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>This manicure was done very quickly =) I was staying over at my friend and us four girls had a small nail party =) Unfortunately there are no pictures =/
To my friend’s little sister I did a mani with a black base, sponged red tips, black fishnet from m57 and finally half of the huge flower design from m51 on the cuticles, in silver. She is a little Gothic Princess, lol =D
Then I put on the glittery purple polish from my latest snowflake mani on my friend, and the abstract swirly design from m64 in silver on top.
Finally, on both my other friend and myself I put on black creme polish, and stamped the butterfly from m39 in silver on top. The cuticles were done in a jiffy, they’re not as clean as I’d like, but I can say I’m pleased with the result =)))
Left and right hands in order:


  1. >I'll always love a straight black polish – no matter what.

  2. >Hey Nathalie, me too =)))

  3. >A classic with a twist. Love it! 🙂

  4. >always beautiful! I'm always amazing at how NEAT your work is

  5. >Thank you Flavia and Lisa =)))

  6. >I love this, amazing how neat you work! I might have to practice a little bit more. 😉

  7. >Hey Michelle, it becomes very easy after some practise =) Welcome to the blogworld, btw 😉

  8. >That is a beautiful mani!

  9. >Thank you gildedangel =)

  10. >Beautiful and very classy. I adore your works, how can you make it so neat?

  11. >Black is always so stylish. This is just perfect mani!

  12. >Pretty and vampy at the same time! I love it!

  13. >Thank you Marjo, Nea and moodpuppet =)Marjo, it's very easy after getting the hang of it =)))) I just work very fast, and for this one I used Flormar 112 to stamp. You can stamp with some chrome Flormar polishes, I suggest you to give it a try =)

  14. >Simple and beautiful!

  15. >Thanks, Sasha =)

  16. >I love it! You did such a nice and neat job on it.

  17. >It's a lovely and polished (haha) look :)Which silver did you use for the Konad?

  18. >Thank you greenmilktea and chocaddict =)Chocaddict, I used a local brand silver, which is similar to China Glaze Millenium, maybe less perfect. Millenium would look amazing, I guess =)

  19. >It is really very beautiful and the butterfly resort very well on the black!

  20. >Thank you pascale 😉

  21. >That is really pretty!

  22. >Love. I think it's great that the mani has a color full of attitude and then pretty butterflies to add a soft edge!

  23. >Thank you so much, Kirsten and Michele =) ❤

  24. >When I saw the name 'Deniz' on a comment in another blog, I was excited to see a Turkish name on a polish blog. And when I clicked the link, couldn't believe my eyes that there was a Turkish polish blogger indeed! (Well, yes, I actually thought I could be the only woman here obsessed with nail polish) Living around people who have not heard of OPI and even manicurists who have never heard of the term 'matte polish' please excuse my ignorance. But please, could you tell me where can I get Konad here? I purchase my polishes online, but could never get my hands on a Konad.

  25. >Lovely as always! Can't get enough of those butterfly Konadicures :-)I nominated you for an award!

  26. >Hey Ozlem =) It's so nice to see Turkish girls interested in nail polish =)I buy Konad stuff over at, the owner, Kathleen is a wonderful lady! She offers a great deal of coupon codes, for example when you use Scrangie at checkout, you get 30% discount! And for orders over 40$ she offers free shipping worldwide =) You can contact me via e-mail if you have any other questions!

  27. >Aww, thank you so much, Charis =)))

  28. >Aww you and your butterflies! ♥ :)Love your manicure!

  29. >I've just tagged you for the Best Blog Award! ;)ps: I love your creations!!!

  30. >Tagged you too ;)

  31. >Thank you Jeanette =)Thanks guys, for all your nominations! I'm going to mention it in my next post =)

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