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>Guys, I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately. I was either too busy, not even home, or I didn’t even feel like polishing my nails. Today I’ve purchased the domain name, for a year, but I didn’t transfer my blog yet. When I tried to redirect my blog to the new URL, I realized that my reactions will be gone forever. It makes me feel uneasy, because I hate like losing content of any kind. Also, redirecting may not work for a few days, so if you see that my Google Friend Connect seems produce a configuration error, you may try loading But I’m thinking about waiting for a few days to make the transfer anyway.
Today, I’m wearing Claire’s #55, and I bought it because it looked so much like Zoya Kelly. I must say it totally killed my lemming, because it looks exactly like how people described Kelly; a dark grey creme with a hint of blue/purple. I think the shade that describes this color the best would be Payne’s Grey. And I must add that the purple is less obvious in real life than on the pictures, it’s really close to the colordrop.
I sponged Orly Lunar Eclipse to the upper 2/3, then applied another thin coat of Lunar Eclipse to the uppermost 1/3.


This manicure looked so amazing in the sun, and attracted many looks. I think it’s one of my favorite manicures up to date; it’s simple, yet doesn’t fail to draw attention. =)

Son zamanlarda biraz seyrek güncelliyorum, farkındayım. Bazen çok meşgul oluyorum, hatta eve bile uğrayamıyorum; bazen de tırnaklarıma oje sürmeye bile halim olmuyor.
Bugün alan adını bir yıllığına satın aldım, ama yönlendirmeyi henüz yapmadım. Yönlendirme yaptığım zaman bazı bilgileri kaybedeceğimi farkettim, mesela yazıların altındaki reaksiyonlar gibi. Ve ben de bu durumdan hiç hoşlanmadım. Bu arada yönlendirme birkaç gün çalışmayabilir, eğer Google Friend Connect size bozuk görünüyorsa,’u deneyin, çalışacaktır. Ama zaten daha birkaç gün taşımayı düşünmüyorum.
Bugün tırnaklarımda Claire’s #55 var. Zoya Kelly’nin tarifine tamamen uyduğu için aldım bu rengi, içinde mavi/mor tonları bulunan koyu gri bir krem oje. Resimlerde gerçek hayatta olduğundan biraz daha mor gözükmüş, aslında bu kadar belirgin bir mor tonu yok içinde. Mavimsi/morumsu bir ton içeren, ama bunun fazla bariz olmadığı bir gri olduğunu söyleyebilirim.
Daha sonra tırnağın üstten 2/3’lük kısmına süngerle Orly Lunar Eclipse uyguladım, en üst 1/3’lük kısma da ince bir kat Lunar Eclipse sürdüm.
Güneş altında çok güzel gözüküyor. Hem kremden ışıltılıya, hem de griden maviye geçtiği için çok hoş duruyor. Bu güne kadar kendi yaptığım manikürler arasında en beğendiklerimden biri oldu, yapılışının basitliğine ve sade duruşuna rağmen çok dikkat çekti. Tırnağımın köşesi kırıldı zaten, nazar. =)


  1. >love the gradient, so pretty!

  2. >I totally love this one! Great and unusual combination. Those glass fleck particles look amazing in this gradient.Why are you awake so early, dear? (just as me)

  3. >thanks for liking, @Rinny =)@Daria, I was thinking about using It's Not Rocket Science, but Lunar Eclipse jumped right at me, so I used it instead =)Oh, about my sleeping pattern: It's so messed up, it's been years now =/ I'm working on it, (although unsuccessfully =)

  4. >claire'ste ne ilginç renkler oluyor di mi bazen :)) begendim ben. alicam, gidersem ve gorursem :)chanel khaki vert var ya, bence sevil onun taklidini uretsin. hatta bence uretmis olabilir, var mi fikrin?

  5. >Hum.. INRS might look interesting too… But i definitely love the cool toned look with LE. And god, it glows!Same thing here. I just try to level up mine by (e.g.)not sleeping the whole night if I woke up too late. Forcing isn't any good, but it helps 🙂

  6. >@Nemo Latte yok henuz yapmamis, ama essie sew psyched oldukca benziyor derim… =)@Daria it really glows, I love the whole "sparkle" finish thing lately, best thing since grilled cheese sandwich! =PI'm trying to force it too, yet I find myself awake, again, till the sun rises. =/

  7. >Correcting the last comment, *level out! man, do I need sleep. Just as you, I'm awake till the very morning few times in a row. It sucks! I can just wish good luck and..good sleep for both of us! :)I may sound like a crazy person, but I'm such a cheese hater 😛 Not in all its appearances, but still. Yay for offtopic in comments! Hahaha sorry Deniz, just kidding 🙂

  8. >Amazing design! The colours work great together and the sparkle really adds to the effect. I can certainly see why it attracted so many looks.

  9. >OMG i LOOOOOVEEE this! I have never done a successful gradient and I envy your skills!

  10. >Super like! Love it!

  11. >simple & it! & i just bought Lunar Eclipse today..yay 🙂

  12. >I love this gradient, I'm going to try it out ;)thanks for showing it to us!

  13. >Nice color!

  14. >:)) süper bende geçen hafta'u almıştım. daha yönlendirme yapmadım :)hayırlısı olsun 🙂

  15. >very cute! I like the colors and the idea!

  16. >this is awesome 🙂 It's subtle, but the glitter adds that something special

  17. >Really like the outcome of your glitter use!

  18. >Lovely combination!

  19. >Beautiful combination, love it!

  20. >So pretty! Really like it.

  21. >Wow, this is awesome! It;s so pretty, both polishes are so beautiful, and complement each othe perfectly.

  22. >Wonderful combo!

  23. >Wow I love it! Could you make a video to show us exactly how you did please?

  24. >I'm not really keen on glitter polishes but I must say I love what you did with this one!

  25. >wow, this is so pretty! I need to try some gradient glitters soon, too!

  26. >i want invite you to see my blog. Now have a giveaway with brazilian polish nail and another prizes. international welcome

  27. >So beautiful!!!!

  28. >Bunu ben de aldım geçen gün, görünce direk dedim aa Kelly bu diye 🙂 Bu manikürü ben de çok beğendim.

  29. >This is gorgeous!

  30. >Ooooo pretty! I've got Zoya Kelly and OPI Magic… I should try this out!!

  31. >I really like the gradient, this is very pretty!!!

  32. >:) What a pretty combo!

  33. >Very pretty! Every time I look on your blog my head gets so full with all the inspiration I get, haha!

  34. >You never fail to amaze me with your gorgeous manicures! I love this one! 🙂

  35. >WOW! This is really pretty!! And it's SO subtle that I didn't see it right away. I love it. :)And congrats on your purchase!!

  36. >This combo u made made me think of the Eyeko Vampira Nailpolish I habe but instead of a black yelly background u made it gray and instead of Red glitter u made it Royal Blue nice done.

  37. >that's so beautiful

  38. >It's really SUPER coollll!!

  39. >This is neat! I tried sponging once….big fail. 😦

  40. >Oh thats nice. I'm loving the base color too. 🙂

  41. >Whoa, thank you guys! Glad you liked this manicure as much as I did =) I've been working on my blog since morning, I just found time to read your lovely comments ❤

  42. >This post suggested me a good way to wear greys, since they clash a little with my skin tone – a light olive one.Thank you!

  43. >@Smaltoitaliano you're welcome =)

  44. >Like it a lot!!, so inspiring.I want to sponge my galaxy girl over my mani right now ^_^.

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