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>Dumbledore has always been my favorite hero. I must say I grew up with Dumbledore, and he taught me so many things about being unprejudiced, non-discriminating and humble. He also taught me that “it’s our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities.” I guess everybody knows about his words at the first-year banquet: “Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” =) And I think they not just randomly chosen, funny words of a crackpot, old man; they have a much deeper meaning.
Nitwit: Finding it difficult to grasp something. Ravenclaw’s biggest fear.
Blubber: Being not courageous/brave enough for something, bursting into tears. Gryffindor’s biggest fear.
Oddment: Not fitting in, being not good enough for anything, being unworthy. Hufflepuff’s biggest fear.
Tweak: Being changed, tweaked, persuaded into something they don’t want to. (like being around people from Muggle families, etc.) Slytherin’s biggest fear.
Here is how I interpret these words, and I’m sure someone could come up with a different explanation. But it’s great that Albus Dumbledore shouts these words at the students, as if he can see through their deepest fears, and to make clear that each House has its own flaws and they’re by no means better than the other. He’s persuading them to let go off their fears and embrace each other, even if they’re parted into four different Houses.
Enough talking =) I did this manicure the night I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I. It was a very quick manicure, I didn’t have time to do some detailed nail art, so I just portrayed the four Hogwarts Houses, and Harry’s scar on my thumb.

Thumb: Freehanded with gold over black.
Index: Slytherin. Illamasqua Rampage, stamped with Golden Rose Nail Art #107 and konad m70.
Middle: Gryffindor. OPI Chick Flick Cherry, stamped with Golden Rose Nail Art #108 and bm16.
Ring: Ravenclaw. Essie Mesmerize, stamped with bronze Revell Modellbaulack and konad s06. (I don’t recommend you ever using model paint, it’s unhealthy and creates a mess! It was my first and last time to do that.)
Pinky: Hufflepuff. China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, stamped with konad black and bm20.
I know my pictures are never consistent. I use two different cameras, many backdrops and always the same lighting, but they come out different each time. This one is the DSLR, I love the quality of this, but it’s not very color accurate and it can’t do crazy macro shots.
I really want to work hard on a nice and detailed HP manicure =)

Bu manikürü Harry Potter ve Ölüm Yadigarları 1. Kısmı izlediğim gece yapmıştım. Fazla vaktim yoktu, bu yüzden dört Hogwarts binasının renklerini yaptım, baş parmağımda ise Harry’nin yara izi var.
Baş parmak: Siyah üzerine altın rengiyle şimşek deseni çizdim.
İşaret: Slytherin. Illamasqua Rampage üzerine Golden Rose Nail Art #107 ve konad m70 ile desen yaptım.
Orta: Gryffindor. OPI Chick Flick Cherry üzerine Golden Rose Nail Art #108 ve bm16 ile desen yaptım.
Yüzük: Ravenclaw. Essie Mesmerize üzerine bronz Revell boyası ve konad s06 ile desen yaptım. (Siz siz olun, oje hariç bir boyayı tırnaklarınızda kullanmayın. Her taraf mahvoluyor, bir kez denedim bir daha da yapmayacağım.)
Serçe: Hufflepuff. China Glaze Happy Go Lucky üzerine konad siyah oje ve bm20 ile desen yaptım.
Biliyorum ki çektiğim bir fotoğraf diğerini tutmuyor. Normalde iki kamera, farklı arka planlar ve her zaman aynı ışığı kullanıyorum, fakat resimler birbirinden çok farklı çıkabiliyor. Bu resimler DSLR ile çekildi, kalitesi tabi ki dijital makinadan çok daha iyi, fakat renkleri Sanyo kadar iyi yakalayamıyor ve makro çekimi de iyi sayılmaz.
Vaktim olduğunda ciddi şekilde uğraşıp fanatizmime yakışacak bir HP manikürü yapacağım =)

>Remember MAC’s Deep Blue-Green pigment from the Hello Kitty collection? Once I poured some in black polish, then totally forgot about it. A few days ago I found that bottle while cleaning up. The pigment had already settled and I couldn’t believe how great it looked as a polish. See for yourself:

This one was taken with flash to show the pigment.
I did some konad using She #521 and plate s06.

I at Fashion Night Out tonight, and Essie people did my nails. I also got two Essie polishes. I’m going to do a post about it tomorrow =)

MAC’in Hello Kitty koleksiyonundan Deep Blue-Green pigmenti hatırlayan var mı? Bir keresinde o pigmentten bir miktarını siyah bir ojenin icine dokup sonra şişeyi bir kenara koymuştum. Geçen gün ojelerimi düzenlerken o şişeyi buldum. Pigment zamanla ojenin içine tamamen karışmış. Gözlerime inanamadım, gerçekten harika bir oje olmuş, istesem böyle bir renk bulamazdım herhalde.
Bu arada bu gece Fashion Night Out dolayısıyla Essie’deyik Nemo Latte ile ben. Orada bize oje sürdüler ve ben iki tane oje aldım. Bu konuyla ilgili yazımı yarın okuyabilirsiniz =)

>Hello everyone =) Remember MAC’s Style Warrior Collection? It was an awesome collection, unfortunately I missed out on that one. The packaging was beautiful, leopard and zebra print and accented with gold and bronze. I’ve always been wanting to do a manicure inspired by that collection, but somehow I never got around doing it. But today, I finally brought that idea to life =)

I used China Glaze 2030 as a base on pinkies, middles and indexes, then used konad’s white nail art pen with a thin brush to draw and fill the triangles, where the zebra print would come on top. Then I stamped using a black polish and plate m78, finally I used a small brush to put dots of China Glaze Platinum Gold in the center of the spots.
I used China Glaze Platinum Gold on the rings and thumbs, stamped with China Glaze 2030 and konad plate s06.

I may sleep in peace, now this is out of the way =)

>Yesterday I had a break, and I didn’t feel like patching it up because it’s never the same, so I shortened the nails a bit. They are a bit more comfortable right now =)
Today I saw this gorgeous polish in a dollar-tree bin, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, because unique colors like these are so rare in my country!
This is a polish with a great formula between creme and jelly. The first coat was a little bit streaky, but the second was OK and everything evened out in three coats. The color is hard to describe, it’s like Nubar’s Green Tea, but a tad darker and more dusty. It’s a true jade color and I really, really like it! I had a hard time capturing the color, the pictures are edited to look closer to IRL:

Because this polish looks like Jade, and I connect Jade to East Asia, I stamped the nails with China Glaze 2030 and the image from plate s06:

I hope you enjoy my jaded(!) nails! =D

>Hey everyone! After yesterday’s Up&Away haul post, I thought posting some bottle comparison pics could be helpful, in case you can’t tell if one of the polishes is already a dupe of another China Glaze Polish you own from the pictures, or under the shop lights. I took this pics in indirect sunlight.
Let’s have a look. First we have Flyin’ High, compared to Custom Kicks and For Audrey respectively.

As you can see, Flyin’ High is a bit lighter, dustier than Custom Kicks, which has a unique golden shimmer and is definitely greener. Flyin’ High is a darker version of For Audrey, I like to think that it’s her bigger sister.
Next I have 4 Leaf Clover against Turned Up Turquoise, and Re-fresh Mint against For Audrey:

4 Leaf Clover is not as bright as Turned Up Turquoise, and lacks the silver shimmer, but it’s not neon either. It’s as bright as it gets without being neon. Re-Fresh Mint and For Audrey are not even in the same category, but it was the closest match from my China Glaze collection. Re-Fresh Mint is the only mint I own that I didn’t franken myself, and For Audrey is a beautiful Tiffany blue.
Next is Heli-Yum against Sneaker Head and Designer Satin, respectively.

Heli-Yum is not as red as Sneaker Head and not as cool and dark as Designer Satin. It kinda falls inbetween, and it’s a beautiful rasberry sauce color =)
Then I have Sugar High against Mom’s Chiffon and High Hopes against Atelier Tulle:

Sugar High is a bit cooler than Mom’s Chiffon, and not as vibrant. I also heard it’s warmer than Laced Up from the Kicks Collection, but I don’t have it to compare. It’s a very cute pink that I didn’t think I would like this much.
High Hopes is a nice bright coral, Atelier Tulle is definitely more muted, darker and has more red (brown) in it. They are both must haves in my eyes.
Next are Peachy Keen against Vintage Crepe and Something Sweet against Second-Hand Silk:

Those were the closest matches on my stash. They are both lighter than the other, and they could be nice complementary colors to each other for konads/french tips/marbling. Vintage Crepe is more muted than if Peachy Keen was as dark.
Finally I have Light As Air against Agent Lavender, and Grape Pop against Spontaneous:

Light As Air is warmer, whereas Agent Lavender is a true Lavender color, although it looks more blue on the pictures. Both are must haves. I adore them both.
Grape Pop is darker and cooler than Spontaneous. The latter is also not as vibrant, it has a dusty quality. They are actually not even close. Both are must haves in my eyes. Grape Pop is the truest purple creme polish I got my hands on. I love it.
That’s all guys, thanks for bearing with me! Now I have a manicure from the vault for you today, I’m not too fond of it, but I’m posting it anyway. It’s China Glaze Atlantis, stamped with China Glaze 2030 and the image from s06. I stamped the image side by side, several times. The idea is worth trying harder, I couldn’t execute it very well.

That’s all, folks!

>Here is a basic one before I do my New Year’s mani. I have to admit, I’m amazed at how this magenta/purple and bronze look together. The purple is similar to China Glaze Let’s Groove, maybe looking a bit towards China Glaze Stella. It’s a gorgeous color, and has the same lit-from-within look that China Glaze Retro Diva polishes do. I did the tips with a bronze Inglot polish, and I was about to leave my nails that way, but the Konad monster peeked out as always, and I stamped the nails using China Glaze Admire and Konad plate s06.

They look soo much better in real life than in pictures. And I’m really pleased with my freehand tips! Btw, it doesn’t really show up, but Admire is a cool pink, and compliments the bronze and the purple nicely. =)

>I’m very proud of this konadicure. It came out so crisp and smooth, and I’ve received many compliments. I’ve used a local brand polish, She Nail Sugar #521, (the polishes don’t have names here, sadly.) which is comparable to Barielle Polished Princess.


(Picture is property of All Lacquered Up)
See? I don’t own Polished Princess, but looking at the swatches, I can say that 521 is a bit on the darker and greener side, not a dupe. And don’t mind the brownish color in the middle of the bottle, it’s the shadow of the “nail sugar” writing, and bad lighting =)
Here is the konadicure, stamped with Konad special polish in green and image from palette s06.


Yaptığım bu konaddan çok memnunum. Çok net ve düzgün bir şekilde çıktı, bir de güzel sözler duydum bu manikür hakkında. Kullandığım oje She Nail Sugar #521, ben bunu Barielle Polished Princess’e benzetiyorum. Bende yok ama resimlere bakılırsa #521 biraz daha yeşil ve daha koyu.
Konad yaparken konad’ın kendi yeşil ojesini ve s06 diskini kullandım.