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>Hello everyone =) Anyone remember the manicure inspired by my earrings? Well, I missed doing manicures inspired by my surroundings, so this time I was inspired by my new dress.
I used my own franken as a base, which started as a slate blue, but then got mixed with some purple. (I keep changing my frankens, I can never finish a whole bottle of a franken anyway.)
After applying the base color, I stamped the animal print images from m57 and m50 in black. I could have used m78 for the mixed animal print pattern, but I wanted the design to be a bit more unpredictable, like on my dress.
I wasn’t very good with stamping this time, because I had to be very quick under the air conditioner, and I found it hard to align the patterns as I planned.
Warning: The photographs were taken quickly, and they might suck =)

I’m going to give this one another go, but next time minus m50. That pattern made everything complicated.
Have a good day!

Herkese merhaba =) Bir keresinde küpelerimden esinlenerek bir manikür yapmıştım, burada görebilirsiniz. Bu sefer de yeni aldığım elbiseden esinlendim. Baz olarak kendi karıştırdığım bir ojeyi kullandım. Gri mavi bir oje yapmıştım önceden, bu rengi elde etmek için ona biraz mor ekledim. Kuruduktan sonra, m57 ve m50 disklerindeki zebra ve leopar desenlerini siyah ile damgaladım. M78 diskinde zebra leopar bir arada bir desen vardı, fakat ben daha karışık bir görünüm istediğim için desenleri kendim kombine etmeyi tercih ettim.
Bu sefer çok başarılı bir konad olmadı, çünkü klima çalışırken desenler çabuk kuruyor ve çok hızlı davranmak gerekiyor.
Bu manikür istediğim kadar güzel olmadı. Tekrar denemek istiyorum, ama bu sefer m50’yi kullanmayacağım.

>Seriously, I’m having one of those times where no color, no design, no idea is satisfying enough for me. And I’m not sure if I love or hate todays manicure. I started with my own franken polish, which I made of black and white cream polishes, but the result was not grey. It was more of a really greyed out steel blue. I guess the black polish had too much blue pigmentation in it, and when I lightened it with white, it showed through.

Anyway, I decided to konad it, but wasn’t sure what to do, so I took out the red special polish and plate m60 and stamped the argyle pattern in red. It looks like a reddish brown on my franken. Then I thought it was too dull, again, and stamped the nails with pastel pink special polish, and plate m50. Finally I placed pink rhinestones in the middle of the flowers.

IRL, the argyle looks more subtle, it shows up more on the pictures. And I have three flowers on my thumb, which I forgot to take a proper picture of.
That’s the moody manicure for today. I guess I’m not taking my polish off until I have inspiration again!

>How girly is this name for a manicure? =) OK, after the last manicure, I decided to create something better. So I picked OPI Bubble Bath as the base color, and after 3 coats, I applied 2 coats of China Glaze Snow Globe. Then I stamped the nails using the butterfly design from palette m50 and Konad Special Polish in black. Finally I sealed using quick dry top coat and a coat of China Glaze Matte Magic. Phew!

W/ Flash:

I can’t possibly describe how awesome mattified glitter looks. It’s like looking at gems through thick ice or frosted glass. So wonderful and magical. Matte glitter is the new glitter!