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>This one comes from the vault. I had been lemming for a mint green polish the whole summer, and finally I had decided to franken my own. I started with a green polish and added sky blue drop by drop. I poured the excess green polish in an unused bottle of white polish, and forgot about it. When I found the bottle a month later, a pleasant surprise was waiting for me. It was a gorgeous light mint green shade, similar to the promo pictures of Essie Mint Candy Apple. I used it as base coat and stamped it with my Peppermint Patti franken, and m36.

In real life they are very minty.
The picture below doesn’t do the colors justice. They look closer to the bottle pictures.

I absolutely loved this Konadicure, and wore it for 5 days, until it started to crack. Light pastel shades always crack on me, especially when they have thick consistency. And cracked polish sucks, unless it’s intended to be worn as crackle-polish! =)

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