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>I did these nails while thinking about some effective ways to use rhinestones & pearls. I can’t say I’m fond of this manicure, but I decided to post it anyway.
As base colors I used black creme polish and a pink franken. I decorated the nails using black and clear rhinestones, pink bullion beads, clear heart-shaped rhinestones and white half pearls. I stamped the thumb with the ribbon image from plate m59 in black.


I wanted to name this manicure “Hime Gyaru Inspired”, but since there is lots of black involved, I called it “Gothic Lolita” instead. A real Gothic Lolita would probably ROFL at this manicure =D

Bu manikürü, inci ve taş gibi süslemeleri nasıl etkin bir biçimde kullanabileceğimi düşünürken yaptım. Yaptığım şeye çok bayıldığımı söyleyemem, ama yine de fikir olsun diye yayınlıyorum.
Baz olarak siyah oje ve kendi yaptığım açık pembe ojeyi kullandım. Tırnakları siyah ve şeffaf taşlarla, pembe boncuklarla, kalp şeklinde taşlarla ve beyaz yarım incilerle dekore ettim. Baş parmağıma m59 diskindeki kurdeleyi siyah ile damgaladım.
Bu maniküre önce “Hime Gyaru” adını koyacaktım, ama bol bol siyah kullanıldığı için “Gothic Lolita” demeyi uygun gördüm. Büyük ihtimalle gerçek Gotik Lolitalar görse gülerler, onlara çok basit gelir bu =)


  1. >When i don't like my manicures i post them anyways… i think that that will help me improve :).

  2. >nice one ! it's really cute =D

  3. >This is a little more in-your-face than your usual (I think it's the amount of rhinestones and pearls) but it's still very lovely. I love the pale pink with all the black and the pearls add a nice touch of elegance.

  4. >I think this is really cute. I love your thumb especially.

  5. >this is super duper cute. LOVE it.

  6. >love ur thumb and the ring finger!!=)

  7. >I love this. I'm a big fan of 3D nail art. What tool do you use to apply your rhinestones?

  8. >I love rhinestones and stuff like that on nails, but they always fall off so easily! I think I'm too rough on my hands maybe 😦

  9. >I like the ring finger the best 🙂

  10. >amaa bu çok güzel olmuş (:

  11. >This mani is so cute!!! I need to try it out!

  12. >I love the design! It's very cute and the different patterns go well together 🙂

  13. >sweet, I'm gonna try this one!!

  14. >I love it so much!!It's a wonderful mani!!I'd like to do the same!

  15. >i love the bow one !" its gorgeous :)ustundekileri yapistirirken ne kullaniyorsun?

  16. >Soooo cute! *melts* :=)

  17. >I love using rhinestones, but I get nervous because, after a short time, 90% of them are lost, and they leave a hole in the polish! :@However I adore your manicure, especially the ring and the thumb *O*

  18. >So cute! I love this one, I need to try it out 🙂

  19. >lovin the thumb nail 🙂

  20. >i adore goth loli style, especially in nail design. black rhinestone&pink polish is my favorite combo on these photos 🙂

  21. >Oh my ! So gorgeous. My favorite is the polka dot one ❤ ! I might try it myself, except instead of using rhinestones a dotter. Really adorable ❤

  22. >That is one blinged out manicure, but I love it! The pink looks great with the black.

  23. >Aw, how cute 🙂 x

  24. >Thank you for all the feedback, guys =) I really hesitated before putting this up ;)I usually use a coat of topcoat underneath the rhinestones, then again another coat on top. This usually keeps everything in place =) I use a wet toothpick to pick up a rhinestone and place it on my nail =)

  25. >I love this Deniz! I'm really fond of the 'gothic lolita' style 🙂 more more!

  26. >I LOVE the ring and thumb designs~~ ! 😀 Thanks for posting it even though you didn't like much. I seem to have lost my passion for nail art but manicures like these make me wanna get creative again.

  27. >Thank you so much, @Iris ^-^@Gigi I'm glad if this was any inspiration for you =) I feel like all creativity has left me these days, I just hope it comes back! =)

  28. >cute mani,i like it 🙂

  29. >gercekten lolita hemde gotik cok guzel olmus bence 😀 gerci sen ne yapsan guzel

  30. >thank you, @nail crazy =)@youknow tesekkur ederim canim =)

  31. >Cute! I can't have manis like that though. I'm very rough with my hands.

  32. >@kittypolishnbags I totally understand =) If I want to keep a manicure like this, I have to use lots of topcoat to keep it in place =)

  33. >I love this! Its so girly and fun! (check out my giveaway

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