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>I have a problem in my knees. Especially my right one. I have been complaining about joint pain, especially when the weather was humid (before rain), and when I saw a doctor he said that the bones in my knee rubbed against each other and that was where the pain came from. But it has always been managable. But the pain became more noticable this year and when I woke up an hour ago, I had severe pain in my right knee and I can’t walk properly right now. I feel like an old woman. My father has a joint problem too, but it’s different than mine. His joint fluid (synovial fluid) has reduced with age. I’m going to try out his joint salve right now… Of course I’m grateful that this is not a matter of life and death, but it causes unnecessary discomfort.
Anyway, here is a funny franken I made a while ago. I actually don’t like this one. It’s gloopy and chunky and far from perfect, but it looks nice on nails from a distance. In summer I had this crazy(!) idea to pour some glitter in clear polish, but the cosmetic glitter I found was too expensive. So me and my boyfriend went to the craftstore and got a jar of glitter. I poured some in a bottle of clear polish on the street, and accidentaly poured some on my guy’s jeans too, which made him glitter like a bug for a day. (Yes, we’re still together.) Then I put the bottle in my bag and went home. It was only 5 minutes, and the glitter had already tinted the clear polish heavily, and turned silver itself. The result was not bad in the bottle, but the pieces are not uniform and the glitter is too big, I’ll probably never wear that again.


Excuse my cuticles, they have healed after this. (I’m still wearing the Jade Franken, this is an older picture.) Next time I’m going to get some duochrome cosmetic glitter and try again.


  1. >I like the color of the polish. I read on Nevertoomuchglitter about the glitter from craft stores. You have to try just a little at a time. Some of the glitters do just what yours did tint the polish and turn silver.

  2. >Thank you very much! Yes you're right… I'm going to try with cosmetic glitter next time =)

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