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>Tell me, who is not in love with these shoes? I personally can’t picture myself wearing them, but that doesn’t change the fact I need them in my life =D

I’m talking about the Miu Miu Swallow Pumps. The Swallow pattern is so lovely, and since I won’t be owning the shoes, I thought of drawing the pattern on my nails.
I started with a coat of Eyeko Petite Polish, to give the moon a bare look. Then I applied Essie Miss Matched to the upper part of the nail, leaving the moon blank. Essie Miss Matched is from Essie Summer 2010 Collection, and in my opinion, it didn’t get the love it deserved. It’s a beautiful, pale, dusty pink; which quickly becomes opaque.
I covered the moon with tear-shaped, clear rhinestones. Then I painted the swallows with a tiny brush and black acrylic paint. Finished with topcoat.

Thumb detail:

I know it doesn’t show on first two pictures, but the moons are actually bare, not pink. It shows a bit better on the last picture.
I hope you enjoyed my Miu Miu nails! =)

Allahaşkına, bu ayakkabılara aşık olmamak mümkün mü? O kadar güzeller ki, asla giymeyecek olsam bile istiyorum. Bu kadınların ayakkabı aşkı çok feci birşey =)
Miu Miu kırlangıç desenli ayakkabılardan bahsediyorum. Miu Miu’nun bu sene herşeyde kullandığı kırlangıç deseni çok güzel değil mi? Ben de ayakkabıya sahip olamayacağıma göre, bari tırnaklarıma çizeyim dedim.
Önce tırnaklarımın alt kısımlarını boş bırakacağım için, bir kat Eyeko Petite Polish sürdüm. Sonra üst kısımlara opak olana kadar Essie Miss Matched sürdüm. Essie Miss Matched, Essie’nin 2010 Yaz koleksiyonundan, ve bence hakettiği kadar ilgi görmemiş bir oje. Ben hiç aklımda yokken tırnağımın ucunda denedim ve almaya karar verdim; çok tatlı, hem uçuk hem soluk bir pembe. Üstelik jel yapıda olmasına rağmen çabuk opak oluyor.
Tırnağın alt kısmını mekik şeklindeki taşlarla kapladıktan sona, kırlangıçları ince bir fırça yardımıyla, siyah akrilik boyayla boyadım. Son olarak cila sürdüm.
Biliyorum ilk iki resimde pek belli olmuyor ama, tırnak dipleriyle tırnağın geri kalanı farklı renk. Son resimde daha iyi anlaşılıyor.
Umarım Miu Miu tırnaklarım hoşunuza gitmiştir! =)



  1. >Those shoes are super cute. But I would probably break my neck in something like those. Yours nails are just too cute. Matches the shoes perfectly

  2. >@Twister I could never walk with such high heels =) My ankle gets sprained so easily, and God, it hurts when it does! =)Thank you!

  3. >Gorgeous!I'm so jealous of your skills girl!The shoes I don't like that much, but the swallows pattern is adorable!x

  4. >Aww, thank you so much, @Ria

  5. >Holy crap those shoes are amazing and your mani turned out sick!

  6. >this is just stunning I love the nails but I NEED those shoes!

  7. >Wow those swallows look so difficult to make! Specially for the right hand.

  8. >:) I did a design based on those shoes too!Yours came out really nice and pretty. The soft pink and black together are such a nice combo.

  9. >Wow, I thought they were stamped, you're so good!So I'm guessing swallows will be the new *it* theme this year? Like it was with butterflies?

  10. >So cute! I have a similar Essie polish, but yours is more opaque.

  11. >OMG…so cute!!!! =D

  12. >ahh, so pretty! these shoes are totally not my thing, but the print and your mani are adorable! ❤

  13. >Ooh, thank you so much my lovely friends =)))@Yona, I took the pictures before I even painted my right hand, because I was afraid of messing up this hand before getting a decent picture. It was hard indeed, you have to rest both elbows for a steady hand.@Rachel Marie just saw yours, so cool =DDD@Joice when I was looking for reference pictures, I saw so many swallow patterned things, it's crazy! =)@Daria I can probably never wear these shoes, but I would love to own them and watch them time to time =D

  14. >deniz sendeki hayalgücünden az bendede olsa 😀 ama ama bu harika

  15. >I can't believe you did Miu Miu nails! Such an awesome mani!

  16. >Beautiful! I love how you've done them with the pretty bow as well.xoxxx

  17. >This looks great! I may have to try something similar.

  18. >Gorgeous mani!

  19. >you're amazing! i'd go crazy painting those swallow details on such a small area. i really can't imagine how you do it. 🙂

  20. >SO cute!

  21. >this is insane! can't wait to try it out 🙂 xx

  22. >yaa çok güzeel. hep böle yapıyosun. güzel güzel çiziyosun tırnaklarına, ben de ardından belki olur diye uğraşıp duruyorum :DD ellerine sağlık.mükemmell.

  23. >Cool!

  24. >beautiful shoes!!! wannnnt!

  25. >so pretty..

  26. >bayıldım.. ama ben bunu yapamam.. :((

  27. >Brilliantly done..seriously. Wow. A perfect match! Now gogo be broke and get the shoes haha 😉

  28. >omg i love this!! soo cute =D xx

  29. >It's my dream to wear MiuMiu heels. You have done your nails wonderfully! You are a good nail artist. I hope you like mine as well. Visit please when you have time:)

  30. >You ought to email these pictures to whoever makes these shows. Hopefully someone will see them and they're bound to love them :DDo you paint at all irl? As in, on canvas? You're always able to do such amazing things on your nails that look like poo when I try haha. 😀

  31. >I love your inspiration!! 🙂

  32. >Awww the manicure is fantastic!

  33. >Guys, thank you so much for your lovely comments =) I really appreciate them ❤ It requires a bit patience, but acrylic paint really helped because it never gets tacky while drawing, and that makes everything a lot easier! =)@Shanna, I'm someone who can only concentrate on detail work. I don't paint on canvas, my boyfriend is the artist =)

  34. >These are beyond adorable! I simply adore the pattern and the combination of pale pink and black. So pretty and sweet.

  35. >Ahhh so pretty <3. I love swallows!

  36. >Amei sua nail art!!!Amo o seu blog todos os dias dou uma passadinha aqui para ver as suas artes!!Depoi dá uma passadinha em meu blog você também vai gostar!!=-)

  37. >Hi Deniz,Thank you that you like my work. I'm happy about that. But of course you are better than me. I am still learning how to make it perfect. And you are one of my inspiration. I have chosen you as one of the best nail artist. Keep up the good work. Love,Ginger

  38. >I'm stunned. These are nothing short of amazing!

  39. >thank you so much, my dear friends =) you guys are amazing! ❤

  40. >I like that pattern more on your nails than on the shoes!

  41. >thank you so much, @kitty =)))

  42. >seni izliyorum çok başarılısın ve bence profesyonelsin 🙂

  43. >cok tesekkur ederim @gold =)

  44. >very beautiful and inspired,love it

  45. >@albastrikmik thank you so much! =) ❤

  46. >Those are just the cutest nails! I'd like to do that to mine sometime.

  47. >thank you so much, @Samshine =)))

  48. >Beautiful! I love the colour combination. ♥

  49. >@nailartexpress, thank you so much ^-^

  50. >hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to be honest ….. shoes are not my style & I prefer to see this design on your nail, more beautiful for me XD

  51. >@Saori, I would never wear them, either! But they're both work of art =)

  52. >ayakkabıyı hayatta giymem ama tırnaklar güzel olmuş.

  53. >inanilmaz.. aynisi olmus=))

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