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>Hello everyone =)
I’m finally wearing YDKJ, and it’s an amazing color. So edgy, stylish, feminine. I adore it. I’ve spiced it up a bit using China Glaze Metallic Muse and plate s09 on my ring fingers. And pink rhinestones from Konad.

I want to thank anyone who nominated me for Best Blog Award. <3<3<3 Unfortunately I can't nominate just a few people, because there are more than a hundred blogs I follow and I care for. I think every one of them is unique and a must-see. I'm giving this award to everyone on my blogroll =)


  1. >I love the detail on the ring finger – very pretty! I am kind of thinking I need YDKJ polish.. I have it from the seude collection, but they are different.. (I am trying to justify myself, haha)

  2. >Gorgeous, I LOVE YDKJ polish, I will have to try konading it with Metallic Muse too!

  3. >This looks perfect on you and the konad is a beautiful touch!

  4. >nice color 🙂 great konadicure !!i love it !!!

  5. >Thank you guys =))) I'm glad you liked it!Delaynee, they are very different indeed, no need to justify yourself! =D I can honestly say that this polish is a must have for any polish lover…

  6. >YDKJ looks stunning on you! Love the delicate Konad as well!

  7. >I love the color. It's pretty. I would like to ask if the promotion code, sparkle still works for OC Nail art. I was thinking about ordering a Konad Set.

  8. >oooh, pretty! I was looking at this polish only yesterday, wondering if I should buy one. I figured no as it is similar to Orly Prince Charming, but now I see it again, I think need it anyway……….mind you I will kick myself if they are the same shade.

  9. >Lovely colour! Like the detail on one nail, it makes the look a bit different.

  10. >Great color! Love the konad… ❤

  11. >Looks great! I finally broke down and bought this color yesterday… along with 6 of the OPI Hong Kong colors!

  12. >Thank you guys =)))) BabyD, I don't think they are dupes. Mary took a comparison picture here: greenmilktea, I'm almost certain that it has expired, but I'm not removing it, because it's soo sparkly =) And maybe Kathleen re-activates it, who knows? =D

  13. >Simple and sophisticated(refined), as I like(love), it is magnificent

  14. >thank you dear pascale =)

  15. >Selam! Baştan sona okudum blogunu 🙂 Çok başarılı gerçekten, Türk olduğuna inanamadım 🙂 Amaaaaa sana sorularım olacak. China Glaze'leri nerden aldın? Ebay'de bile doğru dürüst bulamıyorum renk. Bi de genelde çok pahalı oluyor, OPI ojelerin 10 doların üstüne satıldığını gördüm, 5 dolar değil mi ortalama? Nerden alıyorsun, kaça alıyorsun paylaşırsan sevinirim :))Başak

  16. >selam basak =)))tesekkur ederim oncelikle =) china glaze ve opileri'da bulabilirsin. hem cok ucuz, hem turkiye'ye takipli gonderim var. kesinlikle tavsiye ederim. ayrica ve da var, ama ilki china glaze'i abd disina gondermiyor. baska sorun olursa mailleselim, yardim etmeye hazirim =)

  17. >OMG I am missing words how beautiful and sophisticated this looks!

  18. >This is such a beautiful manicure. The color is gorgeous and the flower adds the perfect little detail. 🙂

  19. >Thank you guys =)))) Charis, you're so sweet! And PBN, thank you for liking it =D

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