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>Hey guys, I’m so happy today =) I’ve been waiting for this day for more than two months! I finally got my hands on the Up&Away collection, thanks to my friend Elizabeth, a.k.a. Lacquered Lizard. She was also very kind to get me not one but two Emerald Sparkle’s, some random polishes, and lots of candy!!!
On to the pictures then!

Tomorrow I’m going to post comparison pictures with other China Glaze’s I own, so that you have an idea =) (If you don’t have any yet! =)

Two Emerald Sparkle’s! The not so beautiful version I own is in the middle. See the difference? It’s muted, more on the teal side, and has more shimmer, which looks dull against the gorgeous glitter of the original one.
She also sent me these polishes:

Del Sol Island Fever, Sinful Colors Let’s Talk

Finger Paints Evergreen Dream & Sally Hansen Emerald City, Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate & Sally Girl Behave

Wet&Wild Craze, Ms.Manicure Mini Emery Boards, Curél Hand Lotion

Aaaand, lots of yummy stuff!!!

The M&M’s were gone within the hour =DDD I wish we had those sorts here! All we have is regular and peanut. *Sigh*
Thank you again, Elizabeth, for your patience, kindness and all the random act of kindness =))) I really appreciate everything =)
Finally this one is a marble manicure I tried today, with a sudden inspiration. I used a sheer blush as base and medium pink & white creme polishes for the marbling. Then I stamped the hearts randomly using plate m42 and special polishes in red & white. Yay, the brushes help so much with cleaning up after marbling! I recommend using a thick brush, it’s much better than using a cotton pad =)

>Hi guys! I’m finally free! Yaaaay! Sleepless days and nights of hard work are finally over. Phew! Now I can attend to my konad stuff, and post regularly again =)
Jeanette from The Swatchaholic helped me to get my hands on some Essence and some P2 stuff. She is amazing! Thank you, Jeanette!

Here are all 3 polishes I ordered, and a fourth one, gift from Jeanette =)

P2 Electric (gift) and Dangerous

P2 Gorgeous and Elegant

Essence rhinestone sets! Yaay! =D

Finally, here is a recent manicure, Claire’s petroleum blue jelly with konad s09 and China Glaze DV8 for the stamping. The base color is beautiful, it’s a very dark teal, on the blue side, and it’s 4 coats for opacity. DV8 stamped subtle, but I like it =)

Oh, and this is my second attempt at cleaning the cuticles with a brush =) I got three paint brushes, one very tiny and two larger ones, and I’m amazed how they work =) Still need to practise to make it perfect, though. I’ll post pictures soon!

>A very, very dear friend of mine sent me this gift, with great help of Kathleen from OC Nail Art. We don’t have Christmas in my country, but this is seriously the biggest New Year’s gift I’ve ever received. It’s Konad Professional Salon Case! Oh my God, I’m lost for words…
On to the pictures. Sorry they are kinda dark, I hastily took them and the indoors light is never enough! I guess I need my own Crappy =)

She also included a few extra plates, m48, m53, m54, m55, m62, m68, m70 and s09.

My card holder, used to protect individual plates:

Professional Salon Case includes images from 1-45 (last 9 are individual), 3 stampers, 3 scrapers, 19 polishes (2xwhite, black, black pearl, blue, sky pearl, dark orange, pastel orange, dark purple, royal purple, violet pearl, green, red, wine red, silver, gold, yellow, pink, pastel pink), 2 top coats, 1 base coat, cuticle oil, plate holder, one touch remover bottle, 2 acrylic sticks, Konad rhinestones, body glue, arched buffer, emery board, nail trimmer, tweezer and sponges.
I’m so, so happy. I can’t even tell. I can’t wait to use this set, make tutorials, etc. Thank you, my sweet friend, for your consideration and good heart ♥ =)
I almost own every plate now. 8 are missing from the m plates, and I only have 2 s plates, because I don’t really like the rest of them. I’m pretty pleased with my collection =)

For request reference, here are all the plates I don’t own:
m46, m47, m49, m52, m58, m61, m67 and m72
Any s except s06 and s09

>Finally, my China Glaze haul arrived. I’m so happy =) As you know, China Glaze put an embargo on international orders, so I asked a dear friend to help me with my order, and she was very kind to send these to me. Yay!

L to R: Matte Magic Top Coat (I ordered 3.), Electric Lilac, Glam, Spellbound Top Coat, Snow Globe.

L to R: Meteor Shower, DV8, Atlantis, 2030, Metallic Muse.


Snow Globe and Electric Lilac.

Glam and Spellbound Top Coat.

Atlantis and Meteor Shower.

Finally, an update on yesterday’s mani, using m27 and 2030 from Khrome Collection. They say the Khromes stamp amazingly, and it’s so true. They are better than the Romantique polishes, more opaque and crisp. If you can’t see, the first design is the Koi fish from plate m27.

>My lovely friend who studies in UK brought me some lovely things =) I have got my first Illamasqua polishes. Yaay!!! She brought me Rampage and Muse. I’ve been wanting Rampage forever, and I wish they had Milf, too, but it was sold out. It’s alright though. And two OPI, Black Cherry Chutney and Chick Flick Cherry.

I love Chick Flick Cherry, it’s my kind of a red. And Black Cherry Chutney is gorgeous with the red shimmer, can’t wait to try it out.
And she got me Urban Decay 24/7 stash & 24/7 liner in Yeyo.

Thank you, Asli! You’re the best. ♥♥♥

Btw, I tried another marbling on yesterday’s mani, Sally Hansen Orange You Cute? with white She polish (ordinary white creme) and blurple Clarie’s polish (which I’m yet to swatch). It’s not tidy, I know, but at least I know a bit better about marbling right now =)

I wish my cuticles would heal quicker…

>Here is the whole story.
In Turkey, nail polish concept is not like in the USA, Japan or Europe. One can hardly find any blue polish here, let alone greens. Most of the time the lines consist of reds, pinks, whites, sheer whites and sheer pinks, some vampy colours and occasionally corals, etc. Cremes are minority, there are frosts, shimmers and a few true glitters. There are no permanent lines and collections, there are colours with numbers, you can’t exactly follow them because numbers change, things get re-packaged, etc. Nail polish is really cheap (less than a dollar) but good quality.
One other thing you oughta know is that imported items are rare here. They are imported on demand, and because nail polish culture hasn’t really developed among women here, who only wear either reds or french, importing nail polish brands is a dream to me. And when something is imported from another country, they are expensive. The annual income of people here is far less than in Europe or in the USA, but imported items have too much tax on them that we have to pay unreasonable prices.
What I did was to haul 14/15 pieces at a time from online retailers in USA, and I always fear that they might get stuck at the customs. I can’t do this very often… So when I heard that OPI was finally sold here, I went kinda crazy.
They are 20$ a piece. And a bottle of Nail Envy is 60$. What the hell? Someone here is definitely a fraud.
I got my OPI for 15$. Here is my ridiculously pathetic OPI haul.

You Don’t Know Jacques
This is all. I had been wanting this polish for such a long time, that I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! I’m thinking of buying maybe 2-3 more in the future, but I’m not sure. I’m planning on doing another haul when Wizard of Ooh-Ahz comes out. And I hope my China Glaze haul arrives soon!