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>When I first tried China Glaze Bahamian Escape, it was thick, streaky and funny. I tried to thin it, I tried to love it, but I couldn’t. I used half of the bottle for frankening, and two days ago I poured about 7 ml of yellow creme polish with much thinner consistency in the Bahamian Escape. The result looked identical to For Audrey from the bottle, but on the nails, it’s darker, greener and more greyed out. In two coats it’s perfectly opaque, too. Now looking at it, it could be a dupe for Barry M Spring Green. The picture doesn’t do the color justice, but this is the only decent picture I could get today.

I konaded using plates m36, m51 and konad polishes in white & pink. It has a very springy feel to it =) I’m planning on ordering China Glaze Up&Away and I will be wearing that stuff for all spring! =)
Last year I paid a fortune for Emerald Sparkle, and waited for it to arrive on my doorstep for 4 weeks, and the result was that I got the bad bottle. I’m going to order this year’s ES, along with Dorothy Who and Mint Candy Apple. I’m really annoyed.
Quick question: Do your glass/crystal nailfiles last forever, or do you experience that the rough glass surface gets smooth after repeated usage and doesn’t file anymore? I’m on my third file now, is there something wrong with me, maybe?


  1. >Gorgeous Konadicure an I love the green! :)And no.. there is nothing wrong with you. I have the same problem with glass nail files. I only have tried cheap ones from the drugstore for 2-4 Euros, yet. Especially when I am wearing nail polish and file my nails the rough glass surface wears off.I have ordered the OPI crystal nail file and I hope this one will last longer because I need a glass file that works with manicured nails. It should arrive soon and I can't wait to try it out.If it doesn't work and also wears off I will try a german pharmacy brand glass nail file (Bio H Tin Glas Nagelfeile)next. I have heard good things about it.

  2. >this is a stunning franken! I love it, its such a pretty green! I have already been through a NailTek crystal file, and Essie crystal file, and I think the last one was an OPI. Nothing wrong with you, I think its just that all things get worn down with repeated use. However, I will say my OPI and Essie each lasted a good long while, the NailTek one, not so much

  3. >this is pretty shade..i just a newbie on using crystal file…ange-marie is right things get worn down with repeated use..

  4. >swatchaholic, vielen Dank für den Tipp =) Wenn ich es finden kann, werde ich es bestimmt ausprobieren. Ich habe viele Leute sagen gehört dass Glasfeilen für immer da sind – ich glaube es nicht mehr! Nichts dauert für immer, wenn man es staendig nutzt =)thank you Ange-Marie and Thriszha, I thought it was pretty normal for the crystal nail fıles to get worn down, but when I saw people saying on the internet that with proper care you can have them forever, I was worried I could be doing something wrong.Thanks for liking the mani, girls =)

  5. >What brand file are you using?I had a revlon one and the file is not actually glass it's coated and it did wear down.I use Essie's glass file and I've had this one for about a year and it's still just like the day I bought it.

  6. >I'm using a no-name one, which was not expensive. Maybe it's coated, I should take a closer look =) I might order a brand file by my next Transdesign order, to see how it works!

  7. >Oh such a cute nail design! It's not even Winter and I'm already wishing it were Spring!! And that's too bad that you got the "ugly" bottle of Emerald Sparkle. I JUST got my first 2 bottles of China Glaze on Monday… Ruby Pumps and Emerald Sparkle! Saw them on Scrangie's blog and I HAD to have them! Oh, and I have a Nailtech crystal file… it seems to be a good as the day I got it, which was like a year ago.

  8. >Actually I'm not quite sure which bottle I got! But it's not that gorgeous jelly with bigger glitter, so I finally had to admit that it's the not so gorgeous one… But I haven't given up on Emerald Sparkle =)I bet you've also got a different version of Ruby Pumps than I =) This year's version is brighter red I guess…Thanks for liking the mani =) Nail polish is always like that, in summer everybody craves fall colors, and in winter we all want spring and summer to arrive =) I'm not a season-freak, I wear each and every color each and every season =)

  9. >Sprechen Sie Deutsch, Deniz? Unglaublich! Ich kann aber ich bin sehr schlecht! Sehr schön Nägel übrigens!

  10. >Hallo Nathalie =) Ja, ich spreche Deutsch und Englisch gut =) Und ich kann sogar ein Bisschen Französisch! =DDDVielen Dank, ich bin froh dass du meine Nägel gemocht hast ;)Merci beaucoup, vous êtes très gentille =)

  11. >That's a fantastic franken! I'm so into that kind of colour right now.

  12. >Thank you, CucumPear =) it's really easy to do! Just grab some basic blue and yellow polish and white if necessary =) I repeatedly add & shake, until I reach the desired color =)

  13. >That is such a beautiful design! You are not crazy, I have noticed that my Sephora glass file is starting to wear out in places, and I have only had it since July.

  14. >Thank you, gildedangel =) I broke first of my glass files, then I went through 2 others, and the second one was huge. I mean it was about 2 files thick and x1.5 in length =)

  15. >gorgeous!! I love what you do with Konads!!

  16. >Aww thank you! Means a lot coming from someone as talented as you =)

  17. >Lovely shade of green. Have you tried cleaning your glass files. Your suppossed to clean them with hot water when they get filled with fingernail dust.

  18. >I always clean them, but they seem to be worn out, the glass is pretty smooth on large spots =)

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