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>Hello my lovely polish-loving friends =) I’m back from my trip to Berlin. It was foggy, rainy and cold; plus my feet were sore all the time from walking non-stop, but it was so worth it. I’ve also visited Dresden and Potsdam. I’m happy to inform that I was able to consume the amount of fruit yogurt enough for a lifetime =) Other than that, I tried to collect polishes but I didn’t get as many as I thought I would. Catrice was hard to find, the core collection of Essence wasn’t very appealing, but I was very happy about the wide selection and availability of P2 polishes =)
Here is a quick mani I did today, Essence Underwater sponged with Essence Choose Me and stamped with the flower image from Essence Stampy Image Plate in gold.

I’m happy to be back! =)

Merhaba oje sever arkadaşlarım =) Berlin gezisinden döndüm. Hava sisli, yağmurlu ve soğuktu; ayrıca hiç durmadan yürüdüğüm için ayaklarım sürekli ağrıyordu, ama değdi. Dresden ve Potsdam’ı da ziyaret ettim. Bu arada ömrüm boyunca yetecek kadar meyveli yoğurt tüketmiş olmanın haklı gururunu yaşıyorum =) Bunun dışında, tahmin ettiğim kadar fazla oje alamadım. Catrice bulmak çok zordu, Essence ojeleri bana pek hitap etmedi, ama P2 ojelerinin gerek ulaşılabilirliği, gerekse renk çeşitliliği çok hoşuma gitti =)
Bu bugün çabucak yaptığım bir manikür, Essence Underwater üzerine süngerle Essence Choose Me uyguladım ve Essence Stampy diskindeki çiçeği damgaladım. Tamamen Essence ürünlerinden oluşan bir manikür oldu yani 😉
Döndüğüm için çok mutluyum! =)


  1. >hoşgeldinn 😀 zemindeki ojene bayıldım

  2. >I'm glad to have you back! ❤ I'm not a fan of Choose Me (and its zillion dupes) on its own but I must say that sponged over dark blue, it looks fabulous.

  3. >Welcome back I hope u had a lot of fun! This mani is really pretty and different, i like it a lot 🙂

  4. >welcome back new follower here love your design btw i tagged you on a award i dunno if you already have this award but you deserve to get another one =) more powers design and swatches to your blog.kisses

  5. >Hoşgeldin gözlerim yollardaydı ve tabki çok beğendim 🙂

  6. >Hoşgeldin 🙂 Her zamanki gibi çok güzel olmuş 🙂

  7. >Welcome back! I'm glad you had a good trip 🙂 This is lovely too!- Kirsten

  8. >Such a gorgeous manicure! I love those colors together, I have them both 🙂

  9. >Welcome back! Lovely mani as usual… HAUL PICS HAUL PICS HAUL PICS!!!! 😉

  10. >@youknow hosbulduk tekrar =D@Nathalie I love the sparkle finish for sponging, especially over cremes =) it makes an awesome gradient effect! =D@LadyLuck27, @Bless, @Kirsten & @Silva thank you so much! =DDDCok tesekkur ederim ve @İrem @Daisy =DD@Liz thank you =D Glad to see you guys back! OK, haul pics then =)

  11. >Deniz! Welcome back! I missed your posts. this one is great! Loved the colors and art. The Essence polishes are fantastic, aren´t they? By the way, how long did your Berlim mani last? I´m curious…

  12. >It looks really nice, I always love your colour combinations!

  13. >Hey @Patricia, thank you! You're very sweet =) It lasted about four days, I experienced minimal chipping of the polish, but the acrylic paint just peeled off under the topcoat. Weird, huh? =)@naekubi, thank you! =D

  14. >Those polishes look great together, awesome mani! And welcome back =)

  15. >en sevdiğim tarz bu, böyle hem sünger, hem konad, abartılı değil ama enterasan kombinler.. üstelik de lacivert =D yani bayıldım.. =D hoşgeldin ayrıca. atkını bitirdim biliyo musun =DDD

  16. >So gorgeous!!!!! I love this 🙂

  17. >@AmyGrace thank you so much! ^-^@Nemo Latte ben de cok seviyorum boyle =) bir sunger, bir de skittle =Ddort gozle bekliyorum atkima kavusacagim gunu =)Thanks, @Kelly! ❤

  18. >Whoa! I LOVE choose me ! I bought it last week and I'm so disappointed it comes in a 5 ml bottle only. It's a close if not identical dupe to the much pricier Zoya Charla and Catch me in your net by OPI.I'm not a great fan of sponging myself but I must admit I dig this mani! keep the great work up!PS: I've been following your blog since ages but now I decided to delurk 🙂

  19. >Welcome Back! And what a lovely mani to treat us to for your return. I love the little flowers.

  20. >awwwwwwwww so prettty

  21. >Welcome back! I missed your wonderful manicures. This latest one is very pretty, I love the sponged gradient.

  22. >This is so pretty! I love the sponge effect 🙂

  23. >Very pretty! I love the stamping and sponging!

  24. >Welcome back! I want to see all the polishes that you bought! ♥ and I love this sponge effect

  25. >wow, this looks like winning combination :-)looking foreward to swatches of new polishes 🙂

  26. >renk uyumları çok güzel gerçekten süper tasarım

  27. >The sponging queen is back! So pretty!

  28. >Gorgeous! 🙂

  29. >i'm happy you're back :)and choose me is gorgeous sponged like that!! sooo pretty.

  30. >Thank you so much, guys =D You are the pretty ones! =D

  31. >Someone stole one of your pictures and removed the credit. I thought you'd like to know: love how you used Choose Me.

  32. >@hildeduerink thank you so much for letting me know! =)

  33. >I am a brand new shiny follower and blogger and your manicures are so inspired! I've also been to Berlin- the city is amazing there's so much history there! i hope you had a fabulous time! these are the nails i imagine a mermaid to have….simply stunning use of sponging, and the colour combos are great! love it!Emily @emilysnailfiles<3

  34. >hey :)i´ve tried this yesterday, its awesome!

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