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>Hello guys =) Sorry for the absence 😉 I have a mani from tha vault to share with you today. It’s a Claire’s polish, made in Turkey. I guess Claire’s Turkey makes a Turkish cosmetic company do a polish line for them, so these polishes are local only. This one is an olive green shimmer. The quality is not nice, I can’t put my finger on the problem with it, maybe it’s the bad brush, or snail-like drying time. Anyway, I topped it with Inglot 203 flakies, aqua/royal blue. And finally stamped them with China Glaze 2030 and konad m54.

My China Glaze Up&Away Collection and real Emerald Sparkle (hopefully) arrives this week! (Thanks to my friend Lizbeth, a.k.a. Lacquered Lizard) Then I’ll be able to do some more exciting manicures =)


  1. >I really adore. You make the most poetic nails. I see little landscapes and flowers in the fields. This green might have a not perfect formula, it's beautiful. (PS. Come more often) 😉

  2. >Sehr schön! Ich mag grün!:-)

  3. >Very pretty!

  4. >Thank you, my dears =)Nathalie, I personally didn't like this manicure very much, it was too gloopy and I had tip pull, I wish I could execute the idea better ;))) I'll try to come more often, promise =)Vielen Dank, Russlandisch, ich mag grun auch sehr!Thanks, Michelle =)))

  5. >I like the way this turned out, sorry it was a hassle. I've not used the ChG UP & Away's I got with our order…I'm waiting for you to get yours! Thanks for the mention too! I sure hope you get them this week. I can't wait to see what you create with them. 🙂

  6. >Oh, we can use them together! How exciting =)No need to thank me for the mention =) You helped me greatly and I made a good friend =)) xoxo

  7. >Oh! I love the flakie version!

  8. >Thank you dear =)

  9. >Very attractive and I like this color which is rather original!

  10. >Thank you pascale =)

  11. >Nfu-oh alayım diye bekliyordum ben de, meğer burnumun dibinde flaky oje varmış 🙂 Sende kaç çeşidi var Inglot flaky oje? 202 ve 203ten bahsetmişsin, 203 de çok güzel 🙂 Sorması ayıptır kaça Inglot ojeler?Başak

  12. >Canim inglot flakie oje hic tavsiye etmem, nfu-oh'dan daha pahali, kalitesi iyi degil ve asla bir nfu-oh olamaz… 21 liraydi bunlar, bence cok kazik… nfu-oh al derim canim. biraz para biriktirebilsm ben de alicam hatta =)

  13. >I love that green nail polish!

  14. >Wow, another piece of art! Sorry to hear that the polish was a pain 😦 The golden Konad stamping brings out the gold shine of the olive green polish, which gives it a very unique look. beautiful!

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