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Category Archives: m53

>Hello everyone! Sorry for the absence, it has been such a hectic week for me… Thank God, everything will be over on the 27th. Phew! That’s the bad thing about being a last minute person =)
Anyway, today I’m going to show you the nails from the past week. First: sunshine yellow jelly polish from Clarie’s & konad m53:

This was 5 coats!!! I loved this one, but sadly it was not fully dry for a few hours, and I managed to nick it at the cuticles, which I hate. Tips can be covered, but cuticles not =(

Then I have the coral/pink pastel polish, layered with China Glaze Pure Torture. I looooove Pure Torture, so happy I got it. I can layer one coat over any red, and it turns this gorgeous, bright, saucy red I love, and can’t find anywhere!!!

A layered konad using m74. I don’t know what was going on in my mind, I was sleepless for 32 hours that day =D

Then I did a full mani with China Glaze Glam:

Glam is sooo bumpy, and runny, I like it but I wasn’t very careful with the application, so it didn’t stay very long.

Finally, my current mani, inspired by the sudden snowstorm outside. I used the magnificent purple glitter polish I recently discovered, plate m59 and my latest silver polish find:

Don’t forget to take a look at Lacquer Link Love for 01/22/2010 over at Polishswatches!

>My quest in search of the perfect application continues. Lol =) Today I applied OPI Black Cherry Chutney. I’m not really fond of OPI’s Pro Wide Brush. I personally like China Glaze’s brush a lot better. OPI is too wide for my clumsy hands! After 3 coats, I layered it with a local brand polish, which is a sheer pink and has blue & pink shimmer in it. It somehow enhanced BCC’s own shimmer. Then I used plate m53 to stamp and purple rhinestones to bling it out.

Finally, here is yesterday’s mani before I took it out, stamped with special polish in yellow using plate s09: