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>This is the last manicure I’ve worn before I filed down & shaped my nails a bit. (As seen here.) The base is OPI Bubble Bath, stamped with various China Glaze Chrome and Romantique colors, such as Adore, Admire, Emotion, Harmony, 2030 and Metallic Muse and of course, image plate m76. I also added some stripes using a tiny brush and China Glaze Tinsel, because I was bored.
Left hand:

Right hand:

Finally a question:

Would you keep Orly Green With Envy if you already had China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and they looked even more similar IRL? I just got it home, and I swatched them side by side on a piece of plastic, and they look very close under various lights, even more than the picture/bottles show. I guess I’m going get another Orly instead, but I’m not sure if this counts as a “different color”. Need opinions! =D

Bu, tırnaklarımı törpüleyip şekillendirmeden önceki son manikürümdü. Baz olarak OPI Bubble Bath kullandım, disk m76 ve çeşitli China Glaze metalik ve krom ojeleri ile damgaladım. Ayrıca ince bir fırça ve China Glaze Tinsel kullanarak simli şeritler yaptım, çünkü canım sıkılmıştı. =)
Bu arada Orly Green With Envy aldım ama elimdeki China Glaze Four Leaf Clover ile çok yakın olduğunu farkettim. Hatta çıplak gözle daha bile yakınlar. Sanırım geri verip başka bir Orly alacağım, çünkü aralarında neredeyse biraz bile fark yok.

>I’m not very pleased with how this manicure turned out, but I decided to post it anyway. I used Sinful Gorgeous as a base, which is a lovely aqua metallic. As you know, metallics show brushstrokes, and that was the case with this one, too. Gorgeous is said to be a dupe for $OPI Mermaid To Order and Sally Hansen Lagoon, but I don’t have either of them to compare.
I have some complaints about the Sinful formula. It just doesn’t dry. If I accidentaly touch the surface during application (at a time when it should have been moderately dry), it lifts completely off instead of getting wrinkly and rough, removing the base coat along with it. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re hurrying to go out like I did. Oh, and the application was not impressive at all. I love the color, though, and it makes up for the bad aspects.
For the stamping, I made some pink dots on the nails, and then stamped on top of them using special polish in black and plate m76. Looks kinda pretty =)

I want to do some Tartofraises style nail art. Her last manicure blew my mind!

Bu manikürü fazla sevmedim, ama yine de koyayım dedim. Baz olarak Sinful Gorgeous kullandım, güzel, metalik bir camgöbeği. Tabi çoğu metalik gibi fırça izlerini belli ediyor.
Sinful’un formülünden biraz şikayetçiyim. Resmen kurumak bilmiyor. Eğer sürerken yanlışlıkla değerseniz, en alt kata kadar komple siliniyor o bölge. Rötuşlamak çok zor o yüzden. Ben bir de sözde acele ediyordum bu ojeyi sürerken, iki kere baştan başlamak zorunda kaldım. İnat değil mi… Bu ojeyi kurtaran tek şey harika rengi oldu benim için.
Tırnaklarımın üzerine pembe noktalar koydum, sonra da m76 diski ve siyah oje kullanarak çiçek desenleri yaptım. Tatlı oldu =)


How could I miss? 500 followers! Wooooooooot! Thank you, guys! I love you all!

Hi everyone =) A short while ago Eyeko Cosmetics contacted me and offered to send 3 of their newest polishes for me to try out. So yesterday I received Nude Polish, Lilac Polish and Vintage Polish along with the cutest postcard ever =) Today I tried them all on, and I must say I’m impressed with the formula. All three polishes have a formula between jelly and creme, and they all have nice brushes, so they worked well for me. Without further ado, here are the bottle pics and swatches:

Nude Polish is a pretty nude color, leaning to peach, and with a very subtle shimmer. It looks closest to Deep Peach. I loved how clean my nails looked while wearing it. The formula was decent, sheer on the first coat but evened itself out on the second. I used 3 coats for the opacity I wanted.

Lilac Polish is a lilac creme, a bit lighter than the photo suggests, and it’s a medium lilac, leaning only slightly to the warm side. It can be described as Wisteria. This one was sans shimmer, and only took me 2 coats to be opaque. I own many lilacs, but no dupe of this color.

Vintage Polish was my favorite of the bunch. The color is a bit brighter in real life, but still has a dusty quality to itself. Eyeko describes this as a jade, but to me it has more blue than jade green. The closest color description would be Aquamarine, although Vintage Polish is a bit more toned down. This is a beautiful color, it’s refreshing and springy but also vintage at the same time, as the name suggests. It took me 2 coats to be opaque, but I did 3.
Finally, I’m wearing Vintage Polish with designs from m76 in konad pastel lilac.

I’m not 100% sure about the accuracy of the colors on the pictures, so I suggest you to also look up for other swatches before buying. You can buy Eyeko polishes on
Eyeko polishes retail for £3.50, and can be found on

*These products were sent to me by the manifacturer,


100th Post! Hooray!
By the way, HAPPY EASTER! =)

Hey everyone =) I didn’t feel like posting in the last few days, I was tired of struggling with the application, being clumsy and removing everything altogether. When this starts to happen, I usually take a break from polishing.
Anyway, here is today’s manicure: China Glaze High Hopes, Konad plate m76 and special polish in pink. High Hopes is a bright reddish coral and it’s actually very lovely on it’s own, but these days I feel the urge to stamp everything as long as it stays still for a few seconds, so this one also got a konad on top.

My new topcoat lasted a month, and it’s great for 12 ml(0.4 oz). I used almost 9-10 ml of it, before it started to get a bit gloopy. And it was still usable, but it’s not worth the trouble for 2$! Sally Hansen Insta-Dri btw, which costs 15$ in my country, is 13.3 ml(0.45 oz) and starts to get really gloopy just about halfway down, which takes about in 2.5-3 weeks for me. I’m definitely going to stock Golden Rose Quick Dry topcoat!

>Thank you, China Glaze, for creating this beauty queen. It’s a gorgeous green glitter in black jelly base. I used 3 coats here, but you can get away with 2 coats. This beauty inspired me to choose my blog name, and here it is, finally, in full glory:

Indirect sunlight:

Index & Ring: Good Emerald Sparkle; Middle & Pinky: Evil Emerald Sparkle =) Real ES is deeper & more vibrant, and the faux ES is flat & shimmery instead of glittery:

I stamped the middle & ring fingers using silver chrome polish and konad plate m76. My nails look kinda weird on the next picture:

Thank you, Elizabeth, for helping me get my hands on this baby =)