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>Hey everyone =)
As you already know, I did two giveaways up to date and my blog has gained many followers during those times. First of all I want to thank everyone who thinks I’m worth watching. It means so much to me! Then I wanted to go through every single follower and see if they have a blog, but things kinda got out of hand. I couldn’t find time to go through about 500 people, and the blog names started to confuse me after some point, and I was unsure if I was following them or not. So I’m asking you, my dear followers: Do you want me to check out your blog & follow you? Because I might have skipped your blog and I feel really sorry about that. I sometimes find a very nice blog, and when I find out I’m already being followed by them, I feel uneasy, because I never want to look like an arrogant person. Please, leave a comment under this post with your blog address, so I can follow your awesome blogs! (You can look at my blogger bio to see if you’re already there =)

By the way, it’s my birthday on Monday, and today I was informed that I can get a free salon manicure for my birthday =) Yay! This will be my first time getting a real salon manicure. The salon is called California Nail Bar, and carries Essie products. I think want a manicure with Essie polishes, but of course with the ones which I don’t already own. Below I listed some of the colors I like better than others, so can you help me decide on my birthday manicure color?

Which Essie color should I wear on my birthday?
Pink Parka
Splash of Grenadine
Mint Candy Apple
Red Nouveau

*I know that there are even nicer colors by Essie, but these are the ones I’m sure of that they already have at hand.
I really appreciate all of your feedback =)

Herkese merhaba =)
Bildiğiniz gibi, bu güne kadar iki kez hediye çekilişi yaptım ve blogum bu sırada bir sürü takipçi kazandı. Öncelikle, beni izlemeye değer bulan herkese teşekkür ederim. Benim için ilginiz çok şey ifade ediyor =) Daha sonra tüm takipçileri tek tek inceleyip bloglarını gezmek istedim, ama işler biraz kontrolden çıktı. 500 kişinin bloguna tek tek bakacak vaktim olmadı, baksam bile bir süre sonra isimler birbirine karışmaya başladı, ve eklemiş miydim emin olamamaya başladım. Bu yüzden sizlere soruyorum, sevgili takipçilerim: Blogunuza göz atmamı ya da sizi takip etmemi istiyor musunuz? Çünkü beni eklediğiniz halde ben sizi gözden kaçırmış olabilirim ve buna üzülürüm. Bazen çok güzel bir blog keşfediyorum, ve eğer o blog sahibi benim takipçimse çok utanıyorum, çünkü hiçbir zaman okuyucularına aldırış etmeyen biri gibi gözükmek istemem. Lütfen bu yazıya blog adresinizi yorum olarak bırakın, böylece ben de sizin harika bloglarınızı takip edebileyim! (Bu arada Blogger profilime bakarak sizi takip edip etmediğimi görebilirsiniz =)

>I have a problem in my knees. Especially my right one. I have been complaining about joint pain, especially when the weather was humid (before rain), and when I saw a doctor he said that the bones in my knee rubbed against each other and that was where the pain came from. But it has always been managable. But the pain became more noticable this year and when I woke up an hour ago, I had severe pain in my right knee and I can’t walk properly right now. I feel like an old woman. My father has a joint problem too, but it’s different than mine. His joint fluid (synovial fluid) has reduced with age. I’m going to try out his joint salve right now… Of course I’m grateful that this is not a matter of life and death, but it causes unnecessary discomfort.
Anyway, here is a funny franken I made a while ago. I actually don’t like this one. It’s gloopy and chunky and far from perfect, but it looks nice on nails from a distance. In summer I had this crazy(!) idea to pour some glitter in clear polish, but the cosmetic glitter I found was too expensive. So me and my boyfriend went to the craftstore and got a jar of glitter. I poured some in a bottle of clear polish on the street, and accidentaly poured some on my guy’s jeans too, which made him glitter like a bug for a day. (Yes, we’re still together.) Then I put the bottle in my bag and went home. It was only 5 minutes, and the glitter had already tinted the clear polish heavily, and turned silver itself. The result was not bad in the bottle, but the pieces are not uniform and the glitter is too big, I’ll probably never wear that again.


Excuse my cuticles, they have healed after this. (I’m still wearing the Jade Franken, this is an older picture.) Next time I’m going to get some duochrome cosmetic glitter and try again.