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>Hi guys =) This week I received a paint & peel polish from a Turkish manufacturer. The brand is called Nail Trick and they make water based, Big 3 Free polishes that can be peeled off when you grow bored of them. No acetone or any kind of remover is needed!
I put their claim to test. I applied 2 coats of Nail Trick and waited for a couple hours before peeling. You shouldn’t touch water for several hours, if you want your polish to be long lasting. Here you can see how to peel it off after application: (Beware, tiny nubbins ahead! =)

The polish lifts off in one elastic piece, without damaging the nail surface. It leaves no residue, either. If you want to use this as a regular polish, you will have to use a basecoat underneath. Then a remover will be required to remove the polish from your hands.
I must say I’m thrilled with the application. It flows like water, covers perfectly even and is very, very pigmented without being thick at all. This will be my favorite black polish I guess, when used with base coat and topcoat! =)
* Nail Trick polishes cost about $22 and can be bought from No international shipping is available for the moment.

Merhaba arkadaşlar =) Bu hafta Nail Trick‘den tanıtmam için soyulan oje gönderildi. Nail Trick ojeleri su bazlı, aseton ya da herhangi bir çıkarıcıya gerek kalmadan soyularak çıkıyor ve Formaldehit, Toluen, Dibütil Pitalen gibi kimyasallar içermiyor. Çıplak tırnağa iki kat sürdükten sonra kurumasını bekleyin, ellerinizi birkaç saat suya değdirmeyin. Sonra sıkıldığınız zaman kenarından tutup soyarak çıkarabilirsiniz =)
Yukarıdaki resimde adım adım soyulma işlemini gösterdim. Oje çıktığında hiçbir kalıntı bırakmıyor, tırnağın yüzeyine zarar vermiyor. Eğer daha uzun ömürlü kullanmak isterseniz, ojenin altına bir taban ve üzerine koruyucu cila sürebilirsiniz. Bu durumda çıkarmak için aseton ya da oje çıkarıcı kullanmanız gerekir.
Sürerken inanılmaz memnun kaldım, çünkü oje su gibi akıyor. İnce bir katta inanılmaz pigmentli, ama yapısı çok akışkan. Tek kat sürmek bile yeterli, diğer siyah ojeler gibi değil, ince bir katta bile yüzeyi düzgün oluyor, kolay sürülüyor ve parlak kuruyor. Bundan sonra favori siyah ojem bu olabilir, uzun süreli kullanmak için altına taban ve üzerine cila süreceğim tabi =)
* Nail Trick ojeleri 32,5 TL ve adresinden temin edilebilir.



  1. >you can do that also with bad quality creme nail polishes ;D

  2. >@sabbatha that's true =) thankfully the consistency was superb! I'm going to turn this into a long lasting polish, using topcoat and base coat =)

  3. >tirnaklarinin sekli ne sevimli olmus ^^

  4. >This seems to be perfect for use on children!Interesting for my little girl;)

  5. >@Nemo Latte sorma bebe tirnagi =DDD@Manicure Time these might be very suitable for children, indeed =)

  6. >tırnakların cok tatlı ya :Doje cok guzel parlıyor bu arada 😀

  7. >That's such an interesting concept! I hope others will follow suit as it's a great idea 😀

  8. >When i was younger my mom had like 2 polishes that could do that and i loved painting my nails to peel it off lol. Now that i'm totally into nail polish i've never seen them again! I guess they weren't that popular here.

  9. >When I was a kid I had Barbie's peel-off polish, it even smelled like strawberries and it's probably were my obsession began 😉

  10. >how cool!…except for the price 😦

  11. >Oje süpermiş yaaa! benim gibi sık oje sürmeyen, çünkü her akşam yenilemeye üşenenlere birebir. Her sabah sür, her akşam çıkar. Yehhuu! Fiyatı biraz pahalı ama bir iki klasik renk alınabilir.Çabuk kuruyor mu acaba?

  12. >this is such a great idea.. but i'm wondering if it does that way before you want it to. i have memories of when i was little i had 'play' polishes that would peel, but they peeled so easily that they wouldn't last at all!

  13. >good idea but if you catch your nail on something wont it ruin the polish as it will peel away? 🙂

  14. >@Manicure Time I used to have a polish like this years ago when I was a child. So yes, it is very suitable for children, only thing is I can remember my mum constantly telling me off for picking it off and leaving bright red bits of polish on the carpet all over the house lol

  15. >That is so cool!! it's a shame they don't deliver internationally yet…

  16. >thank you for the feedback, guys =) i guess there is another brand called sula paint & peel, which is about $10 and has a wide range of colors. @Tannesi evet canim cok cabuk kuruyor =)@charmed chick, I haven't experienced that =) It's easy to lift when you grab the side of it, but not when you it gets caught occasionally =)

  17. >I've seen the Paint & Peels at my Ulta but I've never bought any because I know I'd be peeling them off instantly!:) your finger nails look so cute and little here haha.

  18. >What a cool concept! I've been thinking about getting some Paint & Peel polish since I used to love doing that with cheapie polishes, lol

  19. >Çok şahaneymiş bu! Harika resmen, ben bazen o kadar çok üşeniyorum ki asetonla silmeye, hatta bazen dışardayken çok kötü oluyor ojeler çıkıyor filan o zaman da şöyle ıslak mendil gibi asetonlu mendil olsa da iğrenç görünmek yerine silsem diyordum… Ama bu da güzel bir çözümmüş. Çok takdir ettim valla üreticileri 🙂

  20. >So cool! I'd buy them just to see it peeling off 🙂

  21. >@Rachel Marie thank you =) they are annoyingly short! =D@Leslie the great thing is that it comes off in a soft, elastic piece, without peeling the nail surface =)@Lidya guzel bi konsept degil mi =) iste biraz dayaniklilik konusu kurcaliyor insanin kafasini… daha uzun sureli denemedim =)@Silva I apply this on a nail twice a day just to peel it off! =D

  22. >Interesting….but too pricey for my taste.

  23. >cool,, but it's a bit too expensive though.. 22$ o_o! omg

  24. >I've noticed some very creamy polishes can be peeled of too if you're in the shower. Don't know if it's good for your nails but it works. 🙂

  25. >really cool 🙂 too bad it's so expensive, and that they don't do international shipping.

  26. >oh thats so cool ! Why didn't anyone think of this earlier? The smell of too much acetone sometimes makes me feel dizzy.. It'd be great to have this 😀

  27. >I agree with you about the price… I think it's a bit too high =)@Ms. Champagne, there is a brand called Sula, which also makes paint & peel polishes =) Maybe you can have better access to it! =)

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