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>Last week I received my first order from Born Pretty Store, a nail art supply store located in Singapore. I was directed there by Asami and Varnish Vixen, and you guys should definitely go and check out the store! They have some amazing nail art material and the prices are very low, shipping with tracking service is only 3 USD (otherwise free!) and it’s very fast. I received my package in about 9 days after the purchase. I definitely recommend Born Pretty Store =)
I wanted a nice acrylic paint set for freehand nail art purposes, so I bought this set of 14 acrylic paints:

The tubes are all 0.75 oz (22 ml) and the set comes with a palette, a brush and two nail wheels. You can check it out in detail here.

Then I got a 4 piece nail art brush kit for fine drawing:

And finally, I bought a 1800 pcs rhinestone wheel, for only $3.33! =)

And finally, I’m about to show you guys how my first freehand design using acrylic paint looks like.

The base polish is Zoya Maura, then I drew the flowers with a fine brush and filled in using OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza. Finally added some orange rhinestones in the middle.
I know there is so much room for improvement, but what do you think? =)

Geçtiğimiz hafta, Born Pretty Store‘dan ısmarladığım ürünler geldi. Bu siteyi Asami ve Varnish Vixen sayesinde keşfettim, bence siz de girip bir bakmalısınız. Çok güzel tırnak süsleme materyalleri var, fiyatlar çok uygun, takipli posta ücreti yalnızca 3 Dolar (takipsiz ısmarlarsanız tamamen ücretsiz, ama tavsiye etmem) ve çok hızlı çalışıyorlar. Ödeme yaptıktan 9 gün sonra paketim elimdeydi. Bu yüzden Born Pretty Store’u kesinlikle tavsiye ederim =)
Bildiğiniz gibi tırnaklarıma çizim yapmak için iyi bir akrilik boya seti istiyordum, ve buradan çok uygun bir fiyata aldım. Her biri 22 ml olan 14 renk, ayrıca yanında palet, fırça ve iki tane de tırnak ruleti geliyor. İsterseniz buradan detaylı olarak inceleyebilirsiniz.
Ayrıca 4 parçadan oluşan, desen yapmak için uygun bir fırça seti ve içinde 1800 tane taş bulunan bir taş seti aldım. Bunların fiyatları da 3 küsür dolardı.
İşte bu da benim ilk akrilik boya ile tırnak deseni yapma denemem.
Zoya Maura üzerine beyaz ile çiçek desenleri çizdim ve yaprakların içini OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza ile boyadım. Son olarak, çiçeklerin ortasına turuncu taşlar koydum.
Biliyorum daha on fırın ekmek yemem lazım ama, nasıl olmuş sizce? =)


  1. >WOW! I DEFINITELY need to try this design! Bt I'll have to change the colors, considering I don't have orange nail polish. :D~LinZ

  2. >Hey @Lindsay =) Maura is actually a tomato red, but looks too warm on my pictures, like an orange =)Will you leave here a link so I can see your version, too? =)

  3. >Beautiful. 🙂 I don'w know if I'm able to draw a flower like you. x) And these rhinstones are really big, they would make me crazy, becaue I don't like if my mani isn't smooth . 😀

  4. >Thanks for sharing the site! If they ship to Chile i'll be definitely buying some stuff because here nail art things are really expensive.You should totally make a post about the nail art brushes because i've always wanted to buy one but since some have a longer brush and other shorter i don't know which one would work better for the designs i do.Awesome flowers <3.

  5. >Thanks for the feedback, @Ivana… When I do manicures like that, Most of the time I do it for picture purposes =) I've worn Zoya Maura for two days straight, and then I did my first acrylic attempt on it =) I can use bigger rhinestones, only not in the corners or very tips like this manicure.

  6. >Thank you, @diseño! I hope that they ship to your country =)I will show how different brushes work in the following days =)

  7. >super cute, love the colours you used 🙂

  8. >These are soo great!!! I love these!

  9. >:) These came out really cute! 🙂 How do you like those brushes for nail art?

  10. >Thank you so much, @Danielle and @Let them have Polish! =)@Rachel Marie, I only used one brush once, but for now I can say that the brushes are thin, precise, and will work perfectly for lining & drawing =)

  11. >I think I'll be spending a lot money at this store soon! Were the acrylic paints easy to use for nail art?

  12. >@Serena they are unbelievably easy to use =) The first set of acrylics I purchased at a local arts & crafts store were thick and they dried gloopy. These are perfectly runny but opaque at the same time, straight from the tube! And also a tiny drop was enough for both hands!

  13. >pretty pretty 🙂 and Born Pretty Store is awesommmmmmme!

  14. >very cute!I like the colors of the paints, also!

  15. >Before I get to the manicure portion of my comment, I must first turn our attention to the print on the acrylic paint tubes .. "HAPPY BEAUTIFULLY DRAWS"!!! GOD, I love ENGRISH!! LMAO!!Moving on .. Deniz, I just read your profile and saw that your name means "sea" in Turkish. I have a good friend that is Turkish and his name is "Ustundag", I guess you know that it means "Highest Mountain". 🙂 Unfortunately, because of the "ethnic" sound of it combined with his turkish first name, he was experiencing alot of profiling, etc. when it came to him looking for employment and he had a hard time finding any (people can be so ignorant). So, he had his last name legally changed to "Everest" – fitting, eh? :)OK – now on to the mani .. the design is ADORABLE! I love the randomness of the little daisies. And the glitter of the polish and the bling of the rhinestone complements the peachiness of the background polish so nice! Your designs never cease to amaze me – really. Before I found your blog, I never knew about Konad (which I NEED to buy), rhinestones or little bubblegum polkadots for my nails ;)So, thanks! You always have great manis and they turn into awesome ideas for my nails .. and I'm sure there's a whole SLEW of girls that agree. 🙂

  16. >@Katrina thank you so much! It is, indeed! =)@my leetle nails, thank you =)@kellie haha, I love engrish, too! It makes my day, especially when it's something cheerful =)Interesting story about your friend! I would never think that a name & surname combination would affect the probability of finding a job =/ and I must say he made a very fitting choice for his new surname =)Thank you so much for your nice and encouraging words! I'm glad if I was any inspiration or if any of my manicures was the origin of a better manicure idea! ^-^

  17. >Ahh.. You have so convinced me to get all three of these. I've been wanting to get into free hand nail art lately. I'm not THAT great at free hand drawing but it's just a fun "art" in my opinion.

  18. >nice,i love it

  19. >Nice!

  20. >Beautiful!

  21. >Amazing design! I really love the way you alternate placement of the designs, it's so effective.It's funny but I've had that site bookmarked since I saw someone comment with the link on one of your posts. I even had these exact three items on my to-buy list! Glad to hear their quality matches the impression I got from the site.

  22. >I just got my package last weekend and was so surprised with how fast it arrived! And they sent me along some freebies! I'll have to put up some haul photos soon. I love your design…wish I had your creativity!

  23. >Thank you guys =) I really recommend the acrylic paint set, so if you're trying to find one that's suitable for nail art, don't hesitate! =) And I'm not talented either, I'm just trying to draw with a steady hand, but freehand nail art doesn't have to be perfect! =) We have konad for that! =D@Danielle it's funny that we tried to but the exact same items at the same time =D I definitely recommend all three, although the rhinestones are a bit large. (3mm)@Varnish Vixen, don't say that! I've looked at your nail designs and you're so creative! =)

  24. >I love this nail art … and your new nail art brushes! I'm still trying to get a good set of brushes for fine freehand painting. 🙂 Surely we can look forward to more freehand manis from you! Enjoy your loot! 🙂

  25. >@rinsI definitely recommend this brush set, they're fine but sturdy =)

  26. >wow, great design! ❤

  27. >That is a really nice set of paints. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations with the new stuffs. Love Zoya Maura…might have to get that one. 🙂

  28. >awwww so cute!!! 🙂

  29. >OMG, it´s awesome! I love flowers so much and this design is absolutely perfect! 🙂

  30. >WOW, that must have taken you a lot of time. It's great!

  31. >Thank you soo much, guys =)@Elizabeth, Maura is a really nice tomato red, although it looks orange! Mind that ;)@Sasha, drawing with acrylics is much quicker than drawing with polish, they flow so well! =) But I had to be careful filling in the petals 😉

  32. >that's really beautiful! off to investigate the acrylics.

  33. >wauw..very beautful

  34. >thank you so much, @Enamel Girl and @Dhini =)

  35. >this could easily be on the daily nail blog!it's so awesome!

  36. >@you nailed it, thank you so much! =D

  37. >What do you mean by, "I know there is so much room for improvement"??? No there isn't, this is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! This looks like the work of a professional manicurist and I would proudly rock this manicure if only I could do half as good.The one question I have, how do you remove the acrylic paint? Does it come off with regular nail polish remover?

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