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>NOTE: Updated this mani with some flakies!

China Glaze Orange Marmalade is an orange glass-fleck polish from their 2009 Summer Days Collection. This color absolutely screams “Summer!” =) It’s a bright orange with yellowish-orange glass flecks. The finish really makes it glow. I’m sure this would even look better on tanned skin, but I’m truly happy with it.

It really glows from within! I did three coats, but I still have some VNL, it could be a better idea to layer this on a matching orange, in my opinion.
W/ flash:

Oh, how this sparkles! So lovely! Even better than glitter =D
I can’t believe how fast my nails are growing now that it’s summer. The pineapple mani was only a week ago!

ETA:I applied Inglot #202 flakies over Orange Marmalade. Coral flakies with greenish flash over microglitter gave my nails a foily, Minx-like look. It looks even better in real life =)

China Glaze Orange Marmalade, 2009 Summer Days koleksiyonundan turuncu bir oje. Bu yapıda ojelere “Cam Parçacıklı” deniyor, çünkü sahiden içinde kırık cam parçaları ışıldıyormuş gibi. Bu renk sanki “Yaz geldi!” diye bağırıyor =) Çok parlak bir turuncu, yine sarımsı turuncu mikrosimler var içinde. Sanki içinden ışık veriyormuş gibi. Eminim ki bronz tenlerde daha güzel durur, ama ben kendimde bile çok beğeniyorum.
Üç kat uyguladım ama tam opak olmadı. Bence önceden sürülmüş bir turuncu üzerine uygulamak en doğrusu olur, hem daha az oje harcamış olursunuz.
Öyle güzel parlıyor ki =) Pullu ojelerden bile daha göz alıcı =D
Şimdi yaz geldi ya, tırnaklarımın ne hızla uzadığına inanamıyorum.
Ekleme: Orange Marmalade üzerine Inglot #202 sürdüm. Mercan rengi, yeşilimsi parlayan pullar turuncu oje üzerine sürülünce metalik, Minx gibi bir görünüm oluşturdu. Gerçekte resimden bile daha güzel gözüküyor =)


  1. >Pretty color! Gotta love orange in the summer, such a daring color, hardly see it here in The Netherlands!

  2. >I just put this on last night! 🙂 I love this color, makes me happy!

  3. >OMG it's GORGEOUS! This one goes straight to my WL 😀

  4. >It's a gorgeous summer color, indeed =DIris, I hope you can get your hands on this!

  5. >Gorgeous swatches! Perfect Fall color!

  6. >thanks tennsley, yeah, could also work for fall =)

  7. >Cok guzelmis rengi bayildim hemen arastirmalara geciyorum benimde olmali =)

  8. >How beautiful!!I've bought an orange miss sporty nail polish for the world cup and I was surprised by the quality of the brand (one coat = perfect coverage!) but also surprised by how much I loved the color! Oranges are so summery!

  9. >Wow, it's such a pretty colour. Usually I don't like oranges but this is definitely an exception.

  10. >Completely love this! 🙂 One of my all-time favorite colors. 🙂

  11. >I love this orange! One of my first nail polishes!

  12. >This is beautiful! I have to have it.

  13. >Oh my goodness! This is a gorgeous color!!!*adds to wishlist*

  14. >This is totally added to my wishlist- it's GORGEOUS!! 🙂 Thanks for showing us!!

  15. >This is one of the nicest orange polishes around!

  16. >Wow, this one is wbsolutely amazing! It's been on my whislist forever!I need to get it! ❤

  17. >très jolie cette couleur !

  18. >I just love this color. I thought about getting it but CG chips farely easy on my nails and since I already own OPI DS "Treasure", I passed on it. So soooo pretty though! And yes, your nails have grown so much already!

  19. >Thanks for liking this polish as much as I did! I'm sorry for causing you a lemming, though! I know how bad it can be =DPH, I looked up for DS Treasure, and it's gorgeous! Maybe a little more sheer, though. =)

  20. >This is so so gorgeous, especially with the topcoat. I've heard such wonderful things about Inglot cosmetics, I wish I could get my hands on some here!

  21. >Thank you, Laynie =) Inglot polishes are nice, but too expensive… =/

  22. >Yes, DS Treasure is sheer. I usually layer it over orange 🙂 And… Oh my gosh! I love the Orange Marmalade with the flakes on top! It looks like you sprinkled gold leafing on your nails! Very pretty!

  23. >It felt like having molten orange metal on my nails =) I didn't wanna remove it! =D

  24. >çok kıskanıyorum china glaze ojeleri 😀 çok güzelmiş buda

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