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Category Archives: burgundy

>Hello guys, I’m finally back! I can’t tell how much I missed my blog, with all my beautiful friends =D I tried to go online as often as I could, but there is still so much to catch up on!
Meanwhile, I got my hands on some nice stuff. First, I’m going to show you the Rimmel London polishes I got.

From Left to Right: Night Flight, Trend Spotting, Best In Show, Reality Chic, Beige Babe.
Only skipped one color, which didn’t appeal to me at all. Beige Babe is the warmest taupe I own. Night Flight is a very, very, very dark purple, and Best In Show is just gorgeous and the most unique from the bunch. Ain’t those polishes just perfect for fall?
Then I ran around looking for Chanel Paradoxal. When I asked a few weeks ago, a store clerk said that the Chanel Fall collection will arrive in September. But now I’m learning that it has already arrived in August. And Paradoxal is sold out everywhere. I was getting crazy, but then I found this babe!
Take a look, ladies, I’m showing you the first true Paradoxal dupe to be sold =) It’s by Sevilla, a local brand. Sevilla just loves to copy Chanel polishes. First they did Particuliere, and now they did Paradoxal! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them side by side on my nail, they are dupes! The only difference I spotted is that the base color of Sevilla is a teeny tiny bit lighter, and the shimmer is more prominent on the nail, which is a good thing =) But the difference is almost non-existent, even under strong light, so there is no reason not to call this a dupe.

I got two bottles of it for $9 =) And they are 14 ml together, so WIN!
The other Sevilla is a beautiful dove grey with a hint of lavender.
Finally, I got my hands on two Catrice and some Essence nail art stuff, with help of Jeanette =) I love the Essence glitter, they are lovely! And how adorable is Fimo fruit!

Catrice I Sea You and Catrice Sold Out Forever. Well, it’s my lucky inexpensive-chanel-duping day, I guess. =D

Finally, I have Rimmel London Reality Chic for you. It’s a beautiful reddish brown, or should I say brownish red? To me it looks darker than Zoya Cola and OPI I’m Suzi and I’m a Chocoholic, but it’s along the same line. Sorry, I can’t think of a more suitable color from the past because I don’t really invest in these colors. This one might be called Falu Red, I guess. =)

Now I’m going to bed, it’s 2 A.M. here =D Good night, folks, it’s so nice to be back!

Merhaba arkadaşlar, sonunda tatilden döndüm =) Hepinizi çok özledim! Olabildiğince sık internete girmeye çalışsam da, evim gibi olmadı işte. Bu arada, yeni ojeler aldım, hepsini göstereceğim =)
Öncelikle Rimmel London’un yeni çıkan ojelerini aldım. Bunları Watsons mağazalarında bulabilirsiniz, özellikle Best In Show mükemmel. Bu koleksiyon sonbahar için çok uygun.
Sonra Chanel Paradoxal’ı aramaya başladım. Hiçbir yerde kalmamış. Sözde henüz Türkiye’ye gelmemişti, ama başka bir yerde geleli bir buçuk ay olduğunu söylediler. Neyse, ben böyle ararken Sevil’e girdim ve muhteşem bir sürprizle karşılaştım. Sevilla, Paradoxal’ın aynısını yapmış! Oje no’su 144, lütfen gidin ve alın =) Sonra bana teşekkür edin =) Ben iki tane aldım, 14 lira verdim. Normalde Chanel 56 lira. =D Bir de çok güzel gri bir ojesini aldım. Ama bu oje Claire’s de varmış, hem de yarı fiyatına. Haberiniz olsun.
Bir de Almanya’dan arkadaşım Jeanette bana ilk Catrice ojelerimi yolladı. Açık yeşil olan başka bir meşhur Chanel ojesinin aynısı. Yani Jade’in. Bugünü Chanel’i ucuza kapatma günü ilan ediyorum =)
Son olarak, tırnağımda yeni aldığım Rimmel London Reality Chic var. Bu renk, kırmızıya kaçan kahverengi, ya da kahveye kaçan kırmızı. Biraz koyu bir renk, ama sonbahar için çok uygun. Ben bu tip renkleri pek almam, ama bu seri çok hoşuma gitti, ve bu renk de bir istisna değil.
Döndüğüme çok seviniyorum, hepinize iyi geceler diliyorum =)

>Seriously, I’m having one of those times where no color, no design, no idea is satisfying enough for me. And I’m not sure if I love or hate todays manicure. I started with my own franken polish, which I made of black and white cream polishes, but the result was not grey. It was more of a really greyed out steel blue. I guess the black polish had too much blue pigmentation in it, and when I lightened it with white, it showed through.

Anyway, I decided to konad it, but wasn’t sure what to do, so I took out the red special polish and plate m60 and stamped the argyle pattern in red. It looks like a reddish brown on my franken. Then I thought it was too dull, again, and stamped the nails with pastel pink special polish, and plate m50. Finally I placed pink rhinestones in the middle of the flowers.

IRL, the argyle looks more subtle, it shows up more on the pictures. And I have three flowers on my thumb, which I forgot to take a proper picture of.
That’s the moody manicure for today. I guess I’m not taking my polish off until I have inspiration again!

>The past few days have been kinda hectic. I was busy and rushing all the time, and had to wear boring, professional colors. I actually love those classic shades, too, but I was in such a hurry that I did a slightly messy manicure and after taking it off immediately after the seminar, I celebrated my freedom by doing the following layering:

It’s 3 coats of the aqua creme polish by Claire’s, a dupe of China Glaze Shower Together, maybe a bit more blueish and vibrant. I topped it with green/blue opalescent flakies by Inglot, #203. The result is so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off of my nails. They remind me of exotic places, the ocean and aqua world, that’s how refreshing they look. My boyfriend just fell in love with the color. He’s an artist, and I took it as a great compliment =)

I took this picture yesterday after applying, and it’s before the cleanup. Sorry about the messy cuticles =)
And this is what I wore for a few days, just before the seminar. A classic burgundy/red creme, 4 coats. Looks similar to OPI’s Got The Blues For Red in the bottle.

By the way, my China Glaze haul from finally arrived today, and pictures will be up tomorrow.