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>Hi guys =) Here is my entry for Polish Hoarder‘s last challenge. We were supposed to do a summer themed manicure, using the sponging technique. I decided to use neons, since I’m all over them this summer. I used Pastel’s neon yellow (#302) as a base over white, then sponged over it using Pastel’s neon orange (#303), China Glaze In The Lime Light, and China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise. Finally I stamped the pineapple from m29 on top in black. Don’t they look like tropical cocktails? =)

Selam arkadaşlar =) Polish Hoarder‘in son yarışması için yaptığım manikürle karşınızdayım. Sünger tekniğiyle yapılmış, konusu “Yaz” olan bir manikür yapmamız gerekiyordu. Ben de bu yaz bayıldığım neon ojelerden kullanmaya karar verdim. Beyaz üzerine bir kat Pastel neon sarı (#302) sürdüm, sonra üzerine süngerle Pastel neon turuncu (#303), China Glaze In The Lime Light, ve China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise uyguladım. Son olarak m29 diskindeki ananas desenini siyakla damgaladım. Tropik içkilere benzemiyor mu tırnaklarım? =)


  1. >How cute! Love it, great job!

  2. >WOW! That's so cute!

  3. >This is awesome! I was so impressed when I pulled up this week's gallery. I've been toying with a pineapple mani for Babbling Brooke's summer fruit challenge.

  4. >This is so cute. Love it all.

  5. >so cuteeeeeee…

  6. >very gorgeous!!!!

  7. >Very pretty, it reminds me of Pina Colada cocktails.

  8. >i love this! very tropical 🙂 this was my favorite manicure of the challenge, very bright and summery!

  9. >Very tropical indeed, looks great!

  10. >So pretty!

  11. >OMG Deniz! I am in love…Awesome 🙂 Well Done!!

  12. >This is so cute!! Love it!

  13. >So cute!

  14. >Awww guys =) Reading your comments totally made my day =D Thank you for liking my little cocktails =D

  15. >I love it, which sponge did you use ?

  16. >I love this! It is so cute and tropical, makes me want to go to the beach and drink cocktails!

  17. >Oooh, these are GREAT!! This challenge had me stumped…literally, NOTHING came to mind. It's been wonderful seeing everyone's interpretations of it! I love the blue addition!

  18. >Love it! How summer-y!!! Love the colours! It's like having a pina colada beside the beach! (I think I've used enough exclamation marks here!!)

  19. >Gorgeouse!!!

  20. >Haha =DDD I wanted to name this mani "Pina Colada", but the colors were more like a generic tri-color cocktail =)Delphine, I used a piece of regular kitchen sponge =)

  21. >Çok çok çok ama çok güzel 🙂 Deniz sen bi harikasın!

  22. >utandirdin beni marjo… =D

  23. >Its like a tropical drink! YUM!

  24. >so cute !!have you enter my giveaway ?

  25. >cok guzel olmuuus xD

  26. >Thank you Jackie, Lily and BnAC =DLily, I remember entering, but looks like I haven't =/

  27. >bayıldıım (:

  28. >=))))))))))

  29. >Looks like summer to me. Like you're laying on a sand beach with a nice cocktail in your hands …

  30. >Awesome! I really want a Pina Colada right now…

  31. >haha =D you guys are awesome! =D

  32. >so beautifull !!

  33. >Thank you, Lily =) ❤

  34. >Bu en sevdiğim. çok tatlı ve güzel görünüyor. 🙂

  35. >"Nail art" da birisini takip edeceksem bu kişi mutlaka sen olmasın 😉

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