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>I saw this manicure on CND’s Fashion Week blog, and I fell in love with it! The idea is superb. I decided to recreate it using all China Glaze polishes. It’s basically like a french mani, but upside down =D Take a look:

I first thought of doing the manicure using konad plate m19, but it quickly proved that it was almost impossible. You gotta be really, really skilled to stamp with m19, and it’s extremely difficult with this manicure, that it’s more prone to failure because of the placement.
So I started painting my nails with China Glaze 2030. Then I put on a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat (you will see why). Then I applied China Glaze Midnight Ride on top, 2 coats, leaving the gold gap in the bottom, and I used my flat brush dipped in acetone to correct the line, with a very light hand. Insta-Dri helped a great deal while correcting, because it didn’t allow the underlying polish to be ruined. Finally I put on China Glaze Matte Magic over Midnight Ride, and I was done =) Midnight Ride is a gorgeous dark eggplant with subtle purple shimmer, but the shimmer was completely gone when mattified.

Then I tried to pose like Ruffian models, lol =D

I hope you like this manicure as much as I do!!! =)

>Hello everyone =)
I’m finally wearing YDKJ, and it’s an amazing color. So edgy, stylish, feminine. I adore it. I’ve spiced it up a bit using China Glaze Metallic Muse and plate s09 on my ring fingers. And pink rhinestones from Konad.

I want to thank anyone who nominated me for Best Blog Award. <3<3<3 Unfortunately I can't nominate just a few people, because there are more than a hundred blogs I follow and I care for. I think every one of them is unique and a must-see. I'm giving this award to everyone on my blogroll =)

>Yesterday I found a silver chrome polish, which made me really happy. I can stamp with it, and I thought it was impossible with Turkish brands. Although it’s not as opaque as Romantiques or Khromes, it’s a good substitute, and clearly visible on the nail. Anyway, I used the silver as a base, it was opaque in one coat, but I did two. Then I stamped using image plate m41 and special polish in black. The topcoat is bubbly, I know, it indicates that I need a new one =) I mattified the whole thing using China Glaze Matte Magic. There is a rhinestone sitting on my middle nail, because I nicked it right after I finished putting the topcoat on.

If you can feel the uncreativity these days, it’s normal =) I sleep through the day and study through the night, I’m moody, bemused, cranky the whole time. I hope it’s over soon, and I hope I’ll survive the stress!
Oh, I keep forgetting about my Blog Award. Shame on me. I’ll make up for it, I promise =(

>Here is a basic one before I do my New Year’s mani. I have to admit, I’m amazed at how this magenta/purple and bronze look together. The purple is similar to China Glaze Let’s Groove, maybe looking a bit towards China Glaze Stella. It’s a gorgeous color, and has the same lit-from-within look that China Glaze Retro Diva polishes do. I did the tips with a bronze Inglot polish, and I was about to leave my nails that way, but the Konad monster peeked out as always, and I stamped the nails using China Glaze Admire and Konad plate s06.

They look soo much better in real life than in pictures. And I’m really pleased with my freehand tips! Btw, it doesn’t really show up, but Admire is a cool pink, and compliments the bronze and the purple nicely. =)

>Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days… I had minimal connection to the internet, plus my last mani chipped the day I had put it on, before I could even take a picture, and I had no time to change it for three days, imagine such a thing! =D Anyway, today I really sat down for the sake of this manicure, and I think it turned out nicely. I know the name I’ve invented is totally lame, but I hope the mani makes it up for it =)
I started with two coats of China Glaze Metallic Muse. Actually one coat is enough, but I use Mavala Ridge Filler and it caused Metallic Muse to pull and left large gaps on the nails, which was very strange. So I did 2. Then I did a diagonal design on the tips with black polish, and stamped the tips with Metallic Muse & konad plate m73. Then I stamped the bottoms with konad special polish in black and plate m51.

With flash:

I just adore the Khromes. They are so mirror like! I wish they were more forgiving, too, but they provide great coverage, which is such a huge plus for us konad lovers.
My right hand is the mirror version of my left. It came out pretty neat, too, I just forgot to take a picture of it.
When you do things like diagonal tips or generally freehand something, do you try to make them symmetrical, too? I know Konad is not to be applied symmetricaly, and honestly, I don’t care, but I try to provide symmetry when I freehand something. =)