brush to draw and fill the triangles, where the zebra print would come on top. Then I stamped using a black polish and plate m78, finally I used a small brush to put dots of China Glaze Platinum Gold in the center of the spots.
I used China Glaze Platinum Gold on the rings and thumbs, stamped with China Glaze 2030 and konad plate s06.

I may sleep in peace, now this is out of the way =)

>Hello everyone! I want to thank you all who entered my giveaway, I had over 200 participants, worth of about 500 entries! Finally the counting is over and a winner was selected using I wanted to cut papers first, but then I thought of the poor trees and global warming, lol =D
Anyway, here is today’s manicure first. I applied 3 coats of this Milka purple polish, which I got this summer but somehow never used. This is the first time I regret not owning the cow pattern plate, because it would be awesome to stamp this with white cow spots! Instead, I used Collistar Viola Glitter and plate s09 to stamp some cherry blossoms on top. It’s not visible on the pictures, but the purple blossoms have such a pretty fuschia sparkle. Collistar Viola Glitter is a magnificent polish, I suggest you to get it if you can =)

Now, I’m going to announce the giveaway winner. Drumroll please:

The winner is….


Congratulations, my sweet friend! I’m going to send you an e-mail right away =)
Thank you for participating, I hope you had fun! See you in my next giveaway!

>Alright, I went a bit ahead with today’s nails =) After a few hours I was already looking for a way to spice up my monochrome mani. (I know, I know…) I layered the whole mani with a transparent red polish, which is not even opaque in 4 coats. My suggestion: if you can’t get something opaque no matter what you do, layer it over something else to make use of it! =D I don’t only mean the sheer shimmers that change the color of a darker polish, I mean tinting an existing color with a creme/jelly type polish =) Anyway, when I saw the cool effect I achieved, I immediately thought of Jeanette‘s layered konadicures, and it came to me: Of course, another image on top! So I stamped the butterflies from plate m78 in silver on thumbs and rings =)

>Hello my lovely friends =) Since mom and dad went on a trip, and that dad took his precious camera with him, I have to stick with my Nikon =) It’s a nice cam for bright sunlight & outdoor shoots, but the pictures come out too grainy and warm toned when I’m inside. I don’t like it very much for macro shots, but no other option till Saturday! =)
Today I applied a charcoal polish I got a while ago, which is a shimmer. It was pretty sheer on the first coat, but then the color built up and I was done in 3 coats. Then I stamped using plate m63 and a the silver chrome polish I use for stamping. Both polishes are by local brands, hence I don’t feel the need to give names or numbers =) (Not that they have names, anyway!)

By the way, I’m trying out this new topcoat. It’s a local find and thus far I’m impressed. It’s only $2, compared to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which is sold for about $16 in my country. I hate the stupid high price policy. A bottle of quick-dry topcoat only lasts about 3 weeks for me, and I can’t even use the half of the bottle! I thought of ordering 10 bottles of Seche from Trans Design, but the shipping prices are high and I’d rather use that money to get colors I can’t get here. But this topcoat is really great. It’s thin, but not runny, it completely dries in about a minute, doesn’t get thick or gloopy, I don’t have to be careful not to get too much product on a nail, and best of all, doesn’t squish the underlying polish when I stamp! The bristles are synthetic, but if I’m careful, it doesn’t even smear the konad! Yay! But I’m thinking about using it with a clean natural brush, because synthetic leaves some traces & has risk of smearing designs.

>Hello everyone =) First of all, thank you everyone for the tags & awards! I’ve been lazy to update my “Tags” page… *hangs head in shame* I promise that I’ll do that soon, and thank you again for all the nice awards you honor me =)
Today’s nails were very simple in the beginning, I just applied 2 coats of dark blue shimmery polish, and a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic on top. I love the velvety look of this one. ❤

But then hours had passed and I just felt the urge to do some konad on top! I tried to stamp with konad special polish in pastel violet, but it didn’t work well with matte, so I applied a glossy top coat on top, and then stamped the lacey design from plate m79 randomly. The pastel violet looks like a light grey on top of the navy, I like it very much =)

Oh, before I forget to mention: The blue polish from yesterday stained my nails really badly, so I recommend the winner to use a trusty base coat underneath! I had smurf nails for the first time in my life! =D


Two more followers till 400! Woooot! Just crossed the line, thank you again, my friends, for your interest! I love you all!
Oh, I’ve gained about 120 followers within a week, and I didn’t have time to check all your blogs and follow you. I’m going to go through my followers one by one and visit your blogs =) You matter!

Hey guys =) Today’s manicure is inspired by the snowglobe my boyfriend got me a few years ago. It’s powder blue, has multicolored sprinkles and a cheerful unicorn inside.

For this manicure I used 2 coats of the powder/tiffany blue Claire’s polish I christened as “Foams”, then 2 coats of China Glaze Snow Globe on top. Here are the results:

Pretty, but also a bit thick and gritty. I used two coats of topcoat, but as it dried completely, it lost quite a bit of its smoothness.
Am I the only one who finds China Glaze Glitters extremely difficult to handle? They are surely pretty, but PITA to apply and PITA to remove…

>Hey everyone =) Today I have a kinda tone-on-tone manicure, inspired by Gildedangel of Naive Nails. Lately she has done some beautiful tone-on-tone manicures, you gotta check out her blog!
This mani was done with a dusty dark purple base by Flormar, a local brand, which was opaque in one coat. They called this serie “Supermatte”, apperantly indicating that it will be “opaque” in one coat, because it’s definitely not matte, but glossy on its own.
Then I stamped the “bunch of star flowers” design from m05 using China Glaze Harmony, and the dragonfly image from the same plate using China Glaze Devotion, on ring fingers and thumbs:

I love dragonflies =)

>When I received the Konad nail art pen in white, I immediately thought of food icing. That’s when the idea came to me – chocolate nails! Although my freehanding skills are not much and the job I’ve done is neither neat nor delicate, I still like those nails =) They make me hungry!
I used three colors for those nails – a dark brown, a medium brown and a nude/caramel. All of them are local brand polishes, and they are all cremes. I did 10 different designs, and my favorite is the left pinky. A chocolate Ruffian mani may follow soon =)
Left hand:

Right hand:


See below for my St. Patty’s nails!

>Happy St. Patrick’s Day, for those who celebrate =) We don’t have St. Patrick’s Day here, but there is no harm in celebrating with green and gold! =DDD I really like the Irish culture, and I wish I could visit Ireland someday to enjoy the beautiful scenery!
Here is my mani, which was done with the Claire’s polish I called “Shamrock” – which I’m also giving away – and a local metallic polish which falls between gold and light olive. I used plate m81 for the designs and also the Konad special polish in green. Although they strongly discourage using the special polish directly on the nails, I did a very thin french tip with it on the ring fingers to fill the gap. Nothing a coat of Insta-Dri couldn’t handle =)
I had to use 6 coats of Shamrock, so you better use it over either a green or nude base. Jellies are a PITA to get rid of the VNL!

I hope you enjoyed! =DDD Have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day!