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>It’s 4 hours past the last day of Christmas, and here is my manicure =)
First I wanted to draw a Christmas tree on my ring finger and decorate it with various things, but then I decided that covering all my nails with gift wrappings would be a better idea. So here I present my gifts for you!

I’m going to explain all nails one-by-one, cookies for everyone who reads till the end =)

Thumb: Alix Avien #231 is the base, I stamped the design from bm20 in black, drew a dark green ribbon with acrylic paint and put a purple rhinestone in the middle.
Index: Pastel #32 is the base, I stamped the houndstooth design from bm19 with Konad Wine Red, drew a silver ribbon with Alix Avien #231 and put a light green rhinestone in the middle.
Middle: Orly Glitz & Glamour is the base, I stamped the stars design from bm20 with China Glaze 2030, drew a red ribbon with acrylic paint and put a gold rhinestone in the middle.
Ring: Finger Paints Evergreen Dream (Oh my God, gorgeous!) is the base, I stamped the stripes design from bm20 with Avon Peppermint Leaf, drew a green ribbon using acrylic paint and put a red rhinestone in the middle.
Pinky: Chanel Gondola is the base, I stamped the polka dot design from bm19 with Golden Rose Nail Art #108, drew a white ribbon with acrylic paint and put a clear rhinestone in the middle.
Phew, that was a lot of talking =) I hope you enjoyed my tiny gifts!

Noel’in son gününü 4 saat kadar geçmiş olsak da, işte benim Noel esinlenmeli manikürüm =)
Önce yüzük parmağıma bir çam ağacı çizip üzerini çeşitli şeylerle süslemeyi düşünmüştüm, ama sonra tırnaklarımı paketlenmiş hediyelere benzetmenin daha güzel bir fikir olacağına karar verdim. İşte benim size minik hediyelerim!
Tüm tırnaklar için kullandığım malzemeleri açıklıyorum, bıkmadan okuyana benden kurabiye =)
Baş parmak: Tabanda Alix Avien #231 var, bm20 diskindeki deseni siyah ile damgaladım, akrilik boyayla koyu yeşil kurdele çizdim ve ortaya mor bir taş koydum.
İşaret parmağı: Tabanda Pastel #32 var, bm19 diskindeki deseni Konad Wine Red ile damgaladım, Alix Avien #231 ile gümüş rengi kurdele çizdim ve ortaya açık yeşil bir taş koydum.
Orta parmak: Tabanda Orly Glitz & Glamour var, bm20 diskindeki yıldız desenini China Glaze 2030 ile damgaladım, akrilik boyayla kırmızı kurdele çizdim ve ortaya sarı bir taş koydum.
Yüzük parmağı: Tabanda Finger Paints Evergreen Dream var (Muhteşem bir renk.), bm20 diskindeki çizgili deseni Avon Peppermint Leaf ile damgaladım, akrilik boyayla yeşil kurdele çizdim ve ortaya kırmızı bir taş koydum.
Serçe parmak: Tabanda Chanel Gondola var, bm19 diskindeki puantiye desenini Golden Rose Nail Art #108 ile damgaladım, akrilik boyayla beyaz kurdele çizdim ve ortaya renksiz bir taş koydum.
Anlatması ne kadar uzun sürdü =) Umarım minik hediyelerim hoşunuza gitmiştir =)


  1. >Muito interessante!AdoreibeijostranslateVery interesting!I lovedkisses

  2. >@❤ Febre de Esmalte thank you so much! =D

  3. >this is adorable!! i really love the green one (=

  4. >very beautiful

  5. >Love the Index and Ring fingers! So cute! I ordered my Konad stamper last week and cannot wait to try it out! I'm a very very basic beginner at nail designs and blogging for that matter but you can follow me if you want at :

  6. >Wauw they look gorgeous all of them.. so cute 😀

  7. >I like the ring finger!

  8. >hediyemi aldım 😀

  9. >yüzük parmağına bayıldım =))

  10. >Pretty:) Happy New Year!

  11. >This is such a beautiful mani! I love your index and pinky fingers the most =) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  12. >I love this manicure, so original! I especially love the pinky, though the rest is also awesome.

  13. >this is adorable!

  14. >Nice job! These are fantastic!

  15. >So pretty! 🙂 I wish I had the patience for this!

  16. >so cuteee !!!! you look like a giant gift Deniz, can I open you he he ^^^wonderful for this event !! I hope you have had a wonderful Xmas 🙂

  17. >such a cute mani!! I love it!

  18. >Wow! This is amazing!

  19. >That looks so good!

  20. >This is soo pretty! I was trying to do some nail art that was similar, but much simpler, but I couldn't get it to look exactly right. I'm going to save this post so I can try again in the future! Thanks for posting this

  21. >thank you so much, my beautiful friends =) ❤

  22. >You are so creative! GOrgeous!

  23. >@kittypolishnbags thank you so much! 😉 =D

  24. >aww this design is so cute

  25. >@Prettyfulz thanks! ^-^

  26. >delicious gifts!! I want ring and index ^^

  27. >Ho they're gorgeous!!I love them !!

  28. >thank you so much, guys =)

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