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Category Archives: m42

>Hey guys, I’m so happy today =) I’ve been waiting for this day for more than two months! I finally got my hands on the Up&Away collection, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, a.k.a. Lacquered Lizard. She was also very kind to get me not one but two Emerald Sparkle’s, some random polishes, and lots of candy!!!
On to the pictures then!

Tomorrow I’m going to post comparison pictures with other China Glaze’s I own, so that you have an idea =) (If you don’t have any yet! =)

Two Emerald Sparkle’s! The not so beautiful version I own is in the middle. See the difference? It’s muted, more on the teal side, and has more shimmer, which looks dull against the gorgeous glitter of the original one.
She also sent me these polishes:

Del Sol Island Fever, Sinful Colors Let’s Talk

Finger Paints Evergreen Dream & Sally Hansen Emerald City, Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate & Sally Girl Behave

Wet&Wild Craze, Ms.Manicure Mini Emery Boards, Curél Hand Lotion

Aaaand, lots of yummy stuff!!!

The M&M’s were gone within the hour =DDD I wish we had those sorts here! All we have is regular and peanut. *Sigh*
Thank you again, Elizabeth, for your patience, kindness and all the random act of kindness =))) I really appreciate everything =)
Finally this one is a marble manicure I tried today, with a sudden inspiration. I used a sheer blush as base and medium pink & white creme polishes for the marbling. Then I stamped the hearts randomly using plate m42 and special polishes in red & white. Yay, the brushes help so much with cleaning up after marbling! I recommend using a thick brush, it’s much better than using a cotton pad =)

>Hello Everyone! I wish you a very happy New Year, may health, love and success always be with you!
I had to wear something classic on New Year’s Eve, a burgundy creme with tiny reddish glitter. It was actually very nice, but I couldn’t take a good picture, sorry… This manicure was hastily done, and I’m not very good at clustering images on the nails, I normally do full images and now I fancy stamping small images multiple times =) I hope I’ll get used to it! Anyway, the name comes from, as you might have guessed, Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling often describes Dumbledore’s robes as “magnificent dark purple, emblazoned with golden stars”. And Albus Dumbledore is my #1 book hero of all times, so I decided to name this manicure after him =)
I started off with a very bad quality black creme polish. It was streaky and gloopy and overall terrible, but I had no other black option at the moment. Then I did the tips diagonally with a gorgeous purple glitter in a dark purple base, a recent local-brand discovery. It’s so beautiful that it deserves a mani on its own, which will follow. Finally, I did the stars from plate m42 with China Glaze 2030, and the year “2010” on my ring finger. It could be so much cleaner and nicer, but like I said, I was in a hurry. I hope you like it!

Oh, how I cried a river when Albus Dumbledore died!