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>Yesterday I got this lovely navy blue by Alix Avien. (For my Turkish readers, this color is #163.) I think it’s very close to China Glaze Calypso Blue, based on the pictures I have seen. This polish has a jelly-like consistency but wears like a creme, has a nice brush, is opaque in one coat; although I did two out of habit. I absolutely love Alix Avien cremes & jellies, I think Alix Avien and Pastel are the best Turkish polish brands, followed closely by Golden Rose. By the way I’m planning to add Turkish brand names to my labels, to make browsing easier. When I have time, I will go through my older posts, too.
The stamping color is frankened by me, I used a small amount of Konad Special Polish in Green, which I dropped into a bottle of regular, thickened white creme polish. I mixed them well and achieved an opaque mint green. I used the leafy image from m75 to represent mint leaves:

Right hand:

The saturation setting of the camera was left on “high”, which is why it looks like I have jaundice =)
I hope you’re not having a dripping-wet summer =)

Dün Alix Avien’den bu muhteşem lacivert ojeyi aldım, numarası #163. Resimlerden gördüğüm kadarıyla bu renk China Glaze Calypso Blue’ya çok benziyor. Ojenin yapısı jel gibi olsa da, tırnakta krem oje gibi duruyor, fırçası çok güzel ve tek katta opak oluyor; ama ben alışkanlıktan iki kat sürdüm. Alix Avien’in krem ve jel ojelerini çok seviyorum, bence Alix Avien ve Pastel en güzel oje yapan Türk markaları, hemen arkalarından da Golden Rose takip ediyor. Bu arada etiketlere Türk markalarını da eklemeye karar verdim, markalara göre arayan olursa diye. Zamanım olduğunda eski yazılarıma da ekleyeceğim.
Damga yaptığım rengi ben kendim karıştırdım, bir miktar yeşil konad ojesini katılaşmış eski beyaz ojenin içine damlattım. İyice çalkaladığımda opak bir nane yeşili elde ettim. M75 diskindeki yaprak desenini nane olarak düşündüm.
Ellerimin bu kadar sarı gözükmesinin sebebi, kameranın doygunluk ayarını yüksekte unutmuş olmam =)
Umarım yapış yapış bir yaz geçirmiyorsunuzdur =)


  1. >But what about Flormar?

  2. >Lovely. Great color combo.

  3. >nice

  4. >Aww Oyku, I like Flormar but most of the time I find it too sheer for my liking =) They have some epic polishes, though, like famous 319! I adore Pastel's cremes, they apply like butter! And Alix Avien does some great colors, and they make jellies which are very opaque, and I love them for that…Thank you, shortandsweetnails =D

  5. >Thank you, peripatetic =D

  6. >Very pretty. I have to say this blue colour is divine.

  7. >You know what, I had never tried 319 before! *facepalm*

  8. >I once had a bottle of this very same polish, but I found it too dull so I used it for frankening. I regretted it so much! I'm glad I was able to pick it up again =)

  9. >You know what, I didn't want to get it because I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. I only got it a couple of months ago =)It's definitely a savior polish!

  10. >love it.. I always love to see some local polishes from other country.. love the color combi u used..

  11. >very pretty, i have a solid dark blue creme thats cg bermuda breakaway similar to this color

  12. >What a gorgeous gorgeous mani!!!

  13. >Oh I love love love this colour on you!That green shade picks up the blue nicely as well!Awesome 🙂

  14. >Really pretty, less is more! 😉 /jealous of your franken

  15. >Very pretty! ❤

  16. >WOW and awesome mani. What a great idea to mix the colors for the Konading.In case you haven't entered, I'm having a new giveaway:

  17. >The blue base and green konading is such a wonderful combination! Your mani looks gorgeous!

  18. >Thank you, Thriszha =)Aaminah's Mom, Bermuda Breakaway is a bit lighter than this one. Calypso Blue would be closer, I think =) Mine looks black in low light.Thanks Alexisaraus, Wendy, Michelle and Tassa =DIris, no need to be jealous, it's very easy to achieve many different beautiful stamping colors using this technique =)Susie, great giveaway!

  19. >This is such a lovely manicure! ❤ like it a lot! Hey, have you joined my Essence Eclipse giveaway yet? If not here's a link:

  20. >Just joined =) Thank you for letting me know of your blog!

  21. >So cute! The colors go so well together.

  22. >Thanks, Ashley =)

  23. >aay çok beğendim cnm çok güzel olmuş ellerine sağlık ^^

  24. >tesekkur ederin pirtiks =)

  25. >Gorgeous combo of colors. Your frankened konad color is really pretty

  26. >thank you, jana =) I really like mint green =)

  27. >Trincess, I forget how I came across you're blog, but I'm glad I did. I love your manicures and am envious of your amazing talent. I finally gave in and ordered some Konad plates. I was just wondering what kind of nail art pens you use? The only ones I've used are the Sally Hansen ones and they're pretty dry. Just wanted to know, and thanks in advance (if you reply).

  28. >Hello Maria =) Thank you for your kind words! I use a very thin brush and opaque polishes as nail art pens. You can use every polish with a tiny brush, they will all work! =)

  29. >I am sooooo glad to have to come across your blog. Your nail art is out of this world!

  30. >awww I'm blushed =) thank you so much, there are so many great nail bloggers out there, thank you for the compliment =)

  31. >Thanks for the tip. I'm definitely going to try it.

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