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Category Archives: charcoal

>Hello my lovely friends =) Since mom and dad went on a trip, and that dad took his precious camera with him, I have to stick with my Nikon =) It’s a nice cam for bright sunlight & outdoor shoots, but the pictures come out too grainy and warm toned when I’m inside. I don’t like it very much for macro shots, but no other option till Saturday! =)
Today I applied a charcoal polish I got a while ago, which is a shimmer. It was pretty sheer on the first coat, but then the color built up and I was done in 3 coats. Then I stamped using plate m63 and a the silver chrome polish I use for stamping. Both polishes are by local brands, hence I don’t feel the need to give names or numbers =) (Not that they have names, anyway!)

By the way, I’m trying out this new topcoat. It’s a local find and thus far I’m impressed. It’s only $2, compared to Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, which is sold for about $16 in my country. I hate the stupid high price policy. A bottle of quick-dry topcoat only lasts about 3 weeks for me, and I can’t even use the half of the bottle! I thought of ordering 10 bottles of Seche from Trans Design, but the shipping prices are high and I’d rather use that money to get colors I can’t get here. But this topcoat is really great. It’s thin, but not runny, it completely dries in about a minute, doesn’t get thick or gloopy, I don’t have to be careful not to get too much product on a nail, and best of all, doesn’t squish the underlying polish when I stamp! The bristles are synthetic, but if I’m careful, it doesn’t even smear the konad! Yay! But I’m thinking about using it with a clean natural brush, because synthetic leaves some traces & has risk of smearing designs.